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Best restoran Bangi/ Top restaurant Bangi/ Tempat Makan best Bangi/ Kueh Melayu

There are a number of eating spots in Bandar Baru Bangi but most of them are rather mediocre  restaurants that tend to charge the customers a lot of money. Although there lots of places to dine in Bangi,  I still have no idea where to go to to have fill my stomach as I have been to most of them. My wife who has passed the 5 series mark (but still denying it) is not keen to warm the pot. This is due to the fact that our children have left the nest and there are just the two of us in a reasonably big house. Anyway with our tummies shrinking with age , we are not keen on eating too much. What we would rather have is nice simple and tasty snack or dishes. You know I do have a number of places that I would take my family or myself out to have some nice snacks and Malay kueh. Below some of the nicest and reasonably good eating  spots (restaurant and stalls)  in and around Bangi.

Umai Putrajaya Malay delicacies
1. The top/best restaurant or eating place goes to Restoran Umai Putrajaya. (Service 4.5/5; Food 4.5/5; Cleanliness 4.5; Price 4.5/5) The restaurant is not very far from the Masjid Besi Putrjaya. The exact place is at Bangunan Anjung Alaf Baru ( The New Millennium Monument) . The restaurant offers a number of Western , Thai and Malay dishes but it is actually the best place to have Malay appetizers or dishes. Please do not go there to have Thai dishes such as Tom Yam or Daging Merah or Nasi Goreng. At the diner, it is best to have the intricate and quite good  Roti Jala (RM2-3) with very tasty chicken gravy. Laksa Kedah (Rm 5.50) with spicy and immersed with all the condiments tastes better than the famous Laksa Kuala Kedah or Laksa Telok Kecai. But of course the best Laksa is still  the one at Kuala Perlis served with its aromatic and thick sourish fish gravy. Please also order the crispy Cucur udang (RM 3) that comes together with thick and spicy hard to get Kuah Kacang and Kuah. Cili. They also serve not too sweet Cucur kodok (RM 2.50). The best thing is that they serve most of the dishes still hot off the oven. Whenever I am there, I would also order Mee Rebus Umai (Rm 5.50) which I think is among the best in the area. Service is efficient and one of the best among Malay restaurateurs. Cleanliness quite good although on one occasion I saw a "rodent" making a fast crossing at the beam of the building.

Murtabak Raja UNITEN
2. The second place in Bangi and surrounding areas to have Kueh or something light  is the area next to UNITEN near the small roundabout not far from the Uniten flyover (Service 2/5; Food 4./5; Cleanliness 2/5; Price 4.0/5). It is not a food-court but a parking area for Uniten students.The place has a number of stalls selling kueh, rojak, bihun sup, nasi daging, Ayam goreng etc. I would go there to buy Murtabak Raja or quite a king size murtabak (Rm 4-5). When the murtabak is still hot it is  really fluffy and pliant like a dunlopillo mattress except that it is a tad smaller. I think it's really value for  money considering that murtabaks nowadays cost between (Rm 2-3). The place there is also famous for kueh bakar which sells for Rm 3. The kueh bakar tastes really good as it is not too sweet or too thick with flour. I think the seller uses a fair amount of eggs for the kueh which results in very light and delectable snack.The place is also a nice place to have Rojak mamak or the kedahans would called it Pasembur. With any pasembur, the gravy must be good. I think the gravy there is reasonably good although it is not in the same class as the Pulau Pinang pasembur Pulau .
Karipap Sungai Besi

3. Another surprise place to get your kueh or light snacks  near  Bangi  area is the area near  Bandar Sungai Besi. The area is now being redeveloped by the DBKL as it is under its jurisdiction. On the way back from KL to Bangi I would always stop at the Sungai Besi area especially the one  near the Sungai Besi police station to buy  the best karipap ever. The karipap Sungai Besi (Rm 0.50)  is (Service 2.5/5; Food 4.0/5; Cleanliness 2/5; Price 3.0/5) served hot from the wok all the time. Most of the time, I would have the karipad at the  stall itself for RM 2.00. The karipap seller has his movable stall in front of a mamak stall. The seller has been selling karipap there for more than 20 years. The ingredients (inti) of the karipap is simple yet delicious as it is not too dry and the pastry is not that thick and soft. I can easily have 5 karipaps at one go. The karipap goes along well with sweet teh tarik.

So those are the nice spotsor eating places  in Bangi and the surrounding areas to have your Malay kueh and snacks. Bangi is an urban area that is devoid nice places to have good Malays kueh and dishes. I hope with this information, Bangi people would be able to enjoy some nice Malay appetizers and kueh. Pl go and try at these places.

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