Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ah Jib Gor Chinese Pandering

The Malays

Malaysian Chinese these days seem to have woken up from their dormant political sleep and now are putting their electoral bet onto the Pakatan ship. They believe that Pakatan will be a viable alternative to Barisan Nasional (The National Front of many race based parties)  that has been taking care of them for 50 years. The BN  seems to be pushing very hard to get the Chinese votes but so far with not much of a success. Many of my Chinese friends are still not convinced with what has been done by the Barisan Nasional  government which they say is merely slogans. In the previous election, almost 60 % of the Malaysian Chinese voters had voted for the opposition. Hence, these days in view of the coming general election ,  the Barisan government  has been pandering the Chinese all out to  regain their trusts. The pillars of these changes are the 1 Malaysia concept and the New Economic Model with less emphasis on the affirmative actions for the Bumiputeras. However, I  believe that  the steps taken by Najib will not work out  to his expectations .

The Chinese ; Block voting?
Ah Jib Gor will not get the Chinese votes because  they have already decided on voting the Pakatan, the alternative ship. Whatever reforms that are being implemented will not be trusted by the Malaysian Chinese. They  already have decided who they would like to vote for. This is especially true of the Chinese in urban areas like in those in the states of Penang, Selangor and Perak. However, in  the mainly Malay states most of the Chinese would stay with their BN cousins. For the other Chinese voters ,  it is very much like block voting. Their ultimate intent is to get rid of the present Constitution that states explicitly the privileges accorded to the Bumiputeras. These special articles in the Consitution are in consideration of the Malays  accepting more than a million  Chinese from China who resided in Tanah Melayu as Malaysian citizens. 

Ah Jib Gor will not get the Chinese  votes because their Chinese cousins in the Barisan Nasional are actually hibernating and not doing their work. These Chinese who were elected in the Malay majority areas  in the Barisan are enjoying their lives as ministers with all the fringe benefits and  milking them like some of the UMNO members who are ministers in the cabinet. By right, these Chinese in the government should have explained the government's policies and the benefits that the Chinese have been  getting. Instead of helping the other Chinese to understand the affirmative policies of the government and the Constitution,  they are joining the opposition propaganda by attacking the Malay rights and privileges that are enshrined in the Constitution. I really hope that the Chinese in Barisan Nasional will keep to their promises that they  will not hold any Minister's  posts they don't get the votes from their Chinese voters.

Most of the Chinese  will not vote for BN because they have been indoctrinated with elements of "Chineseness" via their Chinese schools and their Chinese newspapers.  All these medium are fighting all out for so called Chinese survival in all things that they do in Malaysia. All reportings, analyses , educational perspectives would be looked upon from the Chinese perspective in the sense of how it affects the Chinese community. They will never look through using the frame of the 1 Malaysia concept.  They will never see themselves from the Malaysian angle/prism. That's how bad the polarization is  in Malaysia. This polarization is aggravated and propagated by the racist Chinese parties especially the DAP which is known for  its anti Malay and anti Islam stance. This party is continually inciting and sowing  Chinese hatred towards the Barisan Nasional government and the Malays.
Ah Jib Gor will not get the vote because the Chinese  have no love for Malays and everything that is related to the Malays. To them a Malay  run party is not worth voting for . They will only vote for a party that is run or at least controlled by them from behind the scene. It is their culture . They don't trust other people. Just look at their education agenda. They only send their children to Chinese schools that are run and totally controlled by the Chinese. They don't trust their children from being taught by the Malays. They only buy from  Chinese companies. Some of my Malay friend shop owners once told me that in two decades of selling things they have only come into contact with  a handful Chinese customers. The Chinese only keep their monies in Chinese banks and in Chinese dominated Singapore especially OCBC which is managed by the Chinese . They don't buy Gardenia breads because the floor is sold by a Malay entrepreneur. They only buy breads from Chinese bread companies. They don't buy Protons because its enginered by Malays and  most of the vendors are Malays. In short, they will only buy from  the Chinese. Just consider the economic  implications to the Chinese businessman if the Malays decide that they only  buy from the Malays. Now tell me who is more racist?

In short, my suggestion to Ah Jib Gor and his cronies is to consider pandering  the Chinese because they will not give the votes that you want. What you have done is to actually make your political base angry at you for neglecting them. The Malays now are at a loss. They have lost their protectors. They now look upon at Perkasa to protect them but unfortunately  is headed by a clown. If BN were to lose this coming election, it is not because the Chinese did not give the votes but  the BN has lost the Malay votes.

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Anonymous said...

Wake up! Please stop seeing through race-colored glasses. The election is beyond the race!

Why would anyone vote for BN, when their corruptions are evidence. It is no secret that BN is bad, very bad. Hence, we, malaysians, need an alternative to lead the country. Please get this right before writing....

p/s: I don't want more cattle in a condo. Do you?