Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Post 13th General election

The election is coming soon (I think in the month of November after Hari Raya Haji) and the opposition parties are brimming with confidence of winning the general election. Their prediction is not far off judging from the feedback that I got from the people- Malays and non-Malays alike. The Barisan Nasional  ship is seemingly sinking. The young people and the disgruntled Chinese are determined to boot out the BN government. They just need a simple majority to form a government. Once in control of Putrajaya the new Pakatan administration will institute a new order  Below are some of the likely ramifications if Pakatan wins the 13th general election.

Nice colors

1. Malaysia will have two/three separate education systems and more money for Independent Chinese schools. The Pakatan government will recognise all the Chinese education certificates in the country. The students in Malaysia will be communicating in two or three different languages-Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin and Tamil separately.  Students from the Chinese education system will not have to take and pass Bahasa Malaysia. They can continue their studies in governement run universities after completing their Chinese education. In addition,  Chinese schools will be given millions of dollars to expand and renovate their already  huge and nice buildings as compared to the dilapidated "Sekolah Agama " (Religious schools) and  Kebangsaan (national schools). Even the private Chinese schools will get government money to fund their Chinese education and build new buildings. The Pakatan government will also recognise most of universities from China and Taiwan without any restrictions imposed just to please the Chinese voters.
Damned with Bahasa Melayu

2. Bahasa Malaysia will be a foreign language in Malaysia. All the signage in the country will mostly be in Mandarin and Tamil. The importance of the language will be arranged as such as such -first English, second Mandarin, third Malay and fourth Tamil. If you don't believe me just look at how Indian owned Astro arranges the language over the channels. Astro continues to give English prominence although most of ASTRO's two million customers are Malays and yet when it comes to arrangement of languages Bahasa Malaysia is less important than English.  Also look at the language used to promote  movies over ASTRO's channels, its mostly in English. They even have subtitles in English and Mandarin.With Pakatan government ,English will again be the first language in Malaysia. I believe racist DAP members will promote the use of English as the main language of Malaysia . Even today they have been using the language and heavily promoting it.

3. The Pakatan government will take actions to libralize the auto policies in Malaysia. The new NAP will be implemented and  because of the policy they will  close PROTON and as such thousands of Malays would lose their jobs at Proton and also  thousands more who are  working for proton vendors will be redundant. 
Chinese only policies

Look at the size of the Chinese school

4. The New Economic policy and other affirmative actions will be disbanded altogether or given less prominence. All Bumiputera agencies under the present government will be closed. Fundings for Bumiputeras under special  funds will be stopped.

NEP is down and out

5. Pakatan Rakyat governement will also open up UITM because of the pressure from the DAP and non-Malay members of PKR. Intake into universities in Malaysia will be revised. It will not be based on quotas.Less Malay students will be in the university because of this new ruling. Less places for Malay and Bumiputeras students  in critical courses like Medicine, Law, Engineering, Dentistry and Pharmacy because of the so called meritocracy based system.VCs will be mostly non-Bumiputeras. 

6. Important ministries like Education,Interior,  Finance and Trade will go to  non -Bumipureas especially the Chinese. Muslim Malays will be given less important ministries like Women's ministry, Culture, Tourism etc.

These are some of the scenarios that will happen once the Pakatan Pembangkang takes over Putrajaya. The neo-liberals and the Islamists will not be unhappy with the new arrangements. The future of the Malays looks really bleak. We need more time in order to be able to compete economically with the non-Malays. At the moment the playing field is not level. We still need the crutches  but the affirmative actions should not be in perpetuity as it needs to be stopped at a certain point but now is not the time yet. But if the Malays voters feel otherwise those are some of the ramifications as a result of  our foolishness for voting non-Malay based parties and PAS. Happy voting in this coming election and have fun.

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