Saturday, August 25, 2012

Best restaurants Bandar Baru Bangi

Bandar Baru Bangi is now becoming a food haven with new restaurants mushrooming everywhere in the suburb of KL. The buying power of the Malays in the area is probably second to none in the state of Selangor. You can find Arabic, Japanese, Javanese, Korean and  Chinese restaurants in this academic town. Today, I would like to share with you a number of top family restaurants in the town. I've lived in Bandar Baru Bangi for more than 28 years and I have seen restaurants come and go.
Popia Taiping

My number 1 family restaurant (4 star for Value for Money, 4.5 Star for Cleanliness, 4 Star for Food and 4 Star for Service) in terms of value for money and tastiness of food would have to go to kopitiam concept NUIN restaurant in Section 9 of Bandar Baru Bangi. The eating place specializes in Perak dishes selling from Popia  Taiping to Mee kari , Nasi lemak  and lots of other dishes.The restaurant is near the Bangi Grand mosque and adjacent to AL Ikhsan footwear outlet. Whenever I go to the restaurant I would order either Laksa Perak or Mee Rebus. The laksa (RM 5.90) is reasonably delicious with its thick smooth gravy made from fresh fish instead of canned sardines. The nice thing about the laksa is that they use more of laksa bihun rather than the thick ordinary machine made slimy  laksa. Make sure that you ask for more of half cut" limau" to enhance the sourness of the laksa. Another nice finger food is the delicious Popia Taiping ( RM 1.90 for two pieces). The popia is brushed and spread  with a thick sweet gravy that I was told takes at least 9 hours to cook.The popia should be had with vanilla tasting Kopi Atok (RM 2.50)  or real strong kampung style Kopi Bujang (RM 2.00).The former is just nice in terms of it sweetness and the bitterness of the very additive caffeine.If you are really hungry and really need to have a heavy breakfast packed with calories there is the fluffy nasi lemak (RM 5.50) that comes with a small portion of "sambal sotong" . 
Nasi Ayam Italees

The next best family restaurant in Bandar Baru Bangi is Italees restauran( 3 .5 star for Value for Money, 4.0 Star for Cleanliness, 4 Star for Food and 3 Star for Service) in Section 9 of the town. The place is situated next to Chinese Muslim restaurant Mohd Chan Abdullah. The best dish to have at that restaurant is the very mild tasting Nasi Ayam Hainan RM 6.00. The nasi Ayam is probably the best nasi Ayam prepared by a Malay served with a very spicy garlic based sambal. The restaurant owner is quite generous with the offering of the broiled or steamed chicken. Additional rice will cost you additional RM 2.00. The chicken rice should be ordered with "taugeh kicap" and I think it costs RM 1.50. Other Thai dishes like Tom Yam and the "goreng-goreng" dishes could also be ordered in that restaurant and the prices range from RM 6.90 to 7.90. However, it must be warned that the portion given is not very large and barely enough for one big size person like yours truly. I believe all the dishes at the restaurant are professionally cooked by the owner and as such the quality of food is quite high. My only gripe with the restaurant is the slow service rendered. I think that the owner tries to maximize his profit by not employing enough waiters.During the school holidays I noticed that his children would act as waiters. But If you are willing to wait the restaurant offers some nice dishes to enjoy.

Roti Bakar Tepian Bangi
The 3rd best family restaurant in Bandar Baru Bangi is Restoran Tepian Bangi ( 3.5 star for Value for Money, 3.0 Star for Cleanliness, 3.5 Star for Food and 3 Star for Service). The restaurant is situated in Section 4 Tambahan of the town (Please check your GPS for the place). The best dish to have there is the Roti Canai (RM 1.00) The roti canai there is reasonably nice and not too tough like a "mamak" type roti canai but occasionally the roti is not done nicely with its uneven thickness of the skin of the prata.However, the gravy is stunning and I was informed that it  is prepared by a Rohingya from Myanmar that looks like Shah Rukh Khan. The gravy is actually sweetened  by frying lots of the aromatic  "Cili Padi". The best roti bakar (RM 2.80) in BBB can also be had at the eating place. The roti bakar is sliced quite thickly and lavishly spread with "Kaya" and margarine and would taste even better if it is ordered together with "telor Ayam Kampung" (RM 2.00). The restaurant also serves nice spread of Malay dishes for lunch that are quite reasonable in terms of the prices. Eating alone  for a typical lunch will cost you around RM 6.50 to RM 9.50 depending on the choice of the dishes chosen.

Another nice family restaurant in BBB is the D One Steak House ( 3.5 star for Value for Money, 3.0 Star for Cleanliness, 3. Star for Food and 2 Star for Service) not far from Puncak Bangi housing area. It is located next to  the KLIA holdings building. The best dish to order at the restaurant is fish and Chips (RM 6.90). The fish is quite large and crispy on the outside but moist in the inside and tastes quite nice considering the price charged. Other dishes include the steak offerings which are not to my liking because of the insufficient  portion given and the haphazard quality of the meat.The customer service is not very good. Another not nice part of the restaurant is the service charge applied which  does not commensurate with the  service given.

So those are the top four family restaurants in BBB. Please try to pay a visit to those restaurants and I believe you will not be disappointed. Bon apetit.


kadir said...

Why not try Hj Zahrim Roti Puri in Sek 3 Tambahan. Shops in front of the housing estate.

Salam Bangi said...

I have tried some of tne fishes at the restaurant and they are ok. Puri was good but quite expensive for 3 small pieces of puri.

Shima said...

I review food in Bangi too, but not been to all of the restaurants you mention here!! Do come visit my blog


Anonymous said...

One of our family favorite is Red Card. Nice range at reasonable price. Clean and fast service too.

Shafiqah Mohd said...

Theres a korean restaurant in Bangi now? :O

Cinnamon coffee said...

A korean cafe run by a muslimah named milk mustache cafe (MMC), not really in Bandar Baru Bangi it is in Putra Kajang near Laman Grill, al diafah, huffaz and arabian house.