Monday, July 18, 2011


I've always been quite reluctant to delve into topics about Islam or things pertaining to Islam. It is not that I dare not discuss the topics in general but I felt that it should be left to people who are more qualified to talk about it. Nonetheless, there are new issues that people have been talking about . I'm talking about issues brought about by Pas or Parti Islam Semalaysia. I feel that Pas now has gone off tangent. What I mean is that it has gone out from the Islamic objectives of the party. The new things that PAS has brought about  especially recently have shown that the party is moving away from the objectives of establishing Islamic state in Malaysia. It looks like PAS is becoming more secular and more "pragmatic". I don't really like to use the word pragmatic but  it actually describes the party as it is now. Pas is becoming more UMNO like. It is moving towards the center. I believe that this is not quite right. Pas should maintain its main principles. These things are non-negotiable. You can never negotiate the principles of Islam. But it seems that , this is what PAS is doing. It is abandoning it principles to accommodate with other Non -Malays or Muslim parties

What irks me is that Pas would never bend its principles when negotiating with UMNO. It would always stick to its gun. The fact that PAS was willing to change it Islamic credence just to accommodate Non Malays or non Muslim parties is benyond my understanding. It is sad to see Tok Guru changing his principles just for political purposes.  It is  a known fact that non Muslims would never accept Malaysia being a theological based nation. Karpal would have said "Cross my dead body" Pas's notion that UMNO is less Muslim is also a bewilderment  How could you claim you are more Islamic than the others? Only fools would do that.

I really hope good sense will come back to PAS. I sincerely hope that the party can still stick to its original aim. I feel that its previous objectives of making Malaysia an Islamic state will be realized better if they continue talking with UMNO. I know that it is a very difficult task. But given our doa and our prayers   I hope that this is not  just a dream but something that is not beyond reach