Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Toyota Bangi (showroom/dealer) vs Honda Bangi (showroom / dealer)

Bandar Baru Bangi :Today is Wednesday 10th Sept 2013. Weather outside  is really nice devoid of the midday heat. Despite the nice weather people are just reluctant to go out. Last night , there was a slight drizzle in section 9 of the town. A while ago I just finished reading important documents and was pondering of buying a new car. I don't really know whether this is the right time to be doing that as the economy does not look really good (deficit is running high) and some unscrupulous people/ associations  (eg REHDA : Housing developers association) are taking advantage of the government's  fuel rationalization action to raise the price of houses in the country for another 10 %. One nice thing is that the price of cars are going down slightly and that  really motivates me to consider trading in my still mint condition Accord. I've not made a final decision whether to buy the new 2013 Accord or the quite recently introduced Toyota Camry. What I want to do today  is relate my experience of visiting those two dealerships in Bandar Baru Bangi.
Honda Accord 2013

1. Place/ showroom : I visited Honda showroom which is not far from section 9 of the town. It is also at the junction between section 9 and Bangi Industrial Estate. The showroom is really impressive in terms of it design and location. The building is mostly covered with  glass and thus giving the impression of a bigger premise. It is also easy to reach the  showroom. One thing nice about the place is that it also has a service center and a small cafe that serves some light refreshments. The showroom has most of the latest Honda cars on display including the 2013 model Honda Accord with its Teutonic design. From the balcony of the Honda showroom I could see clearly see my house nearby. The Toyota small showroom is however at section 7 of the town. The showroom is actually a shop-lot that can accommodate 2 cars only. When I was there they could only display a Toyota Innova and  a Corolla. I was looking for a Camry and was told that it is stored  in a storage  area somewhere in Bangi. Thus, I was really disappointed. Honda Bangi dealership wins here hands down.

2. Salesman / Sales Executive : When I visited the Toyota showroom not long ago , A Malay salesman greeted me as we bumped into each other at the door of the dealership. I however was directed to another Chinese salesman who was taking a nap at the far end of the showroom . The first salesman could not take me as a customer because it was not his turn. There were 2 other salesmen and a saleswoman lazily sitting behind the counter waiting for customers. They too look tired and sleepy.Sorry to all of  them looked so demotivated .  They also did not demonstrate eagerness as a salesman to sell off their Toyotas. The situation is very depressing . I got up immediately and left . But I  reminded them of the importance of being customer friedly before  left. When I was at the Honda dealer, the salesmen there looked really good and they were really eager to show me their products. In fact one was greeting me at the entrace A Malay salesgirl also invited me to test drive the latest model Accord after some explanation of the product . She was reasonably good at explaining the technical aspects of the car to me. I have to say  that I was really impressed by the Bangi Honda dealership. Honda wins in terms of the quality of the salesmen.

Honda Bangi : Global Amity
3. Attitude :  The attitude of the people at Honda is really good. They didn't really pressure you to buy their products and they really  hi lighted the good things about Honda cars. They immediately let me test drive their cars to prove that they  are really good cars. When I was at Toyota the salesman I was led to said that he would only arrange for me to test drive if I could  confirm my booking. Why I would wan to test drive If I  have already decided to buy the car in the first place. The attitude of the Bangi Toyota was very unwelcoming. These are not salesmen but clerks ready to enter data into the order logbook . It is clear that the people at Bangi Honda is positive and very welcoming attitude.
Boring design Camry

4. Products. I think the products produced by Honda and Toyota are good and durable. I drive the Accord for 6 years and my car is still as good as new. Only once that I had to change the bearings of the wheels of the car. My other half also drives a very economical Civic for 5 years and the solidity of the car could still be felt.I  also used to own a Toyota too and I drove my trouble free Corolla for 13 years before buying a Proton. However, in terms of the car that I wanted to buy , I really think that the new 2013 Accord is a good looker. It looks like an executive car imported from Germany. The Camry however is too squarish and looks like a fridge. It is a draw here. Both companies have really good products. The service provided makes the difference

I still have not decided yet as to which car I would buy but I believe you can guess from this blog which car will sit under my car porch. I guess UMW Toyota must really improve their car selling strategies.They need good and customer friendly salesmen They really have to train their people and be more customer friendly. If they maintained their 'cold' Russian like attitude and outdated  selling strategies they will lose a lot more customers. Hi Honda . "Koniciwa "Long time no see (Honda : The power of dreams)

