Wednesday, March 1, 2017

When children have all grown up...

It has been almost 30 years I've been married to the same person and the marriage still continues till today. All these years, I've been blessed with 3 beautiful children 2 boys and a daughter. My eldest is almost 27 years old and married with a son- my first grandson . My daughter in law is a government servant. My daughter ,however, is still single and enjoying her life. My youngest is a boy and still studying at UTM as an engineering student.

Bringing up the children in Bangi was not too difficult. There were plenty of religious schools and the government schools here were more than adequate to equip my children with the necessary skills and knowledge. My children when they were small were not too naughty; in fact ,they were typical children brought up in a typical family environment. One thing I remember about bringing up the children was that I never used 'rotan' to mold their behaviors . It was all about unconditional love and encouragement.

They progressed well and turn out to be quite an achiever. The first is a medical doctor at Putrajaya hospital and aspires to be a surgeon and is about to complete his horsemanship in a few months time, He's married to another doctor at the same hospital. My daughter is now a conveyancing lawyer in Bangi and she really enjoys her work. My third is a nuclear engineering student who will be a fourth year student soon and is in the midst of applying to do an industrial training in China. They have in short,  all grown up.

I have now moved on to another stage of life. My life is the life of a person who is 55 years and above. This stage of life has a number of characteristics. For one, its the life of rather some emptiness because you dont really have lots of routines, responsibilities and challenges that you need to overcome. For one, you dont have to send your children to schools and pick them up in the afternoon from the religious schools. You dont have to send them to tuition centers in the evening and pick them up at 11.00 pm at night.  In fact, the children are not with you anymore. You are just with your wife in the reasonably big house.The children  dont share their problems anymore like they did when they were still in the school. I remember telling my daughter to stop talking and when she was talking non stop the minute I picked her up until we reached home . They were so much that she wanted to talk about. I really missed all those times.

Your life at this stage is also a life where you find having lunch or dinner is really a bore. At this age after coming back from work you dont really know where to eat and sometimes you dont even know what to eat. Eating now is no more joy. You just eat to live and you dont eat that much either. Even eating lobster does not taste good anymore. Unlike many years ago having dinner was the best time that you can have. We really planned elaborate dinner and lunch get -together especially during the weekends. We would be chatting non stop and at the same time enjoying the full meal. It was really fun and at the end of the meal everybody was completely full. For breakfast the spread was really amazing . Our breakfast would include scrambled eggs, hot dogs that have been basted with lots of butter, baked beans, French toasts, greasy fries, and  lots of other delicious breakfast things. All those are gone . Most of the time my wife and I would be scouting where to eat. Believe me we have been to all the restaurants in Bangi. Im now a foodie  expert at least a deft trained one in Bangi and can easily tell you where to go  for lunch , dinner and for breakfast.

Mylife is now full of non physical type of activities like watching movies, cleaning up already cleaned toilets , going to IKEA in the  morning to have brunch, watering the plants 2 times a day and sometimes doing some blogging  for hours at a time. I personally have 5 blogs to manage and the blogs are very well received but they dont give you the personal satisfaction that you get from bringing up your children.

In short, life at 55  is getting less and less colorful and definitely less challenging . It could be that I dont know how to adapt or because Im really attached to my children. But one thing is clear your life is changing and you really have to accept and adapt. I hope I would be ready for that...

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Top 5 places to eat in Bangi 2016 / 5 Restoran sedap Bangi 2016 / 5 tempat makan sedap di Bangi 2016

Bangi which was known as an academic town has really expanded at a very fast rate. From a sleeping hollow in Selangor  many years ago ,it has grown to become a really exclusive town for the nouveau rich Malays. Its also the place where the aspiring are trying to make their first million. Bangi has grown physically by leaps and bounds and new skyscrapers Bangi soho , Bamgi Gandaria are beginning to emerge . Bangi is now famous for its exclusive boutiques like Fareeda and Neelofa and many others in  which I can really remember all the names and its also famous with it's hipsters cafes like the Hob, XOXO, and many others. Talking about food there are a number of places to visit to have a nice dinner or to have a nice get together with family members and enjoy food at the same time.Below are the best places to makan with your family members in Bangi in 2016.
Image result for uptown bangi
Uptown Bangi
1. Uptown Bangi

The uptown Bangi is located not far from Econsave hypermarket. It covers quite a large area encircling a number of shophouses. It opens every day at 8.30 pm until 3 am except for Monday. The best time to go to the place is at 9 pm when all the stall have been put up. There are a number of stall that sell really good food and dishes. There's one selling Thai dishes and the stall is number 4 or five from the main entrance. I think that stall offers the finest TOM yam Putih at the cost of 10 ringgit. I believe that's the specialty of the stall. Another specialty of the stall is the Pad thai dish. This is mee hoon like noodle that is fried briefly in high heat. The Pad Thai tastes really good and you think that you are having a dish straight from Thailand. The place at uptown is also famous with it RM 1 nasi lemak. The nasi lamek tastes good despite the cheap price, Where else can you buy nasi lemak sotong and nasi lemak udang for one ringgit in Bangi.

