Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Damned with Bahasa Melayu/Malaysia

A dying language?

Bahasa Melayu or politically correct Bahasa Malaysia is the official language of Malaysia but  its use is very limited in Malaysia and mostly in private contexts. The standard Bahasa Melayu now is becoming an extinct language amongst the very top echelons and those in power . Very few people including the Malays are using the language in its natural and proper form.Sad but true. It is now only used by writers and lovers of the language. Most people who use the language are the low and low middle class  and less fortunate people- a linguistic notion that is perplexing but true.The non-Malays of course would be happy if the Malay language is not used at all. To them the language is just an official language and that's about it. No motivation, no intention and no urgency to learn the language. They can more than survive in this country without using it.What is most important in learning Bahasa Malaysia is just to pass it in high stake examinations and nothing else. Additionally, if the Malay language is used among the non-Malays it will be the "rojak" Malay or I would called it the "Tom Yam" form or the pidgin Malay . What has caused this deterioration and bastardization of the national language of Malaysia? Below are some of the reasons for the the diminishing role of Bahasa Melayu amongst the so called  the Malay elite.

Only slogans
1. I believe one of the reasons for the limited use of Bahasa Malaysia as a premier language in the country is because it has lost it stature as the language of the rich and powerful. The rich and famous in Malaysia will not use the language as they would be more comfortable in using English. It's the language that they have been  using since they were a child. Even the Malaysian Prime Minister was only using English when he was young and had to be taught again Bahasa Melayu by  teacher  . The elite would claim that they would be more expressive in using English than Malay. To them the former satisfies their linguistic and communicative needs. They will only use Bahasa  Malaysia when the situation requires it especially when visiting their constituents. Even at home the political elite would use English . Which language would your expect Najib to communicate with his brother  Jack?
The beauty of Bahasa Melayu

2. Secondly, the beginning of the extinction of the language is because the Malay people are not using the language. The Indo European Sanskrit language died together with the people. If a language is not used it will die. I'm not surprised that Bahasa Melayu in its true form will die  a slow death. The language is now being corrupted by the use of thousands of English words amongst the ordinary young  language users. Look at the blogs and face book users they all use English with some Malay words in between. Nowadays, nobody uses Malay to express their feelings in blogs and face books. I feel that the Malays themselves have to be blamed. Don't blame the Chinese. Don't blame the Indians. Don't blame English You must blame yourselves. You are responsible for the decay and the eventual demise of the Malay language.

3. I believe another factor for that causes the slow death of Bahasa Melayu is the attitude of the Malays themselves. The Malays are too accommodating to the outsiders. They welcome the outsiders with open arms. They never make make it a point to insist on the "pedatangs" to actually learn and  speak the language  in its proper form and manner. They make it easy for  those newcomers to use pidgin or "Tom yam" Malay in order for them to easily adapt their lives in the country. Damn you Malays . You are responsible for the demise of your language. Look at the Chinese in Indonesia they speak like the native Indonesians. The Benggalis in Norwich speak like the Queen of England. The Chinese in Australia speak very much like the native Aussies. The Americans in Tokyo are becoming  like the Japanese. You don't survive in France without the French language. You can't be in Korea without learning Korean. You can't live in Bali devoid of Bahasa Indonesia.

4. They are very few role models amongst the elite who can speak proper Malay. In the BN cabinet the only person who speaks proper Bahasa Melayu and insists on using the language all the time  is just Dr. Rais Yatim. He should be given a nationalistic medal for that. Even the elder statesman Dr Mahathir uses English. Najib is a gone case. We lack good models of people in power who insist on using proper Bahasa Melayu. We had the controversial Samy Velu who can't even speak proper Malay but he was the Indian political  leader for more than 20 years. Damn you Samy. Veteran politician Kit Siang will not even use the language . So does his son the eccentric and Malay hater Lim Guan Eng. The DAP politicians even appointed local council members who can't even read and write in Bahasa Malaysia. Damn you racist DAP.

Bahasa Melayu will soon suffer the fate of the Sanskrit language. I'm not surprised that in 20 years time young Malays will feel "malu" (shy) in using the language. Now, we even have Malay yuppies whose children don't even know how to speak the language.We need to protect and propagate the use of the language.  The future of Bahasa Melayu depends on the Malays and only the Malays". DBP is just useless and all their  moves and actions are merely political. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Post 13th General election

The election is coming soon (I think in the month of November after Hari Raya Haji) and the opposition parties are brimming with confidence of winning the general election. Their prediction is not far off judging from the feedback that I got from the people- Malays and non-Malays alike. The Barisan Nasional  ship is seemingly sinking. The young people and the disgruntled Chinese are determined to boot out the BN government. They just need a simple majority to form a government. Once in control of Putrajaya the new Pakatan administration will institute a new order  Below are some of the likely ramifications if Pakatan wins the 13th general election.