Monday, September 9, 2013

House for sale Bangi / House for rent Bangi / House prices in Bangi Malaysia/ High prices of houses in Bangi

Yesterday afternoon while having a nice cup  tea with my good friends and neighbors  in the booming Bandar Baru Bangi town , one of them was lamenting that the price  of affordable  houses in Bandar Baru Bangi has gone skyrocketing beyond the reach of most Malaysians. He gave the example of a friend of his who just bought   a basic (not renovated) terrace  house in strategically located  section 9 ( D' Cempaka) of Bangi  at 650 K. He was not  not talking about a semi detached house but just an  intermediate 20 X 70   lot. I remember the terrace houses in the area were  originally sold at 340 K. That is almost 100 % rise in just 4 years. Section 9 is a quiet and naturally gated area nestled  in the middle of Bandar Baru  Bangi town. The prices of houses in the area have have actually gone crazy. I believe the government must do something drastic to stem the the perpetual and s artificial increase of the price of houses in the country.
Stop the housing speculators thru RPGT

1.  I strongly believe that the government must resist the pressure from the unscrupulous housing developers  (REHDA) who are pressuring the government to increase  the amount of housing loans that a government servants can take. These developers are money making machines who have no qualms about  sucking every penny from the people's coffer. They will increase the price of the house according to the loan given  than truly based on the cost of the house plus their profits. This group of people just don't give a dam  about  sucking the blood of the hard working Malaysians. They would just stash their money overseas and would buy houses in London or Singapore. Maximizing their profit is their maxim. I would even suggest that the government lower the amount of loan that government employees could take. I believe this will result in the price of houses coming down. 

Malaysians need affordable homes
2. The government should play a more active role in monitoring the price of houses in Malaysia and take concrete actions such as providing land at special prices to the developers so that they can build more affordable homes for the middle low and middle income groups. The price should not exceed RM 200 K. These houses however should not be a pigeon hole size  but a reasonably comfortable homes with at least 3 bedroom and minimum area of 1000 sq ft. 

3. The government should also stop unscrupulous people from buying and speculating prices of the affordable homes. They have to come up with regulations  that would allow only married couples who earn less than RN 5,000 and buying their first house. Those who already own homes should not be allowed to buy another house until the economy has cooled down. Otherwise the bubble would just burst and that will bring down th economy as well, as what happened with the sub-prime rate in the United States. They should also increase the tax rate for Real Property Gain Tax (RPGT) and punish those who dabble with hot properties
Crazy prices of houses in Malaysia

4. The government must also ensure that the distribution of affordable homes must be open and accountable, We don't want a situation whereby most of these homes would only go too the people who support the ruling party and minus other Malaysians. Most of them (cronies) have already a number of houses and these new home should be given to the deserving ones without any discrimination. Buying a home is not a luxury but a necessity. Each one of us is entitled to a house in this country that we love.

I really hope the prices of houses in Malaysia will come down drastically I also hope that my children who are just coming up own their  are able to buy their own houses  house in the Bangi area. Nothing much that the parents would ask for other than to be closer to their children  in their olden days.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Malaysia still a third world country/ Malaysia 2020 vision / Malaysia a developing country

According to our ' beloved' former Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad, we should become a developed country come 2020. That is just 7 years from now. Hey! That's not far off and it's just round the corner. We are actually at the edge of being considered a first world country joining the ranks of othernations like Japan, Korea, Switzerland, and Germany among others ( I don't consider Singapore as a proper country due to it's size and population. It's more of a city state- a red dot in the sea of the Malays archipelago). Let's just celebrate from now as we have all the attributes of a first world country like our awesome KLIA, iconic Petronas Towers, excellent dual carriage North-South highways, world class education infrastructures and facilities, professional and educated workforce, top 20 trading nation, very professional army,and a very open and competitive economy. Well the list goes on and on. The reality is that we are still a third world country. Until we we improve by a wide margin the shortcomings below , there is no way that we could join the first world club. 
Dirty public toilet

