Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Why Pakatan will not wrest control of Putrajaya ?

Pakatan Rakyat  consists of a dominant  DAP , bigger than life Keadilan and theologically disoriented Partai Islam Malaysia or popularly known as PAS. The coalition is led by the de facto opposition leader and cum part time porno actor, Anwar , who is working tirelessly at the behest of the Chinese community. This coalition is now brimming with confidence and supported to the teeth by the online newspapers like Malaysia Kini, FMT , Malaysia Chronicle- who are western supported - and other leftists newspapers in Malaysia. As usual, the political clarion the opposition makes is forever loud to the extent that  their confidence level of winning Putrajaya is extremely high. They really believe that everyone is joining their ship to dismantle the well oiled party machinery of the Barisan Nasional not knowing that there is the bigger silent majority group who do not really make their feelings known. This quiet attitude is clearly reflected in the state election of Sarawak in which the Pakatan thought that it would win big based on the online portals reports but the Bumiputeras kept on supporting the  national coalition. The same thing will again happen in the general election scheduled to be held anytime soon after the Prime Minister has disbursed the  BRIM 2.0 to millions of fellow Malaysians. 

Barisan Nasional will still retain the majority
One reason that clearly shows why  the Pakatan can't win is because its a loose confederation of parties with different objectives and aims. DAP is a democratic party only in  name. All its Central Executive Committees are controlled by the Chinese with a handful of Indians or Bengalis.  Not one Malay is elected to the main committee ever.  The new addition, Zairil, who people thought were a Malay is actually biologically a Chinese brought up by Tan Sri Khir Johari, the ex Minister of Education . Zairil whose mother is Christie   got his education from Multimedia University at Cyberjaya. In short, the party is a non-Malay controlled party whose media savvy leader is originally from Malaccca but running the state of Penang like a Tokong. Keadilan on the other hand  is a party of Justice supporting   the leader who was once beaten badly  by morally corrupt  Director General of Police. It is now losing its support among the Malays because of its ding dong policies of Anwar but still championed by some Chinese and Indians especially those in the urban areas. PAS is a theologically driven party who occasionally broke its tradition and looks as if its rudderless under Nik Aziz whose age is catching up but refusing to resign.
DAP sets the Pakatan agenda

Secondly, Pakatan members  are hardcore party  members who will not be able to strike a compromise. The members of DAP who claim to be democratic are hard core Chinese firsters who would only fight for the Chinese issues without any compromise. They will make sure that the Chinese would eventually be in control of most of the states in Malaysia. Their ultimate is is most likely the dismantling of the Federal Constitution and replaced with something that will  eventually  get rid of the Malay privileges and rights guaranteed in the present Constitution. Like DAP, the PAS members are also hardcore members would would make Islam the basis of their dogmas. These supporters will not negotiate if the aspects discussed are off tangent to the pillars of Islam. The Consultative Council of the party will make the final decision which is based on the word of Allah-the Al Quran. Not even Hadi or YB Nik Aziz would have any say on matters decided by the Council. The Keadalan members are probably the most flexible in the Pakatan but the members will make sure that their leaders will head the Pakatan irrespective of the seats won. In short, the Pakatan members will not be able to compromise because of the hardcore policies of the parties and the members within the alternative coalition. In a nutshell, seeking  compromises amonstg the members of Pakatan will not materialize. This will affect their chances of taking over Pitrajaya.

DAP will still run Penang
Most importantly, the Pakatan would not win because the Malays would continue to vote for Barisan Nasional. They know their future is at stake if the Pakatan wins. As such, the Malays who normally  are sleepers would come in strong during the election day to support the continuation of the affirmative policies of the Barisan Nasional. Despite the Pakatan rhetorics and strategies, the Malays will continue to support the National coalition  I believe some Chinese especially those who reside in the Malay belt states like Kedah, Trengganu, Negeri Sembilan, Johor  and Melaka will continue to support Barisan Nasional. The BN will continue to run Putrajaya albeit some lost in seats.

Anwarinas running PAS
I believe in the final outcome of the 13th general election would be that  the Barisan Nasional would retain two thirds majority and the states of Selangor and Kedah will be again  under Barisan Nasional. Pakatan Rakyat will still hold on to Penang and Kelantan because of the support from  hardcore and fanatic members of of PAS and DAP  but with a reduced margin. The noise that is generated now is just the hollow noise made louder by the pro opposition online newspapers. The majority of Malaysians will still support the Barisan Nasional. 

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