Nice colors

1. Malaysia will have two/three separate education systems and more money for Independent Chinese schools. The Pakatan government will recognise all the Chinese education certificates in the country. The students in Malaysia will be communicating in two or three different languages-Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin and Tamil separately.  Students from the Chinese education system will not have to take and pass Bahasa Malaysia. They can continue their studies in governement run universities after completing their Chinese education. In addition,  Chinese schools will be given millions of dollars to expand and renovate their already  huge and nice buildings as compared to the dilapidated "Sekolah Agama " (Religious schools) and  Kebangsaan (national schools). Even the private Chinese schools will get government money to fund their Chinese education and build new buildings. The Pakatan government will also recognise most of universities from China and Taiwan without any restrictions imposed just to please the Chinese voters.
Damned with Bahasa Melayu

2. Bahasa Malaysia will be a foreign language in Malaysia. All the signage in the country will mostly be in Mandarin and Tamil. The importance of the language will be arranged as such as such -first English, second Mandarin, third Malay and fourth Tamil. If you don't believe me just look at how Indian owned Astro arranges the language over the channels. Astro continues to give English prominence although most of ASTRO's two million customers are Malays and yet when it comes to arrangement of languages Bahasa Malaysia is less important than English.  Also look at the language used to promote  movies over ASTRO's channels, its mostly in English. They even have subtitles in English and Mandarin.With Pakatan government ,English will again be the first language in Malaysia. I believe racist DAP members will promote the use of English as the main language of Malaysia . Even today they have been using the language and heavily promoting it.

3. The Pakatan government will take actions to libralize the auto policies in Malaysia. The new NAP will be implemented and  because of the policy they will  close PROTON and as such thousands of Malays would lose their jobs at Proton and also  thousands more who are  working for proton vendors will be redundant. 
Chinese only policies

Look at the size of the Chinese school

4. The New Economic policy and other affirmative actions will be disbanded altogether or given less prominence. All Bumiputera agencies under the present government will be closed. Fundings for Bumiputeras under special  funds will be stopped.

NEP is down and out

5. Pakatan Rakyat governement will also open up UITM because of the pressure from the DAP and non-Malay members of PKR. Intake into universities in Malaysia will be revised. It will not be based on quotas.Less Malay students will be in the university because of this new ruling. Less places for Malay and Bumiputeras students  in critical courses like Medicine, Law, Engineering, Dentistry and Pharmacy because of the so called meritocracy based system.VCs will be mostly non-Bumiputeras. 

6. Important ministries like Education,Interior,  Finance and Trade will go to  non -Bumipureas especially the Chinese. Muslim Malays will be given less important ministries like Women's ministry, Culture, Tourism etc.

These are some of the scenarios that will happen once the Pakatan Pembangkang takes over Putrajaya. The neo-liberals and the Islamists will not be unhappy with the new arrangements. The future of the Malays looks really bleak. We need more time in order to be able to compete economically with the non-Malays. At the moment the playing field is not level. We still need the crutches  but the affirmative actions should not be in perpetuity as it needs to be stopped at a certain point but now is not the time yet. But if the Malays voters feel otherwise those are some of the ramifications as a result of  our foolishness for voting non-Malay based parties and PAS. Happy voting in this coming election and have fun.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ah Jib Gor Chinese Pandering

The Malays

Malaysian Chinese these days seem to have woken up from their dormant political sleep and now are putting their electoral bet onto the Pakatan ship. They believe that Pakatan will be a viable alternative to Barisan Nasional (The National Front of many race based parties)  that has been taking care of them for 50 years. The BN  seems to be pushing very hard to get the Chinese votes but so far with not much of a success. Many of my Chinese friends are still not convinced with what has been done by the Barisan Nasional  government which they say is merely slogans. In the previous election, almost 60 % of the Malaysian Chinese voters had voted for the opposition. Hence, these days in view of the coming general election ,  the Barisan government  has been pandering the Chinese all out to  regain their trusts. The pillars of these changes are the 1 Malaysia concept and the New Economic Model with less emphasis on the affirmative actions for the Bumiputeras. However, I  believe that  the steps taken by Najib will not work out  to his expectations .