1. Our public toilets are still dirty even the paid ones at shopping complexes. Any where you go in the country our toilets are in dilapidated and extremely dirty  condition. Most of the time, these toilets  cannot be used. Even in reasonably good 4 star malls , our toilets are still not very clean (Toilets at Jusco stores are slightly better). Even the toilets at the KLIA are  not squeaky clean as to be expected of a highly rated airport. I think the standard of cleanliness used at the airport an other places is still measured by the standard of the cleaner who comes from a south Asian nation  and the supervisor is also from that region, known to have a open concept toilet. ( This is not to say that their toilets are not clean). I also think the biggest culprits are the users who have a very bad habit of not flushing  after using the public toilet. Our apathy towards cleanliness is just disgraceful. I think public toilets in Thailand and the Philippines are in much better condition than those found in this fast developing country. It is very depressing. While in Tijuana Mexico on vacation , I also found the public toilets there were spic and span.When in Japan visiting an area near Tokyo Disneyland , I was impressed by the cleanliness of the public toilets there despite being used by thousands of people. It must be the toilet training and education. Malaysians have to be trained how to use the toilet. Don't expect  Malaysia to be in the first league if we can even clean our toilets.
Reckless driving?

2. Another weakness is our bad driving attitude. Sad to say that Malaysian are known world wide to be very aggressive drivers . How can Malaysia be considered as a first world country , when we have really bad attitude when it comes to driving. Rich and poor Malaysians drive  recklessly. They all drive their Bentleys and Kancils like crazy. We hogged the middle lane of the highway. We changed lane dangerously,We drive cars like jack rabbits. I have seen Kelisas and Kancils being driven in the access of   at 110 mph. We never give way (yield) and slow down at the roundabout. We also like to tailgating extremely close at 120 MPH.Where else can you find cars driven by uncles and 'pakciks' trailing passing ambulances so close to beat the  the traffic jam and cutting queses. Moreover, they  would never drive to the curb to give way to the ambulance to pass through. In England , once I saw a car go over  a reasonably high curb to let the ambulance passed through when  there was ample space to begin with. This is the right attitude of a of first world country. Sorry Malaysians , please change you driving habits first. We are still a backward country.

3. Another thing that I feel shows that we are not a first country is the bountiful facilities and too much  respect that we give to ourVIPs. These privileged people are supposed to serve us and not the other way round. Foreigners can see that the minute they touch down at KLIA. There will see a number of facilities that are provided at the airport. I'm not talking about the paid facilities (We don't give a hoot about that)  but the ones given to the politicians and high ranking government servants. Do you know why politicians refuse to let the young ones serve or replace them?  Or  that the KSUs or Ketua Setiausahas refusing  to retire (tenure is extended a number of times after retirement)? We'll  they get so much benefits and respect. Even tissue papers in their meeting rooms are of the Royal Quality and the flowers are real and not the plastic ones that we have at our homes. These people travel first class and can go wherever and whenever they want. On top of that they will be conferred Datukships and even Tan Sriships. Dont believe me you just look at all the middlke ranking police officers, virtually all of them are Datuks or Datos. I believe once there is less of the VIP treatment then I believe we could be part of the top rank nations. In a developed country, the people are the focus.
Lack of freedom and choice?

4. Last but not least is the lack of freedom and choice in this country. We are still in the the third world tier because we lack the utmost degree of freedom. We cant even question the leaders or our  politicians. Any perceived negative comments are treated as questioning the leadership. The newspapers are controlled by the ruling party or their owners associated with the government. Most of the news are controlled. No news or news blackout on the dirty things done by the top rank politicians or government officials. Sometimes or most of the time the politicians decide the agenda of the newspapers. Until there is check and balance , there is no way that we could became a developed country.

I really hope that , Malaysia can become a develop country as envisioned by Dr Mahathir. I don't think we would be able to achieve that in 2020. The numbers for a develop country might be there soon but the essence of a developed country is still too far. At the moment let's just be happy to be lumped together with other third world countries. We are not that different from Zimbabwe, Iran, Kazakhstan or  Myanmar .

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mahathir vs Abdullah Badawi vs Najib

Mahathir, Abdullah and Najib are the former and the current prime ministers  of Malaysia. Mahathir held the premiership for more than 22 years, Badawi for less than 6 years and Najib the present PM has held the post (since 2009) for a number of years and has got the mandate in the recent 13th general election. Today, I would like to compare these leaders in terms of 8 attributes namely -1) Intelligence 2) Malayness 3) Honesty 4) Ability to inspire 5) Creativity 6) Confidence 7) Charisma and 8) Sense of humor. The maximum point for each criterion is 5 marks and the total weighting is 40 marks. The marks given are based on my perception of the leaders based on my reality and perception with no detailed info about them be it good or bad. The perception is based on a layman's  perception with no linked to any party or the person. 
The dictator-Mahathir

