Friday, May 24, 2013

A letter to the Chinese emigrants/ Help Malaysian Chinese

Our dear Chinese brothers . We hope that you're are doing real well in your newly adopted countries . We believe the grass is greener in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and  New Zealand.You all must be enjoying your freedom and  opportunities must be abound there. Please continue  staying there and don't ever think of coming back to  'Bolehland'.. Don't ever think of returning to this racist country name Malaysia. The situation here  is getting worst. Our Chinese brothers here are continually being  persecuted and they are suffocating.Please let the others know of our grave situations.Please consider having peaceful demonstrations in those places. Make sure that  the world realize that we are being decimated. In some cases our Kampung Baru areas are systematically destroyed and redeveloped to be filled later by the Malays. You know we have suffered this for so long in this UMNOputra dominated country and the situation is getting worst especially after the general election which is  besetted by fraud.

No chinese schools allowed in Malaysia

Just after elections a lot of our Chinese brothers were  arrested  for challenging UMNO's led government in peaceful demonstrations .In the recent general election some of  our Chinese brothers  were  not allowed to vote by the Malay NGOs called ABC (Asalkan Bukan Cina). These  racist and stupid Malay vigilantes were at the polling stations to ensure that the Malay candidates  win. Do you believe it, they forcibly roughed us up and forced us to sing 'Negaraku'-the national anthem of this shit country to make sure that we were not from China. Some of the recent Malay  immigrants from Medan thought that we were from Beijing. Some of us just could not remember some of the lyrics of the damn song. We were so traumatised by the experience  In the constituents where we won they said that  it was unfair because we brought in thousands of Chinese from China. Just think rationally how we could have brought in thousand of Chinese voters all the way from China without being detected by all the bribe laden UMNOputras Immigration officers.

You know how corrupt the government is.We are not even allowed to demonstrate in indoor stadiums. Those who defied the police were arrested.Most of us were put in lock ups and prisons in Kamunting , Kajang and Sungai Petani  and more importantly we were deprived of food. The prisons are now over filled with Chinese inmates.We were not allowed to talk to our  government appointed lawyers who are Malays or also not able to meet our family members . Most of us would surely be detained for months without trial. And the worst thing is that we cant just  trust the police. They work in tandem with the corrupt UMNO leaders. If you are lucky they would just give you long term  prison sentences but if you are unlucky you would be dead  in prison just like Beng Hock. This would have never happen in countries like the United States and Australia.
No chinese language allowed in Malaysia

Do you know we are still not allowed to use our dialects -Cantonese and Mandarin. The minority government only allows us to use their Malay language.Do you know how difficult it is to learn Malay.If we are found to break the law meaning using our  native language we would be arrested and put into prison . The worst thing is that if the presiding judge is a Malay then  we  would  receive even worst punishments. We really suffered. Our children are also not allowed to learn our beautiful dialects. They all must learn and memorize Malay by heart. Sharon , Billy, Keat Swee, Poh Choon and all our children must only communicate using good Malay otherwise they would be laugh at by the arrogant Malay kids.

Do you know that the we are also not allowed to have our own schools in this barbaric country. This is contrast to the US and UK where they do allow the Chinese education to proliferate and also get government fundings. We could only send our children to poor quality Sekolah  Kebangsaan that would only teach Islamic religion . You know no new Chinese schools are allowed to be opened in Malaysia. Our children are forced to  learn only Malay culture and Malay literature. Don't expect the stupid UMNOputras to  allow us to have have our own  universities and colleges . I believe your children in England and Canada are happily learning Chinese literature and Chinese language in Chinese universities in Ottawa and London. We bet the those western governments also provide financial support  through their overseas students' financial aids.  The stupid Bolehland government also has made it a ruling that all teachers teaching English must only be from the Malay race.Chinese teachers are not allowed to teach in the Malay schools.The Chinese schools are also not allowed to be given money. Money should only be given to Malay schools. It is even difficult to ask the government to exempt the Chinese schools from  paying quit rent.

