Friday, July 16, 2010

Post NEP Malays

Post NEP Malays are very successful. They drive the latest 5 series BMWs or the towkays 240 Mercedes Benzes mostly dark colours that look so sporty and elegant.Some even drive the latest S type jaguars and audi TTs. Sitting next to them are their doll like wives with really big shades covering half of their faces. The wives are no doubt beautiful who would spend most of their time having expensive UBUD massages and doing the heavy makeups . You will not see any spots on their faces.They exude confidence and dine in expensive Italian restaurants or Five star hotels. These pretenders would talk big and boastful of their successes.

They would talk about government excesses and injustices. They lamented about the the million dollar contracts grabbed by the government cronies and the corruptions involved in the dealings. They also talked about who gave what to whom and the millions that others got. To them this world is full of wrongdoings and faults.

They crow about the glaring injustices that frequently happening in the country. They have their own top rated bumiputra bashing blogs and trying to play heroes by hilighting the injustices everywhere. They tend to be very happy with the glowing comments garlanded onto them . They think they are now everybody's' heroes fighting for the right causes.

What irks me is that they now trying to be the new post NEP Malays or the Neo Liberal Malays who are talking about the misplaced affirmative actions. They want all the affirmative actions to help the deserving poor to be stopped. They have forgotten that they were once on this roll plucked out from the deep forest of kodiang or Baling and sheltered in government run schools. When they were kids they were regular fed with Milo drinks at these schools courtesy of the government . This is because their parents could not afford to buy it. Alas, but now they want all these positive affirmative programmes to be stopped. These affirmative actions are not right according to them. They stay in a rich neighborhood and the forget that that there are still lots of Malays who are really poor and deserved to be helped. They tend to avoid returning to the kampungs where you can see people still fighting for survival. They would give excuses that the their children cant sleep at their grandfather's houses for the lack of air conditioners. It is ovious that at the kampungs you can still see children going to schools without having breakfasts for their parents are really poor and they cant afford it. They cant even afford to give 50 cents a day to their children as school allowances.

The accolades they they get from the Non-Malay supporters have drowned them to the extent that they can't see the reality. Reality to them is just their world and their own interpretations of the world.My plea to them is to please wake up from your distorted and contrived world. See for yourselves the real world. Help these poor people. Do not try to stop these people from getting help from the government. The government is not perfect but at least they are doing something.