The Chinese ; Block voting?
Ah Jib Gor will not get the Chinese votes because  they have already decided on voting the Pakatan, the alternative ship. Whatever reforms that are being implemented will not be trusted by the Malaysian Chinese. They  already have decided who they would like to vote for. This is especially true of the Chinese in urban areas like in those in the states of Penang, Selangor and Perak. However, in  the mainly Malay states most of the Chinese would stay with their BN cousins. For the other Chinese voters ,  it is very much like block voting. Their ultimate intent is to get rid of the present Constitution that states explicitly the privileges accorded to the Bumiputeras. These special articles in the Consitution are in consideration of the Malays  accepting more than a million  Chinese from China who resided in Tanah Melayu as Malaysian citizens. 

Ah Jib Gor will not get the Chinese  votes because their Chinese cousins in the Barisan Nasional are actually hibernating and not doing their work. These Chinese who were elected in the Malay majority areas  in the Barisan are enjoying their lives as ministers with all the fringe benefits and  milking them like some of the UMNO members who are ministers in the cabinet. By right, these Chinese in the government should have explained the government's policies and the benefits that the Chinese have been  getting. Instead of helping the other Chinese to understand the affirmative policies of the government and the Constitution,  they are joining the opposition propaganda by attacking the Malay rights and privileges that are enshrined in the Constitution. I really hope that the Chinese in Barisan Nasional will keep to their promises that they  will not hold any Minister's  posts they don't get the votes from their Chinese voters.

Most of the Chinese  will not vote for BN because they have been indoctrinated with elements of "Chineseness" via their Chinese schools and their Chinese newspapers.  All these medium are fighting all out for so called Chinese survival in all things that they do in Malaysia. All reportings, analyses , educational perspectives would be looked upon from the Chinese perspective in the sense of how it affects the Chinese community. They will never look through using the frame of the 1 Malaysia concept.  They will never see themselves from the Malaysian angle/prism. That's how bad the polarization is  in Malaysia. This polarization is aggravated and propagated by the racist Chinese parties especially the DAP which is known for  its anti Malay and anti Islam stance. This party is continually inciting and sowing  Chinese hatred towards the Barisan Nasional government and the Malays.
Ah Jib Gor will not get the vote because the Chinese  have no love for Malays and everything that is related to the Malays. To them a Malay  run party is not worth voting for . They will only vote for a party that is run or at least controlled by them from behind the scene. It is their culture . They don't trust other people. Just look at their education agenda. They only send their children to Chinese schools that are run and totally controlled by the Chinese. They don't trust their children from being taught by the Malays. They only buy from  Chinese companies. Some of my Malay friend shop owners once told me that in two decades of selling things they have only come into contact with  a handful Chinese customers. The Chinese only keep their monies in Chinese banks and in Chinese dominated Singapore especially OCBC which is managed by the Chinese . They don't buy Gardenia breads because the floor is sold by a Malay entrepreneur. They only buy breads from Chinese bread companies. They don't buy Protons because its enginered by Malays and  most of the vendors are Malays. In short, they will only buy from  the Chinese. Just consider the economic  implications to the Chinese businessman if the Malays decide that they only  buy from the Malays. Now tell me who is more racist?

In short, my suggestion to Ah Jib Gor and his cronies is to consider pandering  the Chinese because they will not give the votes that you want. What you have done is to actually make your political base angry at you for neglecting them. The Malays now are at a loss. They have lost their protectors. They now look upon at Perkasa to protect them but unfortunately  is headed by a clown. If BN were to lose this coming election, it is not because the Chinese did not give the votes but  the BN has lost the Malay votes.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Best restaurants Bandar Baru Bangi

Bandar Baru Bangi is now becoming a food haven with new restaurants mushrooming everywhere in the suburb of KL. The buying power of the Malays in the area is probably second to none in the state of Selangor. You can find Arabic, Japanese, Javanese, Korean and  Chinese restaurants in this academic town. Today, I would like to share with you a number of top family restaurants in the town. I've lived in Bandar Baru Bangi for more than 28 years and I have seen restaurants come and go.
Popia Taiping

