Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gay Johor Minister

This is quite a hot news from Johor. It seems that Johor is now the center of attention. The attention now is on a minister in Najib's administration. It is reported that  the wife of this minister is very pretty but alas he's not interested in the sexy feminine body . He's more into young boys - Twenty something year old boys.

Wow! It seems like being gay is a very normal thing to do. First, we have Anwar Ibrahim  1. At present we are witnessing Anwar Ibrahim sodomy II.. The evidence is getting more convincing. Karpal Singh is scratching is head up and down to figure out on not guilty charges based on technicalities.

But what worries me is not so much of the minister or ex minister but actually our young children. I think one of the causes of this gay thing has really got to do with the boarding school syndrome. I bet these two ministers were at a boarding school. I believe they got their training or exposure while studying in this type of school. I even heard that ASIS school or Sekolah Menengah Sains Alam Shah at Cheras practise some sort of this nonsensical culture. They call it Toron which is more of physically abusing the body of a junior as a form of initiation at the school. This culture among by the students must be stopped. The school administration must take this thing seriously. We do not want our children who are the potential leaders of Malaysia to practise this weird culture. I believe this culture is the direct cause of sodomy and gay practices in Malaysia

Our Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyuddin Yassin who is also the Minister of Eduction need to stem out this hedonistic practice that is not inline with our Asian values  and Islamic culture and tradition. The inability of get rid may  result is a weak Malaysia.