Wednesday, February 29, 2012


There 's a Malay saying that goes by  " Masa itu emas". This is truly an accurate description of time. Time just does not wait for you. It will just go on and it does not make sure that you are on board. It just continues ticking. What you do with you life determines how much you have contributed. to your own well being or your contribution to the society. I have to admit that I myself have not contributed much and I wish I could do more. But you don't have much time left especially after you reached fifty. We just don't realize that we have reached that magic number. Time really flies.Well for  men it is not too obvious at least physically. You don't really look like half a century man. Sometimes you still look young. Well i'm talking about what other have said about me with regard to my age. They say that I  look like late 30s or early 40s. When I mentioned this to my wife she would just keep quiet. This brings the issue of 50s among the women.

I think most women just refuse to accept that they are half a century old. And they tend to act as if they are much younger. At the place where I work they are a lot of women colleagues who are  in their 50s. They really act like  teenagers and youngsters. Believe me they would  be wearing tight blouses and some of them even have the urge to wear attires that are actually meant for teenagers.When you look at them at a glance you would definitely pass them off as a young person. But after a not so close inspection you will see that they are in their 50s. Hey ladies it OK to put a nice make up; it also OK  to wear nice beautiful clothes but you have to remember that you have reached the 50 mark. That's a great milestone in one's life and it would be nice if it is celebrated in a proper manner and not degrading it.

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