Thursday, August 23, 2012

The dangers if pakatan wins

The 13th general election is just around the corner. Most political pundits predict that the GE will be held in January 2013 after civil servants  would have gotten their 2nd installment of their bonus. This would be announced by Najib during the 2013 Budget announcement scheduled on  September 28. The opposition members are very confident of winning this election. Their de facto leader Mr Anwar Ibrahim has even put down the ultimatum that he would resign if the opposition parties fail to takeover Putrajaya in this coming election. Ambiga, an ardent supporter of Anwar and  former Bar council President has also made the announcement that she will quit Bersih after the 13th general election.Her announcement is not a mere coincidence, as it was nicely timed with the the opposition leader's intention  to give a greater impact to the undecided voters. What will be the immediate impact be  if pakatan wins the general election. This is my assesments of the impact to the Malay community if Pakatan managed to secure the majority of the parlimentary seats together with DAP and PAS  in Malaysia.

The future leaders of Malaysia?
For one, the Malays would lose their political power. There will be more of non Malay representations in the Pakatan led government. The Malays in the Pakatan government would just be  puppets with the Chinese running the show behind the scene.The non-Malays although not gunning for the number one post will nevertheless exert pressure onto the Pakatan government. In states like Perak and Selangor , DAP Malays will be the Menteris besar. These "kafir" Malays will be running under DAP tickets. Karpal Singh, the lawyer will most likely become the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. This upcoming "Deputy Prime Minister" who is a non Muslim  and has no regards for the Malays and Islam will likely start dismantling the political structure of the country. The Federal Constitution will  not be safe. Article 153 will just be a "showcase" like the national anthem of Singapore- "Majulah Singapura".This is the guy who has defiantly said that he rejects Hudud and will defend secularism to the extent of "over my dead body" This Sikh guy has no cultural finesse altogether judging from a number of controversial remarks made by the Benggali regarding Islam and the Malay rights. Is this the guy you want to lead Malaysia? Is this the guy who will protect the Malay community? Is this the guy who will protect your sacred Constitution? If you want want this culturally insensitive and utterly legalistic guy to lead Malaysia then please by all means vote the opposition parties .Let them rule Putrajaya. See what happens. This is not a laughing matter.
Perosak Negara?
If Pakatan wins the election , job security of the Malays in the government sector will be eroded. The Pakatan government via Chinese laden DAP  will start  "downsizing " the public sector in the name of efficiency. But their real intention is to reduce the number of Malay civil servants in the country. This is what has happened to the Malay civil servants in Penang as hilighted by Utusan Malaysia recently. I believe DAP Tony Pua will be given the task of getting rid of the Malay civil servants. The  "redundant" Malays will most likely be replaced by non- Malays especially the Chinese. Most of the important and key posts will be held by  non- Malays as what is happening now  in Penang. The Pakatan run government will also direct  universities in the country to appoint non-Malays as their vice-chancellors. In short, the Malays would lose in terms of numbers and powers in  government run companies  and statutory bodies. The non Malays will be the overall winners. 

Thirdly, I believe Islam will be threatened if the Pakatan wins. Although PAS is a member of Pakatan it has never wielded its power and will never do. Nik Aziz will not protect Islam and the Malays. He only knows political discourse of isolating the Malay Muslims.His actions are merely rhetorical.He's just a political "ulama" bending on labelling UMNO Muslims as less Islamic .He would just agree with whatever the non-Malay Deputy Prime Minister decides by citing the relevant hadiths and Al Quran to justify his non-actions on Islam. The first thing that the Pakatan/DAP run government will  do is to silence all azans in Malaysia, They would just follow as what has been done in Singapore.  Even today the present Pakatan run government in Selangor has received hundred of complaints from the non-Malays with regards to Azan using the loud speakers. So far no actions  have been taken by the Pakatan State government for fear of it being made an issue in the coming general election. But once they are in control of the Parliament that will be the first of several anti -Malay/anti- Islam actions that will be taken by the Pakatan government led by power crazy Anwar Ibrahim. 

Boleh Percayaka?- "Over my dead body"

Fourthly, and quite importantly all the affirmative actions implemented by the Barisan Nasional government will be gradually dismantled by DAP led government. The Malays under Article 153 who have been getting scholarships will not get any or will get very little. The non Malays will get most of the scholarships  because of the so called merit based requirements. The poor Malays who do not have  money will not only miss the opportunity to study in Chinese owned private universities but will also not get the chance to study in  public universities. They will be left out in the  cold to themselves. Most likely they will become "Mat rempits"and will be involved in criminal elements/activities. Anwar Ibrahim will be under pressure from Theresa Kok or Lim Guan Eng not to help the Malays in order to support the so called meritocracy elements of the Pakatan government. Is this the scenario that we want to happen to the Malays?

Another likely possibility that will happen is that most towns in Malaysia will be run by Chinese local council members. With the Pakatan win  towns in Malaysia will be colored red. Pakatan government will allow brothels to open 24 hours in towns like Bandar Baru Bangi and Shah Alam. Liqour will be opened for sale 24 hours a day in the Malay towns. Comrade Ronnie Liu will run the show and he will probably appoint local Councillors who are not able to read and write in Bahasa Malaysia. Signboards in the country will contain large Chinese characters. All signage will be in Mandarin and Tamil and the national language will be ignored. Pawnshops will replace the Islamic Ar Rahnu. Laterns will light up in all major towns in the country. Chinese pedlars and street hawkers will occupy main sections of the town and will block all main traffics and the local councils closing one eye on their law breaking activities.

These are some of the likely future scenarios that will happen if Pakatan wins the general election. I believe more of the worst cases of unexpected things that will happen will happen. If you want all these things to happen I suggest that you vote the Pakatan.Those damned UMNO members are no angels but at least they are Malays and they run under the banner of Malay survival. They are the better devils than the "red devils.They have a proven record of protecting the Malays, Chinese and Indians. Do you want to put your trust in the hands of these untested people like Karpal Singh, Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang, Ronnie Liu or Theresa Kok who have no love for the Malays to protect your future and your children's future? Let your intelligence decide  and not your emotions.Please do not take  risk. Vote smartly


Anonymous said...

have u ever shown comparison of both parties.....u are only showing 1 party , where is to me when u don't compare 2 things together , it shows how reliable is the other party till is not compared....what bullcrap ur talkin....

Anonymous said...

Ur really talking nonsense.people like is the one who is pulling the country down. What's wrong having an healthy competition among malaysian's? Is it wrong for a country to choose their servants and leaders based on merits?
Ur such a fuss, dude. With your level of intelligence, you should not even allowed to say anything about country and politics. And people as you is the one who made malaysia is such racially divided country! All u need to do now is shut up and live inside ur cocoon!