My number 1 family restaurant (4 star for Value for Money, 4.5 Star for Cleanliness, 4 Star for Food and 4 Star for Service) in terms of value for money and tastiness of food would have to go to kopitiam concept NUIN restaurant in Section 9 of Bandar Baru Bangi. The eating place specializes in Perak dishes selling from Popia  Taiping to Mee kari , Nasi lemak  and lots of other dishes.The restaurant is near the Bangi Grand mosque and adjacent to AL Ikhsan footwear outlet. Whenever I go to the restaurant I would order either Laksa Perak or Mee Rebus. The laksa (RM 5.90) is reasonably delicious with its thick smooth gravy made from fresh fish instead of canned sardines. The nice thing about the laksa is that they use more of laksa bihun rather than the thick ordinary machine made slimy  laksa. Make sure that you ask for more of half cut" limau" to enhance the sourness of the laksa. Another nice finger food is the delicious Popia Taiping ( RM 1.90 for two pieces). The popia is brushed and spread  with a thick sweet gravy that I was told takes at least 9 hours to cook.The popia should be had with vanilla tasting Kopi Atok (RM 2.50)  or real strong kampung style Kopi Bujang (RM 2.00).The former is just nice in terms of it sweetness and the bitterness of the very additive caffeine.If you are really hungry and really need to have a heavy breakfast packed with calories there is the fluffy nasi lemak (RM 5.50) that comes with a small portion of "sambal sotong" . 
Nasi Ayam Italees

The next best family restaurant in Bandar Baru Bangi is Italees restauran( 3 .5 star for Value for Money, 4.0 Star for Cleanliness, 4 Star for Food and 3 Star for Service) in Section 9 of the town. The place is situated next to Chinese Muslim restaurant Mohd Chan Abdullah. The best dish to have at that restaurant is the very mild tasting Nasi Ayam Hainan RM 6.00. The nasi Ayam is probably the best nasi Ayam prepared by a Malay served with a very spicy garlic based sambal. The restaurant owner is quite generous with the offering of the broiled or steamed chicken. Additional rice will cost you additional RM 2.00. The chicken rice should be ordered with "taugeh kicap" and I think it costs RM 1.50. Other Thai dishes like Tom Yam and the "goreng-goreng" dishes could also be ordered in that restaurant and the prices range from RM 6.90 to 7.90. However, it must be warned that the portion given is not very large and barely enough for one big size person like yours truly. I believe all the dishes at the restaurant are professionally cooked by the owner and as such the quality of food is quite high. My only gripe with the restaurant is the slow service rendered. I think that the owner tries to maximize his profit by not employing enough waiters.During the school holidays I noticed that his children would act as waiters. But If you are willing to wait the restaurant offers some nice dishes to enjoy.

Roti Bakar Tepian Bangi
The 3rd best family restaurant in Bandar Baru Bangi is Restoran Tepian Bangi ( 3.5 star for Value for Money, 3.0 Star for Cleanliness, 3.5 Star for Food and 3 Star for Service). The restaurant is situated in Section 4 Tambahan of the town (Please check your GPS for the place). The best dish to have there is the Roti Canai (RM 1.00) The roti canai there is reasonably nice and not too tough like a "mamak" type roti canai but occasionally the roti is not done nicely with its uneven thickness of the skin of the prata.However, the gravy is stunning and I was informed that it  is prepared by a Rohingya from Myanmar that looks like Shah Rukh Khan. The gravy is actually sweetened  by frying lots of the aromatic  "Cili Padi". The best roti bakar (RM 2.80) in BBB can also be had at the eating place. The roti bakar is sliced quite thickly and lavishly spread with "Kaya" and margarine and would taste even better if it is ordered together with "telor Ayam Kampung" (RM 2.00). The restaurant also serves nice spread of Malay dishes for lunch that are quite reasonable in terms of the prices. Eating alone  for a typical lunch will cost you around RM 6.50 to RM 9.50 depending on the choice of the dishes chosen.

Another nice family restaurant in BBB is the D One Steak House ( 3.5 star for Value for Money, 3.0 Star for Cleanliness, 3. Star for Food and 2 Star for Service) not far from Puncak Bangi housing area. It is located next to  the KLIA holdings building. The best dish to order at the restaurant is fish and Chips (RM 6.90). The fish is quite large and crispy on the outside but moist in the inside and tastes quite nice considering the price charged. Other dishes include the steak offerings which are not to my liking because of the insufficient  portion given and the haphazard quality of the meat.The customer service is not very good. Another not nice part of the restaurant is the service charge applied which  does not commensurate with the  service given.

So those are the top four family restaurants in BBB. Please try to pay a visit to those restaurants and I believe you will not be disappointed. Bon apetit.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Where to stay/live/buy a house in Bandar Baru Bangi

Bandar Baru Bangi town is a reasonably new area of development that was planned mainly to accommodate middle class Malay families. It is supposed to be a Malay town pretty much like Shah Alam but because the land  area is much smaller than the state capital major commercial  projects could not be implemented. You can't find hypermarkets like Carrefour or Tesco in Bandar Baru Bangi but only  several medium size shopping centers  being built in the middle of the town and in several other sections of the fast developing town. Bandar Baru Bangi is considered an academic town because there are a number of institutions of higher learning built within the vicinity. As a fast developing town, it is a good place to live and to invest in.I would like to share my knowlege with regard to the best sections/locations to stay or buy a property/or live  in Bandar Baru Bangi.

