Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rosmah Mansor vs. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail vs. Hasmah Ali

I really love reading about cars. I spend  a lot of money buying car magazines published locally and abroad. I would buy a car magazine if I see a car comparison. Normally before I buy a car I would see what the review says. This afternoon I would  do a comparison but I won't compare cars but would compare the wives of our political leaders from the Barisan Nasional  and the Pakatan Rakyat. I would also include the wife of our ex- Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir-Tun Dr. Hasmah  Ali. All these contenders will be evaluated based on four  criteria namely 1) Beauty 2) Intelligence 3) Loyalty and 4) Leadership skills. They would be ranked based on a scale of 1 to 5. 1 being the least and 5 being the best. Lets begin with  the comparison:
1) Beauty
I think of the three ladies Rosmah Mansor is probably the prettiest. Her skin is flawless. Look at her nose its really a pointed nose. I don't know whether it has gone under the knife but its pretty albeit a bit too perfect. I also  find it a bit unnatural.  Overall, she really looks like a doll. I would rate her 4/5 on beauty. I can't give her 5/5 as its too much. Najib must be happy with Rosmah's performance. The second on the list is Wan Azizah. To me she's also pretty. Her beauty is on the inside more like a kampong girl. She's the kind of girl that you want to marry and have lots of children. She does not look pretentious or have  that arrogant look like Rosmah.  She has a fair skin and not too stocky  like Rosmah. Rosmah is  a little too  short and if she gains a bit of an extra weight she will look chubby. I would give Wan Azizah 3.5. The third prettiest is Tun Hasmah Mohd Ali. She gets 3/5.  Dr Mahathir might not agree with me.To him, Hasmah is the prettiest lady.

2) Intelligence
I believe all three are intelligent. Hasmah was a doctor. Wan Azizah a dentist and Rosmah was an executive with  a multi national company. I would give Wan Azizah a 4 considering that she was the leader of Keadilan when DSAI was jailed for sodomy 1. Hasmah Ali should get a 3 as she was among the first Malay doctors during her era. This is definitely an achievement. The last on the list goes to Rosmah. I think she deserves 2.5 for intelligence. Please don't underestimate her cognitive ability. She spearheads the Permata Pintar UKM. But looking from another angle Rosmah could be the most cunning and I would not  hesitate to label her a good strategist.

3) Loyalty
This is the most important criterion for a housewife. Even in politics this trait is demanded and practiced strictly. Dr Mahathir would only choose his most loyal friends. Loyalty is relative in politics. There's also  no permanent friends in politics. For loyalty,  I believe Wan Azizah deserves a 5/5. Considering what DSAI has done to her and that she is still with the person is truly amazing. She is an icon for loyalty. I suppose a kampong type woman is always loyal to her husband. Next on the line is Hasmah. I think she should get 4.5. She is the person who is always behind Mahathir and they have been married for so many many  years.Last but not least is Rosmah. I think I would give a mere  2.5 for loyalty. Najib is Rosmah second or third husband, Najib might not agree with me but thats my perception of her. Perception is reality. The reality is Rosmah does not do well in this criterion.

4)Leadership skills
Again for this criterion I would have to give it to Wan Azizah. She should get 5/5 for this.She can really communicate and charm people. She could mix with people from all levels and walks of life. Next is Hasmah. She is almost as good as Wan Azizah but more courteous and polished. She is really a mild mannered person. 4/5 marks for leadership skills.But the downside is that  she looks like a a grandmother. Last on the list is again Rosmah. It is so difficult for her to smile. If she smiles it looks so unnatural and very plasticky. I think there is a problem with her neck. She probably has CSM or cervical spondylotic mylopathy. It is a problem with the neck .She can't seem to turn naturally to the left or right.

In short, the winner here is Wan Azizah Wan Ismail. She is  a clear winner here and  by a big margin. Second is Hasmah Ali and the third place goes to Rosmah. Rosmah might not be happy with the results  but this is how ordinary people see her. I personally feel that Rosmah is actually a liability for Najib. If I were Najib I would keep her out from the limelight especially for this coming general election. Najib should advise Rosmah to be more like Hasmah Ali. Tun Hasmah  conducted herself beatifully as the wife of the Prime Minister. Instead, we see Rosmah acts more like the Prime Minister of Malaysia. She is perceived as more powerful than the Deputy Prime Minister. I think she is. Some people interpret NKRA as "Najib Kerja Rosmah Arah"

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