1. Intelligence. 
I believe all three leaders are intelligent and cunning. Otherwise, they would not have become minister of Malaysia. Mahathir graduated with a medical degree from Univ. Of Malaya in Singapore. Ahmad Badawi in Islamic Studies from UM and Najib in Economics from Nottingham University UK I think the less brilliant is Abdullah Badawi because he's not a medical graduate but only nurtured with Islamic background. It's not easy to get into medical school in Malaysia especially with its rigorous training. I would give Mahathir 4.75 for intelligence. Najib 3.5 and Abdullah Badawi 2.0/5. Najib too does not look intelligent. He's more of a crowd pleaser and a populist. He is not as witty or cunning  as Mahathir in putting forward his views and ideas. He depends on his international advisers too much unlike Mahathir. Pak Lah on the other hand  lacks the skill altogether. Pak Lah would just keep quiet without defending himself when barraged with negative comments made by Mahathir. Pity Pak Lah. He does not have the courage and intelligence to run a country but would have been a good choice as a chairman of a foundation.

2. Malayness

Mahathir is the Hang Jebat (a rebellious gladiator) of the modern version. He is a true Malay 'pahlawan' or warrior in any possible sense. He is the great defender of the Malay axis and I wont hesitate to place my bet on him to guarantee the continuation of Malay tradition and supremacy. I would give him 4.5 for Malayness although he's more of a mamak ( Indian Muslim lineage). He is in fact  more Malay than others self proclaim Muslim Malays. Najib is a total contrast to Mahathir, he's more British than Malay. I heard that he was taught Malay by a Bahasa Melayu teacher when he was young. He nevertheless tries to project his strong Malaysness to the public. I would question his credibility as a good Malay leader. A good indicator of Najib's  lack of strong Malaysness is to look at his brother's (Jack) attitude towards the concept of Malay supremacy, which is almost zero. I would give Najib 1.5/5 for this. I hope he would not be the prime minister of Malaysia for long. Abdullah Badawi would score much higher than Najib (2.5/5) under this ability although he  tried to project more Islamic credentials than one based on race .
 Najib with western ideas and concepts 

3. Honesty 

This is the attribute that none of them would be able to score more than 3.0/5. Of all the three leaders, the worst is Abdullah Badawi. He had projected the image of Mr. Clean but has none of that. His administration was beset with lots financial problems and 'irregularities'. His image as a good leader was ravaged by the opportunistic Mr. KJ who ' manhandled'  some of the loot but a filial son (I heard he's building an expensive house for his mom in Damansara area). His inefficiency in  administration is also aggravated by his sleeping disorder. Pak Lah deserves only 1.0/5. The second worst is Najib. His administration looks so artificial and book like administration with millions spent on image consultancy. However, his image is still practically not good. I believe the PR thing works more in the US than in Malaysia. Malaysians spread bad news faster than Al Jazeera or CNN. His mediocre and populist image is made worst by dominant Rosmah who seems to enjoy expensive taste and classy ambiance. Najib is a classic example of a crowd pleaser with no strong principles. Sorry Najib. I would give you 1.2/5. Mahathir who was called a despot and sometimes a dictator  by Chinese DAP members is the most honest compared to the other two. He never gave millions to his brothers and sisters. His family members in Sungai Petani and Alor Star are not rich and they lead a simple life. Despite some perceived honesty,  he would get only 3.0/5 for the honesty trait.

4. Ability to inspire

Najib tries very hard to be an inclusive leader that could inspire Malaysians with his 1 Malaysia concept. His concept of inclusiveness just does not achieve his target.  The millions spent for this image building fails miserably. He does not lead by example. He does not have that X factor to 'wow' the people. He instead uses image makers to transform him thru image making. He is a leader  without the substance and does not quite inspire the people. The ability to lead and to inspire comes from the person and not just from the image projected. He deserves only 2.0/5.  The worst here is Pak Lah. He is a total failure using this indicator. He had a good start but later it just fizzled out. No projects were proposed or built by him. His Islamic background was not used to good effect. His so called Mr Clean also did not inspire people to be motivated by him. He gets only 1.0/5. The champion here is none other then Dr. Mahathir. As the PM , he managed to persuade people to embrace his 2020 vision.  Malaysians were hooked by his charm and sincerity. He also has more brains to lead Malaysia compare to the other two. He was not only  the CEO of Malaysia but a true leader that could take the country to the next level. He is like Park Chung Hee of  Korea or Half of Mao Tze Tung. I would give his 5/5 for this attribute.

