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Malaysian Chinese migrating abroad

The Chinese community in Malaysia forms the largest minority or at almost 24% of the total  population. According to Rita Sim ,the  co founder of the Centre for strategic Engagement , a lot of Malaysian Chinese have migrated to Australia and other countries such as New Zealand and Canada. She has theorized that one of the reasons why Malaysian Chinese migrate abroad is that they don’t feel a sense of belonging. They don’t feel that they are part of Malaysia. She also says that lacking in acknowledgement with regard to achievements made by the Chinese as a major point of dissatisfaction or contention.  However, I have my own view of how I see this issue with regard to the migration by some of these utopian Malaysian Chinese.

Chinese history

For one ,why these Chinese migrate is because it is their nature and culture to migrate. This culture has been practiced for thousands of years by the Chinese. The Malaysian Chinese that we have in Malaysia are the direct results of the actions of their forefathers the  great great  grand parents migrating to Tanah Melayu from Southern China. These Chinese in fact migrated not only to Malaya but also to other countries like the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. Some of them in fact migrated as far as to the United States to build the railway tracks in that country. Even to this date  a lot of Chinese migrate to other countries. Even the rich Singaporean Chinese  migrate to Australia and Canada. Are these people lacking in the sense of belonging?Definitely not . Hence, it is clear that it is just their nature to do that-to migrate to other countries if they think that their newly adopted country offers better opportunities. Please don’t stop these people from migrating. Let them be. Let them go and seek better opportunities. In fact, it is very good for Malaysia.LGE and other Chinese extremists are making a hill out of a mole from this issue of  migration.

Is this the way?
These Chinese also migrated for economic reasons. They migrated because they wanted to make lots more money. The Chinese have this mentality that everything is money. Money is the bottom line. These people are very hard working people and we have to acknowledge that. They migrate to make more money. Money equals security.Once they have money they will come back to Malaysia. Look at the number of octogenarian  Chinese (who have no more economic values to their adopted country) who migrated to those western countries clamouring to come back to Malaysia. The sense of lacking in belonging as claimed by Rita is just  nonsensical. Having said that I must say that there are also some Malaysian Chinese who have been bypassed but the number is insignificant and I feel that they should definitely be helped. But the number is small and this issue has been exaggerated by people like Rita Sim and other Chinese extremists.

Some Chinese also migrate because they want to be with their own ethnic groups. That’s the reason why we see lots of Malaysian Chinese migrating to Singapore. They want to be with other Chinese in that country. They feel more secure if they are amongst their own  ethnic groups. It’s human nature to be with their own group. In Malaysia, the Kelantanese would like to stay and group with other Kelantanese. Likewise, the Chinese prefer to be with other Chinese because of the shared language, culture, nuances, and common beliefs among other things. The sense of belonging is just a charade put forth by Chinese based opposition parties and Chinese extremists. Look at the Chinese education in Malaysia. They only want Chinese schools so that their children would only mix around with other Chinese. Integration with other communities is a big no no. Hence, its clear that the Chinese would like to be with their own ethnicity.It is not surprising than when  migrating to Australia most likely than not they will also be in Chinatowns in that country-to be with their own people.

Chinese culture to migrate

How could Rita say that a sense of belonging sees the Chinese leaving Malaysia? The sense of belonging is always there. They control the Malaysian economy to a very large extent and  this can been seen by the large and extensive business  portfolios in which  they are involved in. They also have their Chinese education in the form of vernacular schools taught almost 100 % by the Chinese and run by the Chinese. The students from these Chinese schools could further their studies at Kolej Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman or KTAR . On top of that they also have their own university  called Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman or UTAR .Most of the 28 private universities that we have are also owned the Chinese community.  Most of the students that form the enrolment in those universities are mostly Chinese . They have so much of their belongings in Malaysia. They are always part of the Malaysian culture , economy and political settings.

The so called lacking in the sense of belonging is just a farce or a facade put forth by some disgruntled Chinese extremists most of whom are opposition members to voice out their dissatisfactions to highlight a very minor issue. These people have their own political agenda. The ultimate aim is clearly to be seen. You have to ask people like  LGE and other Chinese extremists.


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