Monday, October 7, 2013

Why Malays still lag behind / Why Malays are still backward

Malays make up the majority of Malaysians, as they form around 55 %  of the population. Economically, the Malays are still backward compared to the Chinese and some Indians despite the affirmative actions. The minority Malaysian Chinese control most of the businesses in the country. Just mention any sector and you will amazed that practically all the major businesses in this country are owned by the Chinese. I think the only business that the Chinese could not encroach has got to do with the food/restaurant business because of the Muslim dietary requirements. I believe even this area will be overwhelmed by the Chinese if we had a large majority of Chinese Muslims in this country. Why are the Malays till not progressing well economically since Malaysia achieving independence in 1957? This is my take on the lack of economic progress by the Malays.

Malays are very tolerant people
1.  I believe one of the reasons for the lack of progress has got to do with the culture of the Malays . The Malays are easily satisfied with what they have. They have no sense of urgency to upgrade their lives or improve their well being.They will be grateful at all times and at any level of wealth . They will be grateful if they have only a dollar in their bank account. These people will always be very happy. If the world organization that measures   happiness were to conduct a survey to measure  happiness index, Malaysia will be among the happiest nations on earth joining countries like Costa Rica , Switzerland and Jamaica with the condition that  they only use the Malays as their subjects. That is how happy the Malays are.

2. Malays are generally not envious of other ethnic groups and their wealth creation machines. They will not be very unhappy if the Chinese accumulate their wealth to the brim. The  will not show unhappiness if other ethnic groups clean up the wealth of the country. They  however will get very upset if other Malays are rich and they are stuck in the world of poverty. The level of jealousy is very high among the Malays. They will just close one eye to other ethnic groups. That is why we see that most of the richest men in Malaysia are of other ethnic groups particularly the Chinese and the Malays are not unhappy abound it.

Malays are happy people
3. Malays generally are very not hard working people. They are so unlike the Chinese who will do their best to kill off the competitors without any sense of regret. Malays tend to do things that they think is adequate. The concept of adequacy is not the standard that is accepted by the international community. Hence their adequacy is just average or in line with the concept of  mediocrity. They just cannot be the best and their best is not good enough. In Malaysia, most of the first class students are the Chinese. The Chinese also do well also in the States and anywhere in the world. Their competitiveness level is the highest in the world if there is an index. Malay are happy with their performance. The cultural being must be changed
Malays don't take risks

4. Malays tend not to take risk. They feel very happy with they way the are. They are the kampung (village) warriors. The would rather stay in the community or stay within the country. They dare not venture out to gain more experience and be in the new more risky environment.That is why one does not see many Malays venturing out in  international businesses. We don't see Malay restaurants in other countries but every town that you go in the states there is a Chinese restaurant or an Indian run motel.The Chinese and Indians however have this urge to go out to seek greener pasture.They migrated from China out into countries in South East Asia and the Americas. They now move to Australia and New Zealand from Malaysia and Singapore. It is their genes just like the migratory birds migrating to the warm countries in the winter.

It will take generations for the Malays to compete with other ethnic groups economically. Providing financial help only will not do. They need to change their mentality, culture and their attitude. If those things don't change don't expect the Malays will do well economically.

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