Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy teachers Day / Sekolah Menengah Ibrahim

I believed the best times of our life are during the secondary  schools days. Those were the days in which we were very mischievous and rebellious  Being naughty however  is not being "jahat" (bad).  I was a Prefect in my famous school-Sekolah Menengah Ibrahim ,  Sungai Petani Kedah. Ibrahim Secondary School is one of the best schools in sports and academic performance in the state. Our nemesis was Sekolah Sains Sungai Petani or Sek Men Mohd Jiwa. Ibrahim Secondary  school is situated at Jalan Kolam Air Sungai Petani Kedah next to the primary school. I still remember some of my teachers who had taught in the school. Some were good teachers and there were others who were .... well  not so good . 

Mrs Pareira was our Maths teacher. She's not very tall and would always be in her colourful Sarees. She had a son who was really good in Add Maths  and a school runner   I think his name is Xavier Pareira whom I heard later became a medical doctor. Mrs Pareira would always wear her big dark glasses and was a reasonably good teacher to some students. However, whenever we had  our Maths class we had to wait about 10 minutes for the teacher to "arrive" at the classroom. She would take her time walking slowly from the teachers' room near the big hall  to our classroom which was just next to the school's  main office. I think the distance is less than 40 meters.  (The 5A class was shifted there by our Headmaster who was Mr Yahaya. Our class was one of the naughty ones and also the noisiest.) One thing about Mrs Pareira was that when she was in the class teaching mathematics, she would explain very softly and as a result  those at the back of the class would not be able to hear her. The arrangement of the class was that the Malay students  would mostly sit at the back and the non Malays were sitting in front of the class. I was sitting  in the middle of the class under a fan (needed the cool air) and because of that I too was not able to listen to what she was talking about and hence I failed my Mathematics  subject (*F9) in my MCE examinations.

Another teacher that I still remember was Cikgu Juriah our quite sexy Bahasa Malaysia teacher. She was quite a modern teacher and would wear mostly tight show-little-flesh sexy Baju Kebaya and we the students andd some of the staff thought she was very sexy looking. A friend of mind Syed Sobrie ( He was a  famous singer in the 80s with the song 'Selendang Sutera' and  was recently conferred "Datukship"  by the Sultan of Pahang) would tease her and sing the song "Juriah ... kau chantik... kau manis..." The teacher later complained to the Headmaster and Syed Sobrie was canned publicly and it was heard  over the PA system. 

Our Sejarah teacher was Cikgu Jaafar Din a quite handsome teacher who had a Sarawakian accent. He was teaching quite a while in the Sarawak state  and later  transferred to Sekolah Menengah Ibrahim . To me, he was not a very  industrious teacher . He was only interested in politics especially UMNO. In the class he would ask a  student representative to come in front and wrote the history notes on the board. I was one the the favorite students asked to write the notes on the board. He would just sit down and smoke at the teacher's desk. Later, I heard that he was made the Pengetua for Ibrahim school. The promotion must be due to politics.

Next was our Biology teacher Mr. Edgar Augustin. He was a chubby, short and fat teacher and was a Jewish descendant. He was really a good teacher. Every time he came to class I would have stomachache and one day I really had a stomachache during the class that I had to ask permission from him to go to the toilet. The rule is that you never asked this stern looking stocky teacher to go to the toilet when he was teaching. I remember one of  my good  friends Sulaiman Daud or Ramli Otman was punished quite severely for not being able to show where the diaphragm of the body was.  He was trembling and shaking like hell and  we were all quiet and scared. But, I heard that he scored well in the Biology subject and now teaching Biology . I got a credit for the subject too.