The best section to buy property in this suburb is in the section near Tasik Cempaka.It's called Puncak Bangi. This is an exclusive area encircling the Cempaka lake. The houses are semi-detached that are 3-storey high. But the area is not a good place for renting unless you have a deep pocket. The 3 -storey semi detached houses used to sell for RM 850,000 but now I heard that they are selling them at almost RM 2,000,000. The place is a gated community and very near the Equatorial hotel and Bangi golf club. However, I have not heard of a surau being built in that  area. And I  have also heard that the workmanship of the houses in that area as being only satisfactory only . I would rate the area  5 Star for location and 4 Star for security. For investment purposes, I would give a 5 Star rating for that housing area. I believe that the price in that location would just head north. It is almost a guarantee that you would not lose out if you buy a property in that area. You might even make your first million selling your investment there.

Section 9 terrace houses

Section 9 from Equatorial hotel
The second best area to buy a property is the serene and beautiful Section 9 of  Bandar Baru Bangi. This is the area where you would find the infamous Bandar Baru Bangi  Green mosque and the Syariah courts with its blue color dome.  A lot of people have mistaken the shariah courts as another mosque built by Barisan Nasional which  of course  is not true. The area consists mainly of terrace and semi detached houses. The best area in the section is the D'Cempaka housing area just behind  the Green mosque and not very far from the Green Tech building. The area  also houses the tallest building in Bandar Baru Bangi- The LHDN building with it bright yellow color walls The terrace houses used to sell for RM 240 K and the Semi detached  only for RM 550-650 K. Nowadays, you won't get to buy houses in that area at those prices. I would give a 4.5 star rating for location, 4 Star rating for security and a full 5 star rating for amenities. The place is surrounded by hospitals, petrol stations, shops like Gulatis, Seng Heng, Al Ikhsan, and banks such as May banks , Ambanks , CIMB  and lots of other branded shops like Fareeda and Ariani.  The place is actually in the middle of the town but nestled in a quiet area that is naturally gated. In the morning, the area especially the ones near the stream is teaming with birds like egrets , doves and magpies looking for something to swallow for breakfast. I would fully recommend those investing in properties to get a house in that area. I have heard that one of the owners of the semi detached house is selling his property as he wants to return to his kampung after his recent retirement. I also believed that an investment in that area is a very smart move and if you are lucky you might also find your pot of gold from investmenting in that section.

Another good area to live in or to buy properties is in Section 3 of Bandar Baru Bangi. Section 3 is quite huge with hundreds of houses built. It is a mixed development  area consisting of terrace, semi detached and bungalows. It is very near to UKM and the EPF training center. But the area is a bit congested with cars because of its densely populated area. There are also some shop houses in that area to cater for some basic things but the area is quite far from the highway and the stretch to the housing area is always congested with cars during the rush hours especially in the morning and at 6 pm. I would give a 3 star rating for location, 3 star rating for security and also 3 star rating for amenities.

Another section of the town that is comparable to section 3  is section 15 of Bandar Baru Bangi. The area is not that big and it consists mainly of terrace houses. It is also very near the area called Teras Jernang and the Malaysia France Institute. One drawback of the place is that it is a busy area especially in the evening where students would crowd the four "Maple" restaurants until the wee hours. They practically block the only street to that housing area every evening One good thing about the place is that it is easy to go to Seremban as it is very near to the South Toll Plaza. I would rate the section 3 Star for location , 3 star for security and 3 star for amenities,. You also find a medium sized stadium in the section and a medium sized shopping center being built.
Section 7

Last but not least is Section 7 of Bandar Baru Bangi. This is a new section and  is a fast developing area. Part of section 7 is in the Kajang area and because of that a large number of residents are populated by the Chinese . The place is full of shop houses and the housing areas are designed a little haphazard. If you want an area that is is busy with traffic and full of shops this is the place to invest in or to rent. I would rate this place a 3 star for location,  2.5 star for security and 4.5 star  for amenities.
Section 15 Bandar Baru Bangi

All these are my personal assessments of the main areas in Bandar Baru Bangi. Readers are advised to seek professional opinions before investing in properties in Bandar Baru Bangi. Good luck and happy investing and staying in Bandar Baru Bangi.

