Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chua Soi Lek

Chua Soi Lek the MCA presidents is really insensitive to the Malays. He tries to define race relations while ignoring the importance of the historical facts. He is denying the historical existence of the Malay community.He is such a reckless politician trying to play racial cards for his own erotic political purposes. There is a lot that we ,the Malay voters, can do to teach this wanna be porno star a lesson. I think one of the most effective ways the Malays in general could do particularly those in Kulai Johor is NOT to vote for Mr.Chua Soi Lek. Let him be a porno star permanent porno star.He was voted in as a parlimentarian on the assistance of the Malay votes and yet he is daring enough to call for the bumiputera rights to be taken away.Is this guy worth electing? So please the Malays in Johor is this the kind of a leader that you want to elect the one that would mould our nation?

It is now time for us  to teach him a lesson. Teach him that he can suffer the consequences of his political folly and his wide mouth. His mouth is good for doing something else. For that matter I would like to welcome all the Malays to reject any MCA or MIC members who have the tendency to play with  racial cards. Get rid of the leaders who are against the bumiputra rights. UMNO seemingly has forgotten us. We have no where to go. There are also Neo liberal Malays who are against other Malays and they believe in the propagation of Malaysians for Malaysia. There is even a Minister shouting he is a Malay second. Where do we go? To whom do we rely on? Who is going to protect us? The Malay leaders are abandoning us.

The Non Malay ministers in the government  are only taking care of their own communities.The UMNO youth leader is only interested in becoming the Prime Minister.He could not care less about the Malays. He's such an ineffective leader.The PAS spiritual leader is not proud of his Malay roots.He's now using politics for his own gains and I believed he has deviated from his original aims.

I beg that the Malays to unite and work  together to build this country. Please stop all  the cancerous corruption and the mismanagement of this country. We need to be more transparent in running the country. Punish really hard those who take bribes and those who cause hardships to the average Malaysians.We love our country.