Monday, October 7, 2013

Best breakfast in Bangi/ Tempat Sarapan pagi paling sedap di Bangi

I have to make a confession that I know a very nice place in Bangi to have breakfast (this later). I have stayed in Bangi for almost 30 years and I did not know that there is a nice little place to have a good  and cheap breakfast. Normally for breakfast I would go to McDonald's to have their special breakfasts that cost between RM4-5. I like the coffee at the fast food place so much because  it's arabica coffee is so aromatic and it is included in the meal. The best thing is the price of the breakfast which is not more than RM 5, including taxes.

The best  place now to have breakfast in Bangi is somewhere in the middle of the food court in Section 1 of Bandar Baru Bangi. It is hidden from the main road.That is the reason that I did not get to know that there is a nice place to have your 'sarapan/ pagi or minum pagi " (breakfast). All this while I have been driving around the food court without walking into it. I actually found this place after all the restaurants that surround the food court were closed and that I was forced me to walk into the middle of the food court. I finally saw the place and had my  breakfast there  and has been to the place every morning since that day.
nasi lemak Bangi

The restaurant has no name but is is at the opposite of Maybank Bangi in section 1 at the far end of the parking lot. You will see lots of heavy trucks using the parking lot. It is at the back of the public toilet in section 1 of Bangi. Dont worry about the toilet because it not that close and you wont smell anything bad. The owners, husband and wife team, I think are from Kelantan. They are assisted at the stall  by a young pretty woman (probably the co-owner's  younger sister). It is not the main reason for me being there although I do get some special treatment ever since I walked into the stall. She knows already what I drink and eat. Moreover, she would serve me fast.

Bihun goreng Bangi
The place is good to have nasi lemak (rm 2). The nasi lemak is the best in Bangi with enough santan (coconut milk) to sweeten the already aromatic rice. The nasi lemak is served with awesome sambal sotong or the fantastic sambal kerang.There is also sambal sardin and sambal telor puyoh (quail eggs) The sambal is pefectly cooked with not to hot chilies and slightly sweeten (kelantanese style but tastes great). Sometimes I would have roti canai with the sambal instead of the ordinary fish curry or the dhal gravy. Another dish to have there  is the kelantanese type bihun goreng (RM 2). It is done to perfection (sometomes a bit dry) although not dressed with lots of vegetable. I also don't even see too much green used in the bihun goreng. I would have the bihun goreng together with mee goreng and a sunny side egg freshly cooked with no oil  using the roti canai pan. It is really heaven. You must taste this at the restaurant.

Roti canai telor Bangi

The roti telor is also fantastic . It is served with lots of onions and green chillies. Wow, it really tastes good with the sambal and the curry which is not too sourish. It is a Malay roti canai as opposed to the Indian type roti which has to be eaten with lots of gravy (berenang type). This roti is soft or crispy depending on how you ordered and can be dipped with only some gravies. That is how good it is. You must go to this stall. You will not be shortchanged in terms of taste. Guys this is the place to have your breakfast in Bangi and also enjoy looking at the cute kampung girl (Please do not stare at her).

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