Monday, March 26, 2012

Why Malaysia is still a third world country

Depite boasting  world class airports, super smooth highways, Multi media super corridors, Formula 1 racing circuit, the tallest twin structures, super tall buildings almost everywhere, Malaysia is still a third world country by any standards. I don't think we are in the developed status category yet. Not for a long shot . These are some of the reasons as to why we are still a third world country:

1) We still have a third class mentality. This is clearly reflected by the mentality of the top guns.Our so called high ranking officials still have the upper hands in terms of deciding when to resign or stay on . They are  immuned to pressure from the public or from the pressure groups. One classic example is the SPBA fiasco. We could not forget  how those in the Premier group rewarded themselves hansomely with allowances and backdated salaries and letting those in  the lower categorises bone dry with pittance of  ringgit of increment to survive in these financially challenging times. One thing is clear is that the public seem to blame the KSN and the KPPA for the blunder. Do you know what their reaction is?. Nothing. There are still there in their present positions running the public administration as if nothing had happened. In Japan, the leaders would have immediately resigned. In the States as well, the accused personality would have resigned. These thick skin  guys just smirk and continue with their daily chores. Talk about the mentality of our leaders. Mind you these are PTD officials.

2) We dont have much freedom. I believe if we want to be in the premier league of nations  we have to give our people some freedom. The government must loosen up its strangulation of freedom and rights . The bureucrats must be made aware that this freedom is our right as a human being. We have to move on and  let go the status quo. The Arab spring has clearly demonstrated how the lack of freedom has resulted in  worst tragedies. I know we can't be compared to those countries in the Middle East in terms of the democracy but we must be better than then  them in the freedom index if we want to be in the first tier nations category.

3) The perceived high corruption level among the governement agencies and their enforcement officers. We still feel that the government is still beset by corrupt mentality and attitude . One good example is the police force. Have you come across situations whereby  cops stopping suspected  vehicles at the road  shoulder and negotiating for something at the side of the vehicle  . I don't understand why they have to hide themselves from the view of the people. An honest cop would not dicuss at a place that is questionable by the public. This kind of thing leads to nothing good.

4) We have leaders who would enrich themselves. Nowadays, its very difficult to get a true leader. A leader who is not selfish and who would  work for the people. We dont want leaders with a 24 million ringgit bungalow built with Bali motives. We don't a leader whose wife  showing off her 24 million dollar diamond ring. We don't want a leader who won an election thru the use of money politics and spending close to 20 million ringgit. We don't want a leader with 600 million ringgit in bank accounts in Singapore and Israel.  We dont want a leader who swindles the people close to 1 billion ringgit. We don's want a leader who spent close to 5 miullion ringgit on a daughter's wedding in a posh hotel at a nice island.

Without a doubt Malaysia is still a third world country. A developed coutry would need physical and mental changes before it can become a highly developed country.


Nalin Ramanayake said...

I am a bit shocked. I am from Sri Lanka. To us Malaysia is a highly developed country we aspire to become. You take our local TV programs which has dozens of self-proclaimed “intellectuals” coming and telling us that we need to emulate Malaysia and be like Malaysia and need a leader like Mahathir Mohamad. Malaysians also have an average IQ of 92 ( ), quite high but does not seem to be behaving like people whose average IQ is 92. Contrast this to our situation where our average national IQ is just 81 (borderline retarded). I have been reading and studying about Malaysia for a few months and the more I read the more disappointed I get. I have read so many times in so may blogs that Mahathir Mohamad, the so-called savior of Malaysia in fact a tyrant and actually sent Malaysia backwards towards the end. I also read blogs saying how bad Malaysian driving is. Normally, the way the people drive is a very good indication of the development of a country. Malaysia has one of the highest per-capita road deaths in the world, a whopping 24 per 100,000 population where in developed countries it is around 4 and 6. This shows that Malaysians although with quite a high-IQ (Compared to us, Indians and blacks) are in fact worse than us when it comes to driving (our road death rate is 10 per 100,000) which makes me wonder what the hell is going on??
It has been shown by Dr. Richard Lynn, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland, and Dr. Tatu Vanhanen, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Tampere, Tampere, Finland that there is direct co-relation between GDP per capita and IQ. i.e. the higher the IQ the higher the GDP-per-capita. If you look at all the HIGH-INCOME countries, leaving out countries such as Brunei which is a high-income country simply due to the oil and gas exports, then we see that to be a true high-income country which Malaysia is aspiring to be by 2020, you have to have an IQ of 100 or above. All high-income countries have average IQs of near 100 or above. This is just another side of the coin I want to show. I don't think an average IQ of 92 is enough to make you a high-income (developed) country. My personal opinion is that IQ is a very good indicator of development. Take us for example. The idiot so-called intellectuals, politicians and bureaucrats here boast that they will make Sri Lanka a "Japan". I laugh when I hear these things because the Japs have the highest IQ for a country: A whopping 105. There is absolutely no way we can match the Japs even in our dreams. So this is my 2 cents. I have read so many blogs saying why Malaysia will not develop and will remain as it is. The more I read the more I understand why this is. I think your Oik and Gas exports also adds quite a chunk to your GDP. But that IQ of 92 is quite high. I am very shocked that you are much much worse drivers than us. This is a problem to me since our IQ is just 81 we should be much worse drivers than you.

Walter said...


You are out of topic! Nations performance is NOT related to IQ.

BTW, I totally agree Salam's opinoin. Malaysia is still facing under-developed mentallity as well as easy influenced by religious and politics.

Hey,go and study about S'pore history then only come back to Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with your article. Malaysia is very developed but not as developed as Europe but more developed than any other country in SEA. Please dont compare Malaysia to Singapre because the latter is really really small country. I do not understand the motive of your article. What is the purpose? Wanted to vent out your anger ? But please for those reading this article please do not believe it 100% . it is just an opinion of a very sad individual.

Vinod Manoharan said...

you guys must realised reason and answer for all this is the CORRUPTIONS happening in malaysia between the politicians and leaders who took over the malaysia government for 55 years.. rather than compering well developed small land country like singapore. spore zero corruptions and racism and if they accuse u due to these cases, you will be charged no matter what through media, social network or in person according to their strict law! no mercy! get it!

Anonymous said...

IQ: Most Malaysia I know are smart.
Driving: Malaysian driving style are not the best in the world. But there are many factor beside that.
Mentality: Yes, most of us are lack of first class mentality.
Corruption: Yup, we have bunch of that here. They call it "you help me, I help you"
No need to be emotional, in the end we Malaysian end up get together at Kedai Mamak to have a nice teh tarik. :)

Ex-Liberal said...

Walter, actually later in life IQ correlates positively with SES, socioeconomic status. It's been shown that later in life, one's IQ affects a person's socioeconomic status, per the US Longitudinal Survey of Youth.

Saverus Ballz said...

I got 133 for IQ test and as a fresh BE hons student, I think it's pretty low.

Anonymous said...

APA kaitan IQ dengan artikel nih???? Can someone explain

Ariana Saini said...

Yes..that true

Ariana Saini said...

Yes..that true

Amin said...

I got 143 for mensa iq test. But studying in imperial college, i kinda feel like im too stupid for the college.