Thursday, August 16, 2012

Weaknesses of Chinese schools

According to UMNO linked newspaper, the New Straits Times (August 16 2012) there are 1295 Chinese primary schools, 60 independent secondary schools and and 75 SMJK where Chinese is propagated and additionally 3 universities where Chinese educated students could further their studies.  Chinese extremists led by Dong Zong and Jiang Dong would  defend aggressively the existence of Chinese schools in Malaysia. However, I feel that  they don't have to be over zealous in defending the Chinese schools because with their electoral weight and weak Barisan Nasional led government, the Chinese education system will always be part of the national educational landscape in the country.The dogmatic Chinese educationists and race based parties like DAP and MCA would argue that there are many advantages in supporting the Chinese education and among others from the economic and diplomatic  perspectives. It is argued that the presence of these schools would enhance our cultural and linguistic capital in view of the rise of the emerging superpower-China. However, I would like to differ on this matter, I feel that these  Chinese schools are actually a hindrance to unity and the concept of 1 Malaysia espoused by Ah Jib Gor.

For one, linguistically  the students from these schools can't even communicate in our national language. The students are not at all adequately quipped to communicate in the language because they  lack interest , motivation and deeply rooted awareness to learn the language. Why learn Bahasa Malaysia when you can graduate up till the university and survive economically without having to pass the language. This is especially true now when the BN government has recently allowed all UEC certicate holders that they can  further their studies in government run universities without having to take and pass  Bahasa Malaysia.Before this, they were only restricted to KTAR and UTAR. Can you believe it we have thousands of Malaysian Chinese students who don't have a smattering of Bahasa Malaysia and yet living out their existence in this country. In Australia, before you can become an Aussie you need to pass the ASLPR, an English proficiency test. Likewise, in the United States if you are not able to take your citizenship oath in English you better "beat it". In France  ,without the flair in french language you just cant survive and my advice to you is to just say "au revoir" to that country.

Culturally, these students are ill equipped to mix around with other ethnic groups. How are they able to communicate with the Malays, Indians, Ibans and  Kadazans when they don't have the language and the cultural skills to communicate. The students from these schools are also culturally blind.On many ocassions I came across many Malaysian Chinese would just keep quiet and just stick to their own group. They look so arrogant and gangster-like and that they project the image that they just could not live in a multi racial Malaysia. This self imposed separation of education in  the multi racial community is actually a time bomb ready to explode.   It is not a question of whether or If but when. I believe that fateful conflict is not very far away. Malaysia has been able to avoid major racial conflicts because of the avoidance strategy  practiced by the Muslim Malay majority who have been practicing the accommodating culture.

Finally, students from these schools would have very limited world view. They will only learn everything Chinese from the language, literature, philosophy, history, politics, to socio-cultural aspects, Even mathematics will be learned the Chinese way using the "sempoa"and rote memorization.They will only learn Chinese philosophers, historians, artisans, and musicians. All these will be learned from almost 100 % Chinese teachers. These students will miss learning English the fun way, they miss learning Bahasa Malaysia from native speakers -the Malay teachers.They never learn multi culturalism that is now practiced practically every where in this world even in China The products that these Chinese schools produce will be  people who are narrow minded and ethnocentric. These are the future street peddlars in Petaling streets and Bukit Bintang pimps. They are the ones who will fill the void of the Chinese gangsters and triad groups. These are also the future trouble makers who think that they are the only ones living in this country.

We must stop this self imposed education segregation. We have to stop this parallel education system . It brings more harm than good.The future of Malaysia is at stake. We need to emulate what is practiced in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. Otherwise ,the future is bleak. Malaysia could be another Bosnia or Burma. Political leaders need to have balls and do what is right for the country.

the racial conflict due very much to avoidace startegy

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