Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tempat makan/ best places to eat in Bandar Baru bangi

Last night (31st of December 2012) after sending off  my daughter (a law major)  to UITM Shah Alam   ,I wanted to stop over at Putrajaya  (my home is in Bandar Baru bangi) to see if there were some firework displays or any kind of festivals  planned for the new year celebrations but my fatigue body just drove me straight back home for the bed. My brain says go to Putrajaya' but my body says ' bed is waiting for you'. In this tussle between body vs. mind last night, the body won. Today is the 1st of January 2013 and believe it or not I will be 51 this coming January. My body has started to ache since I reached 50s  and this is compounded by an implosion of uric acid and hence 'allupurinol' medication is always at hand. Also, at this age you tend not to eat much and you are a bit selective of the kinds of food that you consume. You tend to avoid heavier dishes and go for something light and simple. In Bandar Baru Bangi there are a lot  of  nice restaurants that serve good food but it is not the restaurants that guide me but the food itself. I follow my nose and my taste buds .

Nasi Ayam at Italees Restaurant
Let's say if I want to eat "Nasi ayam" where would I go? I remember a few years back there was a nice Nasi Ayam' stall not far from the Putrajaya mosque near the big lake. It's one of the stalls at the food court facing the lake. But the "Nasi Ayam" there is not as good as it was. In Bandar Baru Bangi if I want to have a really good Nasi Ayam I would go to Italees Restaurant. (Pl use the Google Map to look for the restaurant ). But I have to warn you that the service is not so good as the place is a family run business and there's not enough staff to cater to the needs of the customers. The "nasi " tastes really good and I believe the owner cum cook has added some margarine to make it tastes better and more aromatic. The sambal with lots of garlic goes nicely with the 'nasi ayam'.The portion for the Ayam is reasonably large, enough for a big person like me. The 'nasi Ayam' will even taste better if it is taken together with Taugeh Celup (Rm 1.5) basted in salty soya sauce and sprinkled with crispy fried onions. The complete meal will cost you less than RM 7. It is probably the  best 'nasi ayam' cooked by a Malay Chef.

Roti Jala at Billion Food court
Sometimes at this age you don't feel like eating rice for lunch. I think our stomach at 50s has contracted a little and has become smaller. This is the time you  would order 'mee' or 'kuetiaw goreng'. In my case if I am at the Food court at Billion shopping centre I would order 'Mee Kari (RM 5.50). The stall is the first stall on the right side of the food court . It is the place that is nearest to the basins for hand washings. The gravy for the 'mee kari' is not too thick and I feel that the cook is a bit skimpy on  the use of 'santan'. But the good part is that its' good for our health. The cockles used in the 'mee kari ' are small are a bit rubbery and I would say tasteless  However, the right spices used and the heating up of the gravy make this noodle soup something of a memorable experience. It's so hot that you might even burn your taste buds. Normally after eating the mee kari, I would order ' roti Jala' (RM 1.20), 'popia basah' (Rm 1.50) and 'Bubur gandum' 'bubur kacang 'or 'bubur ubi'. The bubur (RM 1.50) sold at the first eatery at the food court is the best 'bubur' ever. It's not to sweet as tastes really nice and good for a diabetic patient. I think everyone would enjoy it.

Sup Ayam at Tepian Bangi Restaurant

Occasionally,  you would not want to eat noodles or rice. So what do you eat then ? I would suggest that you go for some kind of soup. Why not try chicken soup? There a nice sourish chicken soup (RM 6) served at one of the restaurants in Bandar Baru Bangi. It's called Tepian Bangi' restaurant in Section 4 of Bandar Baru Bangi. The soup served in a quite large bowl is more than enough one person. I can just have have the soup and eat the pieces of chicken and it would last me the whole day. I suggest that you have the soup late in the evening or early in the morning.I had the soup once at 1 am in the morning. Boy it's really good. It's also a good substitute for milk drinking at night. Trust me you will have a nice deep sleep after enjoying the soup.

So if you have problem in terms of what to have for dinner or lunch , why don't you go to these places. Your wife will be very happy with your decision. After  PMS they too have body aches and plus hot flushes and ... they tend too become a bit inactive to cook after so many years of cooking for the family. Don't think that the 50s is only for men. The women too need to have a good rest and some nice pleasures (I'm talking about food).

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