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Tanah Melayu and the emboldened Non-Malays

 Tanah Melayu or literally means the "Malay Land" is a peninsula in the Malay archipelago inhabited by mainly the Malays. Tanah Melayu is the basis of modern Malaysia which achieved its independence in August 1957. The Federal Constitution of Malaysia states that Islam is the official religion  and the Head of the State is Yang di Pertuan Agung (YDPA).The population of Malaysia at present stood around 29 million  with the majority of them consisting of  Malays/Bumiputras whose rights are recognized by the Constitution  This was codified in the Constitution  in consideration for accepting more than 2 million immigrants most of whom were Chinese and Indian origins. Today, the non Bumiputeras make up 30 % of Malaysia's population.

Although almost two thirds of the population are Bumiputeras and/or Muslims, the political power of the natives are seemingly on the verge of collapsing. Politically, the Malays in the country are  divided into several factions namely UMNO, PAS and PKR. The  government of the day is still run by a very much weakened Barisan Nasional that is  led by UMNO and captained by Najib Razak whose leadership is being constantly challenged. The fast-growing Pakatan is helmed by the de facto opposition leader cum occasional pornography  actor Anwar Ibrahim from PKR. The opposition parties are enjoying their resurgence and the NGO activists are taking advantage of the fluid political situation.

 Because of the much impotent Malay political power and the political tussle ,the non-Malays in the country have become more emboldened in  questioning  the Malay privileges and rights which are deeply enshrined in the Constitution. And the three famous stooges of the opposition sympathizers and hard core members who keep on harping on the issue are  Irene Fernandez, Ambiga and Ngeh Koo Ham.
The Hindu activist

Recently, the so called human rights activist who is  also the executive director of Tenaganita , Irene Fernandez has gone to the United Kingdom to issue a joint statement together with ERT or Equal Rights Trust to announce that Articles 89 and 153 of the Federal Constitution  are no longer relevant. She even has the temerity to suggest that the articles ought to be repealed. Oh my god we have a Hindu lady who claims to be a Malaysian unashamedly criticizing the Constitution. If this were to happen in Thailand  this accursed lady will be imprisoned for  at least  30 years of hard labour. Instead her announcement was publicized by pro opposition and radical web newspaper-Malaysia Kini ,which is mostly run  by non Malays. I think she is a traitor to all Malaysians especially to the Malays.

This is a classic example of a non Malay questioning the Malay rights. Those articles in the Constitution are there to protect the Malays and the Bumiputeras from being swallowed  and over-shadowed by the rich and powerful non bumiputeras . Most countries in Asia and western Europe have this type of protection clause. Even Australia has provisions in its constitution to protect its natives. The United States too protects the Navajos and the "Red Indians". In India, the Hindus are given special protection rights. Here we have a brazen faced Hindu lady demanding that our Constitution be amended. The sad thing is that  most  Malay politicians just  keep quiet and say nothing about it. These politicians are afraid of being labelled as racists. Even the Malay daily  Utusan Malaysia has said nothing about it. Where are your balls Utusan Malaysia? Do you  take your orders from Ah Jib Gor?
LGBT defender?

Another Indian ruffian is Ambiga, the Bersih 2.0 and 3.0 chairperson. Like Irene ,she is also an "accursed infidel " who seemingly eager to promote LGBT's so called rights. This recalcitrant pseudo politician/activist also  seems to play racial and religious cards. Ambiga who was  the President of the Bar Council from 2007 to 2009  claims that her agenda are electoral and religious reforms but the presence of Anwar ,the pornography actor, at Bersih gatherings looks like there is a bigger political agenda in the making. At the gathering she mentioned that she would retire from politics after the 13th GE. This announcement is not mere coincidence but nicely timed to give greater impact politically.  She has refused to be involved in the Parliament select committees that re-looks at the electoral reforms.She has a 'sinister' plan and  trying to achieve much more than that was offered to her. She is also a great defender of cases like Lina Joy and derives pleasure from ' inflicting pains' on the Muslims in the country. This is a blatant disregard for Islam which is the official religion of Malaysia. She is using  the law to extract concessions from the Malays and also 'challenging' the Constitution.But the sad thing is that Malay Muslims who are power crazy  still work with her in order to wrest control of Putrajaya from the national coalition or Barisan Nasional

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Another chauvinistic and naive  non Malay politician who enjoys creating controversies and poking fun at the Malays is Ngeh Koo Ham who is a religious christian. He has the habit of insulting  Islam and the Malays. Look at how he cynically responded- "Tuhan  tak kata bagitu" to the tweet by Armand Azha who asked whether Old Town White Coffee had Halal  certification . He seemed to ridicule the halal certification. He just ignored the dietary requirements of Muslims. This is  not a political issue but a religious one.I have learned from a website that Ngeh or popularly known as James is co-owner of the kopitiam (I however can't verify this claim). He has shown no respect for  Muslims at all. Is this the kind of leaders that Malays would want to be the Menteri Besar of  Perak? Is this the leader we would want to vote in as our "Yang Berhormat" a person who has no respect for the Muslims?

In short, the non Malays are getting emboldened  with their actions because they know they will not be questioned by the authorities.They are also emboldened because they know  the Malays are weak politically and divided to the bone. They also know that  UMNO politicians are running scared and will do nothing to stop them from making the clarion call. These so called human rights activists are still encapsulate with a myopic mentality and political naivety to think that the majority of  Muslim Malays will support them.  We need to be united in this coming general election to protect our Constitution and religion from being played out by these so called rights activists/christian preachers/ 'accursed infidels'.

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