The dangers if pakatan wins

The 13th general election is just around the corner. Most political pundits predict that the GE will be held in January 2013 after civil servants  would have gotten their 2nd installment of their bonus. This would be announced by Najib during the 2013 Budget announcement scheduled on  September 28. The opposition members are very confident of winning this election. Their de facto leader Mr Anwar Ibrahim has even put down the ultimatum that he would resign if the opposition parties fail to takeover Putrajaya in this coming election. Ambiga, an ardent supporter of Anwar and  former Bar council President has also made the announcement that she will quit Bersih after the 13th general election.Her announcement is not a mere coincidence, as it was nicely timed with the the opposition leader's intention  to give a greater impact to the undecided voters. What will be the immediate impact be  if pakatan wins the general election. This is my assesments of the impact to the Malay community if Pakatan managed to secure the majority of the parlimentary seats together with DAP and PAS  in Malaysia.

The future leaders of Malaysia?
For one, the Malays would lose their political power. There will be more of non Malay representations in the Pakatan led government. The Malays in the Pakatan government would just be  puppets with the Chinese running the show behind the scene.The non-Malays although not gunning for the number one post will nevertheless exert pressure onto the Pakatan government. In states like Perak and Selangor , DAP Malays will be the Menteris besar. These "kafir" Malays will be running under DAP tickets. Karpal Singh, the lawyer will most likely become the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. This upcoming "Deputy Prime Minister" who is a non Muslim  and has no regards for the Malays and Islam will likely start dismantling the political structure of the country. The Federal Constitution will  not be safe. Article 153 will just be a "showcase" like the national anthem of Singapore- "Majulah Singapura".This is the guy who has defiantly said that he rejects Hudud and will defend secularism to the extent of "over my dead body" This Sikh guy has no cultural finesse altogether judging from a number of controversial remarks made by the Benggali regarding Islam and the Malay rights. Is this the guy you want to lead Malaysia? Is this the guy who will protect the Malay community? Is this the guy who will protect your sacred Constitution? If you want want this culturally insensitive and utterly legalistic guy to lead Malaysia then please by all means vote the opposition parties .Let them rule Putrajaya. See what happens. This is not a laughing matter.
Perosak Negara?
If Pakatan wins the election , job security of the Malays in the government sector will be eroded. The Pakatan government via Chinese laden DAP  will start  "downsizing " the public sector in the name of efficiency. But their real intention is to reduce the number of Malay civil servants in the country. This is what has happened to the Malay civil servants in Penang as hilighted by Utusan Malaysia recently. I believe DAP Tony Pua will be given the task of getting rid of the Malay civil servants. The  "redundant" Malays will most likely be replaced by non- Malays especially the Chinese. Most of the important and key posts will be held by  non- Malays as what is happening now  in Penang. The Pakatan run government will also direct  universities in the country to appoint non-Malays as their vice-chancellors. In short, the Malays would lose in terms of numbers and powers in  government run companies  and statutory bodies. The non Malays will be the overall winners. 

Thirdly, I believe Islam will be threatened if the Pakatan wins. Although PAS is a member of Pakatan it has never wielded its power and will never do. Nik Aziz will not protect Islam and the Malays. He only knows political discourse of isolating the Malay Muslims.His actions are merely rhetorical.He's just a political "ulama" bending on labelling UMNO Muslims as less Islamic .He would just agree with whatever the non-Malay Deputy Prime Minister decides by citing the relevant hadiths and Al Quran to justify his non-actions on Islam. The first thing that the Pakatan/DAP run government will  do is to silence all azans in Malaysia, They would just follow as what has been done in Singapore.  Even today the present Pakatan run government in Selangor has received hundred of complaints from the non-Malays with regards to Azan using the loud speakers. So far no actions  have been taken by the Pakatan State government for fear of it being made an issue in the coming general election. But once they are in control of the Parliament that will be the first of several anti -Malay/anti- Islam actions that will be taken by the Pakatan government led by power crazy Anwar Ibrahim. 

Boleh Percayaka?- "Over my dead body"

Fourthly, and quite importantly all the affirmative actions implemented by the Barisan Nasional government will be gradually dismantled by DAP led government. The Malays under Article 153 who have been getting scholarships will not get any or will get very little. The non Malays will get most of the scholarships  because of the so called merit based requirements. The poor Malays who do not have  money will not only miss the opportunity to study in Chinese owned private universities but will also not get the chance to study in  public universities. They will be left out in the  cold to themselves. Most likely they will become "Mat rempits"and will be involved in criminal elements/activities. Anwar Ibrahim will be under pressure from Theresa Kok or Lim Guan Eng not to help the Malays in order to support the so called meritocracy elements of the Pakatan government. Is this the scenario that we want to happen to the Malays?