Poor Malaysia Chinese businessmen

Did you realize that our Chinese brothers are also not allowed to expand their businesses. The minority government has made it difficult for our chinese brothers to set up their businesses. Our Chinese  brothers could not open their shops at Sungai Wang Plaza, Berjaya Times Square or any of the most popular shopping complexes in the country.  Moreover, only one or two of our Chinese brothers are given franchise licenses to distribute tyres, , Mcdonald burgers, Subway, Burger Kings, glasses, clothes,and  computers.The rest are all given to the stupid Malays. The government would only provide our Chinese brothers to do small businesses at the peripheral of the shopping complexes.How can we do business when most of the distributors are from the Malay community. The Malays control all the the big companies.  You know virtually  all the distributors of the products in Malaysia are controlled by the Malays.They all got support from the government. We got nothing. Another thing, these UMNOputras distributors sell the items they distribute at higher prices to the Chinese compared to their own community. How can we compete? Do you know how bad the Malays are.  How can our Chinese brothers make money and prosper in our businesses?

Dear brothers please don't forget us. Please tell the world of our sufferings. Please tell Obama, David Cameron, Baird,Gillard of our grave situations. You are our only hope. Lee Kuan Yew is just hopeless. Don't count on Najib Razak with his 1Malaysia plan. We could only rely on Anwar, our Tokong Lee Guan Eng, Azran Osman Rani, Kalimullah and Azmin.It's just a matter of time these charismatic and pragmatic people would be apprehended. Help us. SOS

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Why Chinese Voted Pakatan Rakyat/ Why Chinese reject UMNO

The 13th General Election has just ended. The result is clear . BN has won and Pakatan should accept the  result. They of course refuse to concede the defeat. I think this is Anwar Ibrahim's strategy to stay relevant as the icon and the so called savior  for the opposition especially the Chinese ardent supporters. Anwar is a shrewd political animal who would do anything to achieve his goal to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia.One of the the ramifications of the recent general election is what  Najib Razak Prime Minister of Malaysia called the 'Chinese Tsunami'. The Chinese en bloc have voted for the opposition in absolute terms. In most places in the states of Selangor and Penang the political parties in  BN got less than 5 % of the Chinese votes. This includes Chinese based parties like MCA and GERAKAN. Why did the Malaysian Chinese give their overwhelming votes to Pakatan Rakyat? This is my take on the Chinese  block  voting patterns.

An oppostion member's attitude
I feel that the Chinese believed that  they could "Ubah" or change the present government that has been  under UMNO via Barisan Nasional for more than 5 decades. They thought they got total support from the majority.They believed with the support of PAS (Islamic based party) who constitute millions of Malay supporters and the PKR (Justice party) where there are also large majority of Malays, they could wrestle Putrajaya. They thought everyone was in the bandwagon to go along with the 'UBAH' concept. They talked to practically everyone that they knew in the states of Selangor and Penang and that they only came across supporters of Pakatan. It was really difficult to find vociferous Barisan supporters in this election. Most of them were timid and inconspicuous.  The Barisan supporters were outnumbered and outclassed in those states . Because of this,their (the Chinese)  confidence level was at all time high of winning the election. But the silent majority (read the Malays) have proved them wrong. The Malays and other Bumiputeras did not buy the UBAH concept. They- the Chinese- can 'ubah' or change but not through the so called Malaysian Spring. It can only be done gradually with the consent of the Malays. "Ini kalilah" which is the opposition tagline did not materialize.

Ini kalilah-The Oppostion tagline

The Chinese were also swayed by the news and the strong support they got  from  the alternative media such as the Facebook, Twitter , Blogs and Instangram. This new media were swarmed by Pakatan supporters to the extent that a person who supported Barisan Nasional would be lynched virtually by the members of the DAP or the Red Bean Army and supporters of Pakatan in the cyber world. One good example was the case of Michelle Yeoh who was totally decimated by the supporters of DAP. She was targeted mercilessly because she supported Barisan Nasional.The Barisan Nasional so called cyber troopers if they were any  were totally defeated in the cyber warfare. They were outnumbered and outgunned and looked pretty disorganized.  They just could not answer back the barrage of accusations made by the DAP cyber troopers and opposition politicians.Any BN members who were against the opposition 'Ubah' concept were shot down in cold blood in the cyberwarfare. However, the Chinese  forgot that the traditional media also play an important role as the veterans or the rural Malays staying in the rural areas like Sabah and Sarawak  do not have Internet access that is  as good as those in the urban areas.They di not buy th econcept and they did not believe in the 'Ubah' notion-at least not in the near future. The outcome of the election was clear. Barisan Nasional won.

