Wednesday, April 20, 2016

New restaurants in Bangi/ Best restaurants in bangi/ Best restaurants Bangi 2016

There are a number of  good places to have lunch , dinner and breakfast in Bangi. Some places are expensive while others are reasonably priced . What you need is to find the best restaurant that fits your budget.
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The Hob Bangi

There is a new restaurant in Section 9 of Bangi and the name of the restaurant is The Hob. The restaurant is more of what my daughter called a hipster restaurant with quite unique design. The restaurant used to be a place the sells sandwiches. I don't believe that Bangi could presently support a place that just sells sandwiches. Malaysians and Bangians are just not ready yet for such a set up yet . We still need rice like nasi lemak  to motivate us to work. I find the place is a little cozy but I couldn't really enjoy the place because of the loud music that was played when I was there. The loud music could probably attuned to young people listening taste but mature people like me would prefer to be in a cozy place with nice slow music especially  Malay songs.

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Nasi lemak at the HOB
The food there is quite delicious. I think the nasi lemak tastes quite good with generous portion. I ordered nasi lemak biasa with telor mata that cost me RM 4 .50.  I also ordered Tuna Panini that costs around RM 8.00. The Panini was crunchy and moist at the same time. The dish would be nice for people or diet or mature people who are tired of eating heavy dishes. It would be really nice to have Panini wit a cup of hot Nescafe or coffee. The service is quite efficient and one of the waitresses asked us whether we managed to get everything that we ordered.  They were sorry for giving us the wrong drink and efficiently replaced with the one that we first ordered. Overall I give the restaurant 3*.5 over 5