Another likely possibility that will happen is that most towns in Malaysia will be run by Chinese local council members. With the Pakatan win  towns in Malaysia will be colored red. Pakatan government will allow brothels to open 24 hours in towns like Bandar Baru Bangi and Shah Alam. Liqour will be opened for sale 24 hours a day in the Malay towns. Comrade Ronnie Liu will run the show and he will probably appoint local Councillors who are not able to read and write in Bahasa Malaysia. Signboards in the country will contain large Chinese characters. All signage will be in Mandarin and Tamil and the national language will be ignored. Pawnshops will replace the Islamic Ar Rahnu. Laterns will light up in all major towns in the country. Chinese pedlars and street hawkers will occupy main sections of the town and will block all main traffics and the local councils closing one eye on their law breaking activities.

These are some of the likely future scenarios that will happen if Pakatan wins the general election. I believe more of the worst cases of unexpected things that will happen will happen. If you want all these things to happen I suggest that you vote the Pakatan.Those damned UMNO members are no angels but at least they are Malays and they run under the banner of Malay survival. They are the better devils than the "red devils.They have a proven record of protecting the Malays, Chinese and Indians. Do you want to put your trust in the hands of these untested people like Karpal Singh, Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang, Ronnie Liu or Theresa Kok who have no love for the Malays to protect your future and your children's future? Let your intelligence decide  and not your emotions.Please do not take  risk. Vote smartly

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Weaknesses of Chinese schools

According to UMNO linked newspaper, the New Straits Times (August 16 2012) there are 1295 Chinese primary schools, 60 independent secondary schools and and 75 SMJK where Chinese is propagated and additionally 3 universities where Chinese educated students could further their studies.  Chinese extremists led by Dong Zong and Jiang Dong would  defend aggressively the existence of Chinese schools in Malaysia. However, I feel that  they don't have to be over zealous in defending the Chinese schools because with their electoral weight and weak Barisan Nasional led government, the Chinese education system will always be part of the national educational landscape in the country.The dogmatic Chinese educationists and race based parties like DAP and MCA would argue that there are many advantages in supporting the Chinese education and among others from the economic and diplomatic  perspectives. It is argued that the presence of these schools would enhance our cultural and linguistic capital in view of the rise of the emerging superpower-China. However, I would like to differ on this matter, I feel that these  Chinese schools are actually a hindrance to unity and the concept of 1 Malaysia espoused by Ah Jib Gor.

For one, linguistically  the students from these schools can't even communicate in our national language. The students are not at all adequately quipped to communicate in the language because they  lack interest , motivation and deeply rooted awareness to learn the language. Why learn Bahasa Malaysia when you can graduate up till the university and survive economically without having to pass the language. This is especially true now when the BN government has recently allowed all UEC certicate holders that they can  further their studies in government run universities without having to take and pass  Bahasa Malaysia.Before this, they were only restricted to KTAR and UTAR. Can you believe it we have thousands of Malaysian Chinese students who don't have a smattering of Bahasa Malaysia and yet living out their existence in this country. In Australia, before you can become an Aussie you need to pass the ASLPR, an English proficiency test. Likewise, in the United States if you are not able to take your citizenship oath in English you better "beat it". In France  ,without the flair in french language you just cant survive and my advice to you is to just say "au revoir" to that country.

Culturally, these students are ill equipped to mix around with other ethnic groups. How are they able to communicate with the Malays, Indians, Ibans and  Kadazans when they don't have the language and the cultural skills to communicate. The students from these schools are also culturally blind.On many ocassions I came across many Malaysian Chinese would just keep quiet and just stick to their own group. They look so arrogant and gangster-like and that they project the image that they just could not live in a multi racial Malaysia. This self imposed separation of education in  the multi racial community is actually a time bomb ready to explode.   It is not a question of whether or If but when. I believe that fateful conflict is not very far away. Malaysia has been able to avoid major racial conflicts because of the avoidance strategy  practiced by the Muslim Malay majority who have been practicing the accommodating culture.

Finally, students from these schools would have very limited world view. They will only learn everything Chinese from the language, literature, philosophy, history, politics, to socio-cultural aspects, Even mathematics will be learned the Chinese way using the "sempoa"and rote memorization.They will only learn Chinese philosophers, historians, artisans, and musicians. All these will be learned from almost 100 % Chinese teachers. These students will miss learning English the fun way, they miss learning Bahasa Malaysia from native speakers -the Malay teachers.They never learn multi culturalism that is now practiced practically every where in this world even in China The products that these Chinese schools produce will be  people who are narrow minded and ethnocentric. These are the future street peddlars in Petaling streets and Bukit Bintang pimps. They are the ones who will fill the void of the Chinese gangsters and triad groups. These are also the future trouble makers who think that they are the only ones living in this country.