Napping Pak Lah , the goner

5. Creativity

I don't know whether this  is a good attribute to lead a nation. I think Najib is reasonably creative person in coming up with solutions to run the country. He has a number of programmes like ETP,GTP, Pemandu , and lots of other blueprints until Malaysians got confused. I think he deserved 2.5/5 for this ability. The best is still Mahathir. Mahathir is really creative in coming up with solutions (4.0/5). I think the better word is his unorthodox style. He managed to save the country from ruin  by using capital control. He even asked the people to withdraw  EPF money to get them to spend to support the country  when there was a deep recession. He promoted the buy British last doctrine.  He built the iconic Petronas towers. He brought in the most viewed TV show on earth, the F1 race. He got the private sector to develop the country. He maintained Malaysian growth rates until he was stopped by Abdullah Badawi. Pak Lah is the least creative or more of a dismantler. He dismantled the so called 'mega' things that were proposed by Mahathir. How could you stopped a youngster from eating a lot?. Malaysia was really galloping to the next level of development until it was slowed down by Mr. Clean. Creativity or the absence of it goes with Pak Lah. He gets only 0.5/5  for this attribute.

6. Confidence

They all have confidence . Mahathir is however the master here. Mahathir should get 4.5/5 in terms of this ability. His confidence level could been seen by the way he responded to naughty questions asked by foreign journalists. His confidence is also reflected by the numbers of years he ruled Malaysia. Najib too is quite confident . He probably got this trait because of his western upbringing unlike Mahathir and Abdullah. Najib  should get 3.5/5 for confidence level. Pak Lah on the other hand is not very confident or probably trying to be a polite politician. It did not work out. You cannot be a polite prime minister. You must be strong He just does nothave the courage to  argue back to support or defend his position. Pak Lah deserves only 3.5/5 for this ability.

7. Charisma

Charisma is one attribute that is so difficult to attain. Of the three, Mahathir has lots of it. He's a very charismatic leader not only in Malaysia but also in the Asean region and the Muslim world. Westerners of course do not like him that much. There are now some Malaysian Chinese DAP members trying to question his contribution in nation building. Mahathir is the one to follow here based on this attribute. I would give him 5/5 for the criterion. The other two do not even come close. Abdullah Badawi does not have it. He deserves only 0.5/5 for this trait. Najib probably gets 1/5. Clearly Mahathir is the winner here. There's something of an aura if you look at Mahathir. He still wields considerable influence in the running of the country . And the beautiful thing is that people still listen to his advice. Even Najib dares not challenge or even question Mahathir. He can even bring down Najib using is Che Det blog.l His advice might turn into an edict once he dislikes a person. Even at the age of almost 90 Islamic world still invites the old man to give advice. This clearly shows that Mahathir is a very charismatic person. Badawi on the other hand has turned oblivion. Najib gets his some charismatic rays courtesy of the power that he has. Once that is gone, the person also goes deep south.

8. Sense of Humour

None in this group posses the real sense of humour. Mahathir (3.5/5) despite his gentle personality hides a very heinous monster who would just destroy his nemesis. He is the 'mamak' type who will show no mercy. But you will be surprised by how good his 'sense of humuor' is in executing his enemies in oral discourses particularly at news briefings. Najib (2.0/5) too lacks this attribute but he tries hard to show that he is not a devil. Abdullah Badawi (1.0/5)  is a wolf in sheep's clothing. He will change clothes to suit his approach. You cant have this attribute in Malaysia. It just does not work here. It might work in the States but not in this country. What we need  is a strong leader who is benevolent. A too democratic leader is seen as ineffective and weak. A sleeper just needs to be kicked out. Mahathir has the slight advantage with regard to this trait.

Based on the criteria that I have listed above it is clear that Mahathir scores the most number of points. The distant second is Najib who is just slightly better that Abdullah. The third candidate is just a goner. He cant even be mentioned in any remembrance occasion. He just does not deserve to be mentioned. He led Malaysia to nowhere. Mahathir , however, has done his bit. He has transformed Malaysia into a regional powerhouse. Now Malaysia is left with Najib. But I believe his future is uncertain. His power is now overshadowed by his deputy. One reason is his inability to be a strong Malay leader. My prediction is that Najib will not last as long as Mahathir. I believe a  stronger leader will emerge not too far distant.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Best restoran Bangi/ Top restaurant Bangi/ Tempat Makan best Bangi/ Kueh Melayu

There are a number of eating spots in Bandar Baru Bangi but most of them are rather mediocre  restaurants that tend to charge the customers a lot of money. Although there lots of places to dine in Bangi,  I still have no idea where to go to to have fill my stomach as I have been to most of them. My wife who has passed the 5 series mark (but still denying it) is not keen to warm the pot. This is due to the fact that our children have left the nest and there are just the two of us in a reasonably big house. Anyway with our tummies shrinking with age , we are not keen on eating too much. What we would rather have is nice simple and tasty snack or dishes. You know I do have a number of places that I would take my family or myself out to have some nice snacks and Malay kueh. Below some of the nicest and reasonably good eating  spots (restaurant and stalls)  in and around Bangi.

