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The Neo Self Hating Malay Entity (NOshame)

It has been quite a while that I have  written in my blog-Salambangi. I think it is more that 3 months . Wow  it is really such a long time. I was writing too much about politics in the blog till I got a so tired of writing about it. Could it be a writer's block? Some of my political predictions in the blog  really happened but others just did not materialize.This is quite normal. We are human beings . I believe a  great majority of  Pakatan Rakyat members too were not happy too because they did not manage to wrestle Putrjaya from Barisan Nasonal and they are still not happy and are now busy planning more demonstrations. They are planning one more demonstration in Johor Baru. I will probably talk about this in my next coming blogs. But today, what I really want to write about is a group of Malays that I call The Neo Self Hating Malay Entity or the acronym NOshame. I have met so many of them . And I also have my friends who I would consider to be in this self hating group.Before I delve into what some them  have said or done , I would like to share with you some of the common attributes of these people.
Si Tanggang

One thing about the NOshame group of people is that they are very successful and super rich. Most of them drive expensive cars and sometimes that cost nothing less than half a million ringgit a piece. They drive the  latest BMWs, Lamborghinis,  Jaguars and Mercedes Benzes. However, I feel that  they don't overtly flaunt their wealth because the strong Malay culture is still in them. These people  never drive Protons for their daily drives like that of  Al Bukhahri. Moreover, they own  palatial homes in exclusive colonies in places like Country Heights, Damansara , Subang Jaya, Shah Alam and Bandar Baru Bangi. These people spend their holidays in  wonderful and fancy places like Venice,  Alaska, and Cordoba that ordinary Malays would not  afford to  go. The only problem regarding vacation  is that they don't have time to go for one and money is just not a problem at all. Most of them also  have good jobs working as CEOs of Multi -National Companies some of which are GLCs. Others are professional like lawyers, engineers and successful entrepreneurs. Some are part-time bloggers.

Another attribute  that I notice about them is their physical well being. These people really take care of their health which is  so unlike us . They are wafer thin and within the confine of BMI and most importantly  they also look handsome, well mannered,intelligent and have  really good physique. Girls and some bitchy women would just 'pounce' on them given the opportunity available.They don't just dive in their food and guzzle their drinks like we do- Like yours truly would have two pieces of roti canai with Dhall or Curry gravy to baste the rotis every morning at his favourite stall in Bandar Baru Bangi. These health conscious people would  consume only have 10-200 calories of food for breakfast which would include yogurt and fruits. I really think we need to emulate them in terms of the physical characteristics. These people don't really eat much.It helps them to look nice.

These people also look westernized in terms of how they run their  their life. I notice that most of them drink liquor . This is not to say that all of them are heavy drinkers but they do social drinking. Having wine  and beer is a typical act at social gatherings or at home. Most of them would keep this western habit to themselves. Unfortunately,  some of them don't have a tinge of guilt of consuming  the forbidden drink. I have also seen some who are quite religious but the number is so few.They are the exception.When welcoming friends ,some of them greet their guests like Americans do by giving a peck on the cheek regardless of the gender. For the women ,the color of their  hair would of course reflect the color of the hair of  a Mat Salleh but in a more subtle manner.

Another common characteristic of this group of self hating people is that they were sponsored by the BN  government to pursue their undergraduate  and post graduate studies overseas in the 70s, 80s  and 90s. This group of people were mostly sent to the United States and the United Kingdom , They studied in those countries for a number of years. Those years in those countries were the crucial years in terms of cognitive and spiritual development of the group members  They tend to  become more liberal and more westernized. I know a  male friend who studied at SIU and cohabiting with another Malaysian female in the 80s in an apartment is now the  CEO of a one of the big banks in Malaysia. One thing about the self hating group is that   they came from poor families  Some of them come from Pendang, Kedah, Pasir Tumboh Kelantan, Felda  Gedangsa Perak and many other rural places. Their families just could not afford afford to send them to study overseas. These people were sent there because of the New Economic policy initiated by the BN government.

Last but not least most of these people are also members of the opposition party like PAS, DAP or PKR. Just very few of them join the National Coalition. To them, its is not cool to be seen as part of the government.      To them UMNO is racist. To them UMNO is not relevant anymore.

So what have they done or said. Most people in this Noshame group  would breakaway from their social  and cultural roots. They don't like to be called UMNO Malays. To them Utusan Malaysia is  racist. The affirmative actions by the National Coalition to help the poor Malays are also considered as racist. They are just like like "Si Tanggang" - A story about a poor child who has become rich and famous but has forgotten his roots and has ignored  his mother who has helped and given so much love to him.. I believe the group of people who claim that Utusan is racist for protecting the Malays and the affirmative actions  are the real 'Si Tanggangs'. They truly benefited from the policy but now with wealth and power they have forgotten their roots and where they once belonged. They are now against the NEP. They are against policies that help the Bumiputeras and in which they were the products.Have they forgotten that there  are still thousands of poor Malays who need help to break away from the cycle of poverty and this Noshame group of people are depriving these poor Malays the chance to improve themselves economically . My first question to these people of rich 'Si Tanggangs' is that what have you done to help these poor Malays? Below is an email of a person who says that Utusan Malaysia's stance for asking " Apa Cina Mahu' is racist. (Yours truly thinks that he is NOT in the group) You decide whether this person should be in this Noshame group. Keep your decision to yourself.

May 14 (2 days ago)
to azran
I really feel so sad that you have claimed utusan malaysia as racist. Dont be arrogant azran. One day you will come begging to a malay govt to bail your co out. Your non malay friends are no where to be seen.

I hope it does not happen that way but god is great. I also hope you die as a malay muslim. My warm regards to you and your family

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Azran Osman-Rani
May 14 (2 days ago)
to me
Thank you for writing.

Apologies if I offended you. It was not my intention, nor was it to be arrogant. I felt I had to speak out because strong racial statements like they made can easily lead to another 13 May. That's what we should all avoid. As Malaysians, we need to stand behind the PM's One Malaysia platform.

It it were only me, why is it that the police are investigating the same Utusan article under the Sedition Act for inciting riots, and why are BN leaders, including UMNO Youth Head also speaking out against racial statements?


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