The Chinese were also taken a ride by Anwar Ibrahim. Anwar Ibrahim is a amazing charmer. Among the Chinese he would please the Chinese with promises and pledges that were sweet to them especially the ones related to the special rights accorded to the Malays in the Federal Constitution. He promised them equal rights in his attractive manifestos.With the Indians he would charm them with more sweet promises and more pledges that he would help the Indian community. In sarong and Baju Melayu and in typical Malay slang and accent Anwar Ibrahim reaffirms the Malay rights and the promise of better future for the Malay community. He is like a chameleon in the political world.The Chinese especially bought Anwar's promises. They were also tired of the perceived  piece meal support given by the Barisan Nasional. They forgot that the Chinese control the economy. They forgot that they have their Chinese vernacular schools and given billions of dollars to maintain Chinese education. They forgot that they have government funded Chinese universities and colleges. They forgot that Chinese students got 40% of the JPA scholarships. They virtually control the private education in the country. They forgot that thousands of the Chinese students got scholarships to study overseas.The Chinese also control most of the businesses in Malaysia. Most of the big bungalows and expensive homes in Malaysia  are actually owned by Malaysian Chinese. Their control of the business world is so comprehensive that I could not even  mention one piece of product that has a total Malay control. Do you believe it that even the items for "Persandingan"- a Malay wedding ceremony are sold by the Chinese. The Malays actually have nothing.

Young Malaysian Chinese
The Chinese also bought the idea by the DAP that the Malays got everything and the Chinese got nothing.  DAP managed to create so much of hatred towards the Malays and UMNO. The Chinese were brainwashed that the Chinese pay all the income taxes and the Malays pay nothing.They were also made to believe that the Malaysian Chinese were sidetracked and did not receive any help from the government  The young Chinese especially were indoctrinated by their parents and by their Chinese education that the Malays were stupid and the smart Chinese were refused help by the Barisan Nasional government  In this election , Najib stoop so low as to impress upon the Chinese that the government supported the Chinese but they just whacked him in the election.  Pity Najib or Ah jib Gor as he is known by his Chinese name was knocked out.The DAP  has made them believe that they got nothing and the Malays have everything. See how reality is perception based.

The government must make known to the Chinese voters that the' UBAH' concept does not work without the support of the Malays. Affirmative actions must not only continue but must be accelerated. Malays and Bumiputeras must be helped. The Chinese poor must also be helped. But the government support must be waned gradually. The Bumiputeras must be told that the help will not be run in perpetuity. There must be a time frame. Once reliable data shows that the Malays are strong economically then the 'UBAH' concept could be introduced. But "bukan kali ini". May be in 30 years time.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Neo Self Hating Malay Entity (NOshame)

It has been quite a while that I have  written in my blog-Salambangi. I think it is more that 3 months . Wow  it is really such a long time. I was writing too much about politics in the blog till I got a so tired of writing about it. Could it be a writer's block? Some of my political predictions in the blog  really happened but others just did not materialize.This is quite normal. We are human beings . I believe a  great majority of  Pakatan Rakyat members too were not happy too because they did not manage to wrestle Putrjaya from Barisan Nasonal and they are still not happy and are now busy planning more demonstrations. They are planning one more demonstration in Johor Baru. I will probably talk about this in my next coming blogs. But today, what I really want to write about is a group of Malays that I call The Neo Self Hating Malay Entity or the acronym NOshame. I have met so many of them . And I also have my friends who I would consider to be in this self hating group.Before I delve into what some them  have said or done , I would like to share with you some of the common attributes of these people.
Si Tanggang

One thing about the NOshame group of people is that they are very successful and super rich. Most of them drive expensive cars and sometimes that cost nothing less than half a million ringgit a piece. They drive the  latest BMWs, Lamborghinis,  Jaguars and Mercedes Benzes. However, I feel that  they don't overtly flaunt their wealth because the strong Malay culture is still in them. These people  never drive Protons for their daily drives like that of  Al Bukhahri. Moreover, they own  palatial homes in exclusive colonies in places like Country Heights, Damansara , Subang Jaya, Shah Alam and Bandar Baru Bangi. These people spend their holidays in  wonderful and fancy places like Venice,  Alaska, and Cordoba that ordinary Malays would not  afford to  go. The only problem regarding vacation  is that they don't have time to go for one and money is just not a problem at all. Most of them also  have good jobs working as CEOs of Multi -National Companies some of which are GLCs. Others are professional like lawyers, engineers and successful entrepreneurs. Some are part-time bloggers.

