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Car wash Bangi

Car wash Bangi

I own two cars , a reasonably  big bike and a kapcai. I usually drive the  Honda Accord and my other half drives the Civic. The big bike a blue Kawasaki is a parked under my car porch waiting to be ridden. My son is now the main rider for the motorcycle. I seldom ride the bike. Only occasionally when I feel tired of driving my car that I would take my Kawasaki out for a short ride. Even that is now  a rarely made trip because of my back problem.My "kapcai", a black Yamaha Nouvo, is reserved for my trip to the masjid which is not very far from my house  and an occasional trip to get a kilo of santan or other things at the wet market. Despite having a number of transports, I am just lazy to wash them. Most of the time my rides are mostly blanketed by dusts and spotted by road tars. Whenever I wash my cars, I would go to any of  these car wash centers.

I think the best place to wash a car in Bangi and Kajang area is the one at Petronas station which is on the way to Kajang town. The owner of the car wash is an Indian from India that I have known for at least 8 years. He's not just the owner of the car wash as he makes sure that the cars that they wash are cleaned thoroughly. I also notice that that Indian guy is an honest chap making a good living in Malaysia. He seems to be very happy working in Malaysia and has been saving lots of money to get married and open up a grocery store in India. He has never let me down n terms of the cleanliness of the car that he washes. I would give the car wash center 8/10 for cleanliness , 8/10 efficiency and 8/10 safety and 9/10 for honesty. The guy would always return whatever money that he found scattered in my car. He also passed with flying color the honesty test that I administered  without his knowledge. One problem with the car wash is that they would just blast the place with  Tamil songs. The workers there would really clean your car and at the same time enjoying the Indian songs. So if you love Tamil songs and would want a clean car I suggest that you go to that car wash center.
Kawasaki ZZR
The second best place to wash your car in Bangi is at the area not far from Hitachi plant and next to Cendol Bangi. The place is also a car storage facility with a number of makes such as Protons and Nissans. One good thing about washing the car there is that you can actually have your lunch while waiting. I mean the place is just next to a famous spot to have rojak and cendol. I would give the car wash center 8/10 for cleanliness , 8/10 efficiency and 8/10 safety  and 7/10 for honesty. One good thing washing at the place is that the songs are mostly Malay songs with some Indonesian selections in between. Customers also would not have to wait that long to get their cars washed. The most they would have to wait is around 40 minutes. The quality of their washing is reasonably good. 

The third best to get your car washed is the Chinese Tokong car wash. If you are from Bandar Baru Bangi you have to go up to Kajang where you see a Chinese temple on your right. The car wash is opposite a furniture shop. The car wash is quite OK but not as good as the quality maintained by the two other car wash centers. The owner of this car wash has changed hands many times. The latest is owned by a Bangladeshi. The Bangladeshi it seems works also as a an air conditioner installer. When he is not washing the cars he would go to houses around Bangi areas to install air conditioning  units. I would give 7/10 for cleanliness , 7/10 efficiency and 7/10 safety  and 7/10 for honesty. The main problem with the car wash is that none of the workers there are able to drive a car . So when your car needs to be vacuumed you would just have to move your car  on your own. I am the type that is so lazy top do that. I really need the people at the car wash to do all the things including moving the car in between the wash. 

So guys these are the three best places to get your car washed in Bangi. There are some other places to wash your car  but I believe that these are some of the good ones. Please remove your valuable belongings in your car despite my recommendations. Having said all those things , I think the best thing to do is to actually wash your car yourself. You need the exercise. It's good for you. But I am just to lazy to do that.

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