Friday, March 2, 2012


SBPA is now the acronym that permeates in all discussions among civil servants. If you ask the young civil servants or the ones who are not so productive it is actually "Skim Buang Penjawat Awam". Some skeptics in the government sector like to call it "skim Bodek Pekerja Atasan". Whatever the description, it is actually the latest scheme pushed down the throat of the civil servants in the country. It was literally forced upon the civil servants to accept or leave it offer. The poor civil servants were just given a few days to ponder and evaluate the newly proposed scheme. Being a good worker , you actually sign onto the scheme and you don't question much.Briefings were given but they were not complete. They speakers themselves were not very clear of the scheme and an incomplete picture was given. We were left still unsatisfied with the briefing not knowing what the future holds.

One thing that we know about the SBPA was that it was not very beneficial to people like me who have served the government for so long ( I think almost 30 years) and have reached the ceiling in terms of the salary. It's called "Langgar tembok". From the offer letter that I got it stated that I would be getting an increment of only around 280 ringgit. Well I grumbled a little considering that the amount is not much. And I found that my colleagues were also grumbling especially the women who are in their 50s. Probably the increment is not enough to cover the services they pay for like having the manicure or pedicure at the local salon. But being good civil servants we sort of accepted the fate. However, our dissatisfaction with the SBPA continues.

Later we found out that the scheme really benefits those who are  in the JUSA category and what they call the PREMIER group. We heard that even those in the C category within the JUSA group will be getting an increment of RM 5500 or more than half of their basic salary under SSM. What was more astounding was that the civil servants in the Premier group such as the KSN and KSUs would be getting around RM 40,000-80,000 ringgit of increment. On top of that they would also be getting back dated salaries of between Rm 800,000-1,000,000 (Not rupian but Malaysia ringgit) . Phew... I remember that during the briefings of the SBPA there was no mention of this. This info was kept silent. No wonder they "forced" the 54 and below to sign on the scheme in which most of us abide by it. Pity those under 54 and below.

I don't really understand the rationale for giving too much to those in the JUSA and the Premier categories. What are they trying to do? I don't think this big jump is inline with the government's new  economic model of moving to become high income economy. I think there must be some difference in the increment but it should not be that far apart. I hope our prime minister really looks into the matter and rectify this blunder by JPA. I also feel that those responsible for this fiasco should be brave enough to accept the blame and do the honorable thing and you all know what I mean. They say we have to think like the first class country but they refuse to follow. They refuse to walk the talk

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