Another attribute  that I notice about them is their physical well being. These people really take care of their health which is  so unlike us . They are wafer thin and within the confine of BMI and most importantly  they also look handsome, well mannered,intelligent and have  really good physique. Girls and some bitchy women would just 'pounce' on them given the opportunity available.They don't just dive in their food and guzzle their drinks like we do- Like yours truly would have two pieces of roti canai with Dhall or Curry gravy to baste the rotis every morning at his favourite stall in Bandar Baru Bangi. These health conscious people would  consume only have 10-200 calories of food for breakfast which would include yogurt and fruits. I really think we need to emulate them in terms of the physical characteristics. These people don't really eat much.It helps them to look nice.

These people also look westernized in terms of how they run their  their life. I notice that most of them drink liquor . This is not to say that all of them are heavy drinkers but they do social drinking. Having wine  and beer is a typical act at social gatherings or at home. Most of them would keep this western habit to themselves. Unfortunately,  some of them don't have a tinge of guilt of consuming  the forbidden drink. I have also seen some who are quite religious but the number is so few.They are the exception.When welcoming friends ,some of them greet their guests like Americans do by giving a peck on the cheek regardless of the gender. For the women ,the color of their  hair would of course reflect the color of the hair of  a Mat Salleh but in a more subtle manner.

Another common characteristic of this group of self hating people is that they were sponsored by the BN  government to pursue their undergraduate  and post graduate studies overseas in the 70s, 80s  and 90s. This group of people were mostly sent to the United States and the United Kingdom , They studied in those countries for a number of years. Those years in those countries were the crucial years in terms of cognitive and spiritual development of the group members  They tend to  become more liberal and more westernized. I know a  male friend who studied at SIU and cohabiting with another Malaysian female in the 80s in an apartment is now the  CEO of a one of the big banks in Malaysia. One thing about the self hating group is that   they came from poor families  Some of them come from Pendang, Kedah, Pasir Tumboh Kelantan, Felda  Gedangsa Perak and many other rural places. Their families just could not afford afford to send them to study overseas. These people were sent there because of the New Economic policy initiated by the BN government.

Last but not least most of these people are also members of the opposition party like PAS, DAP or PKR. Just very few of them join the National Coalition. To them, its is not cool to be seen as part of the government.      To them UMNO is racist. To them UMNO is not relevant anymore.

So what have they done or said. Most people in this Noshame group  would breakaway from their social  and cultural roots. They don't like to be called UMNO Malays. To them Utusan Malaysia is  racist. The affirmative actions by the National Coalition to help the poor Malays are also considered as racist. They are just like like "Si Tanggang" - A story about a poor child who has become rich and famous but has forgotten his roots and has ignored  his mother who has helped and given so much love to him.. I believe the group of people who claim that Utusan is racist for protecting the Malays and the affirmative actions  are the real 'Si Tanggangs'. They truly benefited from the policy but now with wealth and power they have forgotten their roots and where they once belonged. They are now against the NEP. They are against policies that help the Bumiputeras and in which they were the products.Have they forgotten that there  are still thousands of poor Malays who need help to break away from the cycle of poverty and this Noshame group of people are depriving these poor Malays the chance to improve themselves economically . My first question to these people of rich 'Si Tanggangs' is that what have you done to help these poor Malays? Below is an email of a person who says that Utusan Malaysia's stance for asking " Apa Cina Mahu' is racist. (Yours truly thinks that he is NOT in the group) You decide whether this person should be in this Noshame group. Keep your decision to yourself.

May 14 (2 days ago)
to azran
I really feel so sad that you have claimed utusan malaysia as racist. Dont be arrogant azran. One day you will come begging to a malay govt to bail your co out. Your non malay friends are no where to be seen.

I hope it does not happen that way but god is great. I also hope you die as a malay muslim. My warm regards to you and your family

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Azran Osman-Rani
May 14 (2 days ago)
to me
Thank you for writing.

Apologies if I offended you. It was not my intention, nor was it to be arrogant. I felt I had to speak out because strong racial statements like they made can easily lead to another 13 May. That's what we should all avoid. As Malaysians, we need to stand behind the PM's One Malaysia platform.

It it were only me, why is it that the police are investigating the same Utusan article under the Sedition Act for inciting riots, and why are BN leaders, including UMNO Youth Head also speaking out against racial statements?


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