We must stop this self imposed education segregation. We have to stop this parallel education system . It brings more harm than good.The future of Malaysia is at stake. We need to emulate what is practiced in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. Otherwise ,the future is bleak. Malaysia could be another Bosnia or Burma. Political leaders need to have balls and do what is right for the country.

the racial conflict due very much to avoidace startegy

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Malaysian Chinese migrating abroad

The Chinese community in Malaysia forms the largest minority or at almost 24% of the total  population. According to Rita Sim ,the  co founder of the Centre for strategic Engagement , a lot of Malaysian Chinese have migrated to Australia and other countries such as New Zealand and Canada. She has theorized that one of the reasons why Malaysian Chinese migrate abroad is that they don’t feel a sense of belonging. They don’t feel that they are part of Malaysia. She also says that lacking in acknowledgement with regard to achievements made by the Chinese as a major point of dissatisfaction or contention.  However, I have my own view of how I see this issue with regard to the migration by some of these utopian Malaysian Chinese.

Chinese history

For one ,why these Chinese migrate is because it is their nature and culture to migrate. This culture has been practiced for thousands of years by the Chinese. The Malaysian Chinese that we have in Malaysia are the direct results of the actions of their forefathers the  great great  grand parents migrating to Tanah Melayu from Southern China. These Chinese in fact migrated not only to Malaya but also to other countries like the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. Some of them in fact migrated as far as to the United States to build the railway tracks in that country. Even to this date  a lot of Chinese migrate to other countries. Even the rich Singaporean Chinese  migrate to Australia and Canada. Are these people lacking in the sense of belonging?Definitely not . Hence, it is clear that it is just their nature to do that-to migrate to other countries if they think that their newly adopted country offers better opportunities. Please don’t stop these people from migrating. Let them be. Let them go and seek better opportunities. In fact, it is very good for Malaysia.LGE and other Chinese extremists are making a hill out of a mole from this issue of  migration.

Is this the way?
These Chinese also migrated for economic reasons. They migrated because they wanted to make lots more money. The Chinese have this mentality that everything is money. Money is the bottom line. These people are very hard working people and we have to acknowledge that. They migrate to make more money. Money equals security.Once they have money they will come back to Malaysia. Look at the number of octogenarian  Chinese (who have no more economic values to their adopted country) who migrated to those western countries clamouring to come back to Malaysia. The sense of lacking in belonging as claimed by Rita is just  nonsensical. Having said that I must say that there are also some Malaysian Chinese who have been bypassed but the number is insignificant and I feel that they should definitely be helped. But the number is small and this issue has been exaggerated by people like Rita Sim and other Chinese extremists.

Some Chinese also migrate because they want to be with their own ethnic groups. That’s the reason why we see lots of Malaysian Chinese migrating to Singapore. They want to be with other Chinese in that country. They feel more secure if they are amongst their own  ethnic groups. It’s human nature to be with their own group. In Malaysia, the Kelantanese would like to stay and group with other Kelantanese. Likewise, the Chinese prefer to be with other Chinese because of the shared language, culture, nuances, and common beliefs among other things. The sense of belonging is just a charade put forth by Chinese based opposition parties and Chinese extremists. Look at the Chinese education in Malaysia. They only want Chinese schools so that their children would only mix around with other Chinese. Integration with other communities is a big no no. Hence, its clear that the Chinese would like to be with their own ethnicity.It is not surprising than when  migrating to Australia most likely than not they will also be in Chinatowns in that country-to be with their own people.

Chinese culture to migrate

How could Rita say that a sense of belonging sees the Chinese leaving Malaysia? The sense of belonging is always there. They control the Malaysian economy to a very large extent and  this can been seen by the large and extensive business  portfolios in which  they are involved in. They also have their Chinese education in the form of vernacular schools taught almost 100 % by the Chinese and run by the Chinese. The students from these Chinese schools could further their studies at Kolej Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman or KTAR . On top of that they also have their own university  called Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman or UTAR .Most of the 28 private universities that we have are also owned the Chinese community.  Most of the students that form the enrolment in those universities are mostly Chinese . They have so much of their belongings in Malaysia. They are always part of the Malaysian culture , economy and political settings.

The so called lacking in the sense of belonging is just a farce or a facade put forth by some disgruntled Chinese extremists most of whom are opposition members to voice out their dissatisfactions to highlight a very minor issue. These people have their own political agenda. The ultimate aim is clearly to be seen. You have to ask people like  LGE and other Chinese extremists.