Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mee Goreng mamak / Rojak / Cendol / Laksa in Bangi.

Cendol Bangi

One of the things I hate about Bangi area it that it's too organized in most of the things particularly in it's zoning and urban planning. The situation is Bangi is along the line of Singapore although not strictly That is why I don't like going to Singapore. Everything is so planned. Everything is decided by the big brother. You just cant have a bit of irregularities, weirdness,  out of the norm, and off tangent . Compared to Singapore , I feel that Hong Kong is very much better place to stay. I don't mind being sent to that city state for a long sabbatical leave. The same applies to food. The eating places in Bangi too are all too organized and the restaurants there  sell the same tired old things. Nothing fancy and  everything expensive.

It is just difficult to get some simple, nice and inexpensive dishes like   nasi lemak in Bangi. You need to go to a restaurant to be served on a beautiful plate and then garnished with all sort of condiments until the price would just sky rocket and at the end will be more expensive than McDonald's Big Mac. What I want is just a 50 sen nasi lemak with some ikan bilis with a small slice of an egg and a piece or two of cucumbers.  I also want to have mee goreng mamak   along the corridor of a Chinese bank or a building with some lazy street lights. Nothing fancy but a reasonably clean alley with some lighting that you know what you are eating.But you cant find some thing like this in Bangi. My hometown, Sungai Petani , has some many stalls of that nature. You can just go anywhere in the town and enjoy light snacks especially in the evening after your Maghrib prayers.
Mee goreng mamak at Hitachi

But in Bangi I'm happy to say that there are 2-3 spots that you can have something light under a tree. I am talking about having rojak or mee goreng at a stall under a shade . The stalls also serve cendol. But the only thing is that you have to have them  for lunch.  One of the best stalls that serves mee goreng is the one in front of Hitachi factory not very far from the Warta shopping center. The spot also serves a very nice cendol that cost RM 1.50 . The mamak has been selling his mee goreng and rojak for so many years. He started selling it in front of the Petronas gas station in section 1 until moving to the present location. The mee goreng costs RM 3.50. Rojak also costs tha same.The Mee goreng used to be served with sotong kering as an option but this practice was stopped when the price of dried sotong skyrocketed. The mee goreng is really delicious and full of kueh and tauhu. The trick to ordering is to wait until there's no other customers around. Then the kuali is just for your succulent mee goreng.
Section 4 Cendol

Another area that you can have cendol is in section 4 Tambahan near Tepian Bangi restaurant. The place is self served and you need to go to the van and order your mee goreng or cendol. They also sell ABC. The rojak at section 4  is better than the one sold in front of Hitachi.  The cendol at both places however are good. The one sold at Hitachi is operated by an Indian from India who has been selling the cendol for mare than 1o years. Despite being an Indian from India , he's a very nice chap. And he worked fast too. He would just prepare your cendol in less than 30 seconds. Please be warned that the prices of the dishes are slightly more expensive in Section 4.

So there you go. These are some the spots that you can have a nice rojak or mee goreng and a bowl of cendol under a tree. The prices of the items are still reasonable and the best part of it is that you can enjoy your food under a very shady tree with a nice breeze included. nI really hope we can have more eating spots like this in Bangi. I really hope that someone would take the initiative to sell nasi lemak 24/7 under a tree in Bangi. Happy food hunting to everyone


Haikal said...

hi, do you know the off day of the hitachi one? is he open on fridays?

Salam Bangi said...

Tutup on Saturdays