However, my friends and I from Ibrahim Secondary School Sungai Petani  turned out to be quite reasonably good citizens of Malaysia. Yours truly is now  an education consultant, Mr  Zainal Abidin Ujang was the MSD officer  in the USA,  Azhar Azizan or Art Tarzan  is a very successful  lawyer and a famous anti establishment blogger, Azhar Ahmad an aloof but rich lawyer with his own law firm and mineral water refinery , Chan Keat Swee was a famous footballer in the 80s but now a famous and successul preacher, Mr Sulaiman Daud is a filthy rich and quite religious entrepreneur now in semi retirement and enjoying good life, Mr Zaini Hashim  is a senior producer at RTM,  Mr Jaspal Singh now the  MIC Secretary General and a successful engineer but seems to have forgotten all his good old friends, Mr Patrick James Pareira is a successful executive in the construction sector and humble as ever, Dr Elilarasen who was a  really 'dumb' student  is now a medical doctor somewhere in Kedah, Mr Lim Swee Hing and Mr Phoon are  rich used car dealers in Kedah.  Thank you teachers for molding us to become good citizens of Malaysia. Selamat Hari Guru to all teachers in Malaysia and to teachers at Sekolah Menengah Ibrahim Sungai Petani.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dr Cheah Wing Yin

Comrade Ronnie Liu

Dr Cheah Wing Yin is a DAP assemblyman for Damansara Utama. Some people say he is one brave man. A few days ago he wrote to the Chairman of the DAP party Karpal Singh arguing that  the  DAP appointed councillors  are very   young  ( 23 years old)  and  most important is that some of them cant even read or write in Bahasa Malaysia.  And thus, they could not take oath of office . Mind you these are leaders who are supposed to bring up people's problems but yet they have a bigger problem- they can't even read or write in Bahasa Malaysia!!!

This is really sad . I say sad because even the Bangladeshis and  Myanmar nationals could easily read and speak fluent Bahasa Melayu after only less than 6 months of stay  in Malaysia. The waiters from India (One of whom is Kannan,  a good friend of mine)  at a restaurant  near my house in Bandar Baru Bangi  could converse with me in good Malay. Even my car wash guy near Petronas Kajang  is an  Indian from India but he is  so fluent in Bahasa Malaysia that I thought he was from Penang. Here we have DAP leaders who cant even read and write  in Bahasa Malaysia. Are these DAP leaders from China or Malaysia? Probably Ronnie Liu could have picked these people up from somewhere in China after some so called business trips.

I really hope Karpal Singh or DAP advisor  Chen Ma Hin could check whether these DAP leaders have blue ICs. If it's true that they have blue I.Cs please make sure that the are truly Malaysians. If they are truly Malaysians its really a sad day for Malaysia. It's a sad day also for DAP because I thought DAP would protect the national language of the country. But judging by their actions I don't think they will   do that. Those idiots  are really clowns if they are really appointed as  councillors. The persons who appointed these idiots are even worst idiots. Don't blame the Malays if we have the perception that the  DAP party  is truly a  chauvinistic party  full of idiots.

The appointment of DAP councillors of who can't read or write in  Bahasa Melayu brings to light the importance of closing down all  independent Chinese  schools. These schools will be producing idiots or have produced lots of idiots  like those DAP leaders. Even the leader of the Dong Zong and New ERA College  is an idiot. I heard that he went shopping online for his PhD. The fact that he  has the cheek to show off  his so called intellectual power in leading DONG Zong makes him a "fugly" jackass. The so called good image of these Chinese schools is just created by the Chinese extremists .

I hope that the government will make it a point that anyone who wants to be appointed as an assemblyman or  a community leader, must be able to speak, read  and write in Bahasa Malaysia. I hope all the MPs in Malaysia are able to read in our national language. However, some people have alleged that assemblyman Loh Gow Bonn does not even  know how to read and write Bahasa Malaysia. Does anyone have any information? 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Najib or Ah Jib Gor

Najib Tun Razak  the current Prime Minister of Malaysia  has made lots of controversial decisions in view of the 13th general elections. His populist moves are to broaden his support base to ensure that the National Coalition or the Barisan Nasional would win at least the majority of the parliamentary seats. He ,however, has to thread his moves carefully because any wrong move could jeopardize his chances of becoming the next Prime Minister.