Umai Putrajaya Malay delicacies
1. The top/best restaurant or eating place goes to Restoran Umai Putrajaya. (Service 4.5/5; Food 4.5/5; Cleanliness 4.5; Price 4.5/5) The restaurant is not very far from the Masjid Besi Putrjaya. The exact place is at Bangunan Anjung Alaf Baru ( The New Millennium Monument) . The restaurant offers a number of Western , Thai and Malay dishes but it is actually the best place to have Malay appetizers or dishes. Please do not go there to have Thai dishes such as Tom Yam or Daging Merah or Nasi Goreng. At the diner, it is best to have the intricate and quite good  Roti Jala (RM2-3) with very tasty chicken gravy. Laksa Kedah (Rm 5.50) with spicy and immersed with all the condiments tastes better than the famous Laksa Kuala Kedah or Laksa Telok Kecai. But of course the best Laksa is still  the one at Kuala Perlis served with its aromatic and thick sourish fish gravy. Please also order the crispy Cucur udang (RM 3) that comes together with thick and spicy hard to get Kuah Kacang and Kuah. Cili. They also serve not too sweet Cucur kodok (RM 2.50). The best thing is that they serve most of the dishes still hot off the oven. Whenever I am there, I would also order Mee Rebus Umai (Rm 5.50) which I think is among the best in the area. Service is efficient and one of the best among Malay restaurateurs. Cleanliness quite good although on one occasion I saw a "rodent" making a fast crossing at the beam of the building.

Murtabak Raja UNITEN
2. The second place in Bangi and surrounding areas to have Kueh or something light  is the area next to UNITEN near the small roundabout not far from the Uniten flyover (Service 2/5; Food 4./5; Cleanliness 2/5; Price 4.0/5). It is not a food-court but a parking area for Uniten students.The place has a number of stalls selling kueh, rojak, bihun sup, nasi daging, Ayam goreng etc. I would go there to buy Murtabak Raja or quite a king size murtabak (Rm 4-5). When the murtabak is still hot it is  really fluffy and pliant like a dunlopillo mattress except that it is a tad smaller. I think it's really value for  money considering that murtabaks nowadays cost between (Rm 2-3). The place there is also famous for kueh bakar which sells for Rm 3. The kueh bakar tastes really good as it is not too sweet or too thick with flour. I think the seller uses a fair amount of eggs for the kueh which results in very light and delectable snack.The place is also a nice place to have Rojak mamak or the kedahans would called it Pasembur. With any pasembur, the gravy must be good. I think the gravy there is reasonably good although it is not in the same class as the Pulau Pinang pasembur Pulau .
Karipap Sungai Besi

3. Another surprise place to get your kueh or light snacks  near  Bangi  area is the area near  Bandar Sungai Besi. The area is now being redeveloped by the DBKL as it is under its jurisdiction. On the way back from KL to Bangi I would always stop at the Sungai Besi area especially the one  near the Sungai Besi police station to buy  the best karipap ever. The karipap Sungai Besi (Rm 0.50)  is (Service 2.5/5; Food 4.0/5; Cleanliness 2/5; Price 3.0/5) served hot from the wok all the time. Most of the time, I would have the karipad at the  stall itself for RM 2.00. The karipap seller has his movable stall in front of a mamak stall. The seller has been selling karipap there for more than 20 years. The ingredients (inti) of the karipap is simple yet delicious as it is not too dry and the pastry is not that thick and soft. I can easily have 5 karipaps at one go. The karipap goes along well with sweet teh tarik.

So those are the nice spotsor eating places  in Bangi and the surrounding areas to have your Malay kueh and snacks. Bangi is an urban area that is devoid nice places to have good Malays kueh and dishes. I hope with this information, Bangi people would be able to enjoy some nice Malay appetizers and kueh. Pl go and try at these places.