Image result for haslinda chinese muslim bangi
Haslinda Chinese restaurant in bangi
2. Haslinda Chinese restaurant in Bangi

This Chinese restaurant is getting popular in Bangi. It is located not far from Mohd Chan Abdullah restaurant abut  50 meters fro each other. Some of the popular Chinese dishes can be had at Haslinda Chinese restaurant. My favourite dish there is Thai spicy chicken. I feel that the restaurant is the best in term of value for money. Homst Chinese restaurant at Bangi Gateway is really expensive and sometimes the dishes are served not piping hot and it could be a big let down. The best dish at Homst is Siakap Lemon an regular size with really small siakap is around RM 50.
Image result for restoran warung @ bangi
Warung @ bangi restaurant

3. Restoran at Warung Bangi

This restaurant is located near Masjid Hasanah Bangi. There's nothing special about the restaurant except the nasi lemak served in the morning is really delicious. I would be at the restaurant almost every day at 7.30 am to have the nasi lemak at hge restaurant. But the sad thing is that the portion of the nasi lemak is getting smaller and the price is not very cheap. Another dish to have is nasi dagang but the dish can on be had during the weekend. Please be warned that the rice cost RM 6.50 and the portion is not terribly big.
Image result for gerai laksa telok kecai  bangi
the best gerai in Bangi

4. Gerai Laksa Telok kecai

This is a small stall in section 15 in Bangi. The stall is not far from the Giant hypermarket at section 15. The restaurant is by the road side on the way to the hyper market and not far from  the junction . It's the best place to have laksa and bihun goreng. This is probably the cheapest place to have you kueh mueh in Bangi. The kueh to have thre is tepung bungkus. The stall also sells the best laksa in Bangi.
Image result for best nasi arab bangi
The best place to have nasi beryani arab

5. The stalls at the Melaka Kitchen and Wong Solo restaurant

The next best place to have your makan is at the stalls not far from  Melaka Kitchen restaurant. The place offers the best nasi beryani arab and the best nasi daging. One of the stalls also sells the best nasi minyak from Kelantan. The best part is that the dishes are reasonably priced. A box of nasi Arab kambing can be had only for RM 9. (You can Pak Kassin putting beryani n lunch boxes in the picture above) . Ice cold pineapple juice can also be had at RM 2 . In short thre's a variety of selection that be had for lunch. The place open at 11 am and closes around 3 pm

So these are the best places to have your lunch and dinner in Bangi. Please comment below if you have any thing to say about the selection of the restaurants and the stalls.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

New restaurants in Bangi/ Best restaurants in bangi/ Best restaurants Bangi 2016

There are a number of  good places to have lunch , dinner and breakfast in Bangi. Some places are expensive while others are reasonably priced . What you need is to find the best restaurant that fits your budget.
Image result for The hob bangi
The Hob Bangi

There is a new restaurant in Section 9 of Bangi and the name of the restaurant is The Hob. The restaurant is more of what my daughter called a hipster restaurant with quite unique design. The restaurant used to be a place the sells sandwiches. I don't believe that Bangi could presently support a place that just sells sandwiches. Malaysians and Bangians are just not ready yet for such a set up yet . We still need rice like nasi lemak  to motivate us to work. I find the place is a little cozy but I couldn't really enjoy the place because of the loud music that was played when I was there. The loud music could probably attuned to young people listening taste but mature people like me would prefer to be in a cozy place with nice slow music especially  Malay songs.

Image result for The hob bangi
Nasi lemak at the HOB
The food there is quite delicious. I think the nasi lemak tastes quite good with generous portion. I ordered nasi lemak biasa with telor mata that cost me RM 4 .50.  I also ordered Tuna Panini that costs around RM 8.00. The Panini was crunchy and moist at the same time. The dish would be nice for people or diet or mature people who are tired of eating heavy dishes. It would be really nice to have Panini wit a cup of hot Nescafe or coffee. The service is quite efficient and one of the waitresses asked us whether we managed to get everything that we ordered.  They were sorry for giving us the wrong drink and efficiently replaced with the one that we first ordered. Overall I give the restaurant 3*.5 over 5