 One unpopular move that he has made  is that he is trying to pander too much to the Chinese community to the extent of overdoing it.He seems to entertain more to the Chinese than trying to project a more neutral image. For one he has even changed his name to Ah Jib Gor. No other prime ministers have done that. He thinks that by giving a Chinese name he is a good friend to the Chinese. This is a bad move and I believe this has caused some Malay votes. I don't understand why he has to change or assume his identity from Malay to Chinese . Off course the Chinese would be happy but this does not necessarily translate to votes for BN. The Chinese voters have already decided who to vote for. No matter what he does he will not  get the votes. The Chinese are into strategic voting patterns.

Secondly he has spent so much money (bilions of dollars) to too many people. Almost every  Malaysian rich and poor   have  tasted some form  the government's  so called generosity. I am  not an economist but by looking at the amount of money spent its just too much. Just yesterday,  he announced that the government is giving Felda settlers almost 1.7 billion ringgit. The money should have been spent on other more important things like hospitals, education and the welfare. Giving too much money is not good to the economy. It does not actually develop the country. The money could have been spent on good things such as fuel renewal projects, green technologies, infrastructures in less developed areas and other essential things.

Ah Jib Gor
Another wrong strategy is that he seems to do is to instruct the media  to write good things  about Rosmah. I know Najib loves Rosmah so much especially after Rosmah "forced" him to do medical check up at HUKM. But if you love Rosmah just ask her to keep quiet and do nothing until at least after the general election. Rosmah actually is a liability. Please don't instruct  Utusan Malaysia to give prominence to Rosmah's activities. The Malays don't like it. Just get Rosmah to be like Siti Hasmah. Hasmah has played a perfect role model as the Prime Minister's wife. Another thing, please get Rosmah to tone down a bit on her appearance , expenditure and political activities . 

Hope that Najib listens to this little voice. I still believe in UMMO and BN. The alternative is no alternative at all. Its' a group full of extremists and racists and also people who claimed to be really good Islamists. The country would go no where with them. Good luck Najib a.k.a AH Jib Gor

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bersih 3.0

It is really sad to see the violent demonstrations that took place at Dataran Merdeka recently . I think the  Bersih 3.0 is not  really  bersih (clean). It was not a clean, and  peaceful demonstrations that it should have  been . The video clips showing  the demonstrators damaging and overturning the police car were really scary . I never thought that this thing could happen in a peaceful country like Malaysia. It is also sad to see some young protesters beating and kicking a  policeman mercilessly. It is perplexing that Ambiga blaming the police for the violence instead of the clearly  violent demonstrators. Even though I dislike the police but the Bersih 3.0 has shown the police as the good people and the villains were  the Bersih members. The organizers themselves according to a DAP senator were not angels. they were partly to be blamed.
The main organizer -Ambiga

Ambiga , her cronies and supporters should have gathered at the National stadium or Shah Alam stadium to protest against the government or to voice out their dissatisfactions peacefully at the designated place.  They did't need to do it at the Dataran Merdeka. At the stadium   the demonstration would be more peaceful and easily controlled and would have not damaged government assets. According to the police, the  Bersih 3.0 has  damaged an  estimated  1.8 million ringgit worth of assets.Their intention was to create uncertainties to the political climate in the country. I hope their hidden agenda is not to overthrow the government that has been democratically elected by the people.   
violent Bersih protesters

Bersih 3.0 has also been hijacked by the skillful opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim. The famous hand signal to Azmin shows clearly how permission was given to the protesters to break the cordoned off areas. This is really an irresponsible thing to do by a leader who claims to be a responsible leader. The action by Anwar has shown that some leaders would do damaging things just to achieve their personal  goals.

I feel that Ambiga should be held responsible for the violent demonstrations. She just could not wash her hands off. Her actions and the actions of some of the violent demonstrators have caused some traders in KL to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Bersih committee is now planning Bersih 4.0 and the police must stop this insanity. My prediction is that they could  become more violent and cause more damages to public properties. The police must be really firm not to only this to happen again. They cant just let a handful of people dictating to  the government unlawfully. The silent majority's view should be considered . The present government can only  be thrown out thru the ballot boxes. Bersih has lost its credibility. I want electoral reforms but I don't want Bersih 4.0.