Monday, November 5, 2012

Android applications/Waze/AES speed detector/music player

I was born in the 1960s and if you notice I'm well above 50 year old.Although age wise I'm more than half a century old,  my friends always quietly say that I look more like late 30s or early 40s.I don't know whether that is a complement or not but I know my wife would spend considerable time doing her facial at one of the beauty houses in Bandar Baru Bangi (and these places charged exorbitant fees for their services rendered). Being half a century old would indicate that one is  not very  knowledgeable in terms of technology and I would have to admit that I am bit outdated in that particular area. Well, I'm talking about all the gadgets and  gizmos that you would associate with young people.Despite being  a little rusty and outdated in tech terminologies and hardware, I still would like to relate to you some of the applications that I have managed to collect using my Samsung 7.7 which I bought in the middle of this year. 
Waze application

One of the useful applications that I have downloaded is the application called Waze social GPS traffic and gas.The application is actually free and you can download it from the Playstore. Waze is actually a community based traffic and navigation application.I find this application very useful because it provides real time traffic and road info.You can find out what causes the traffic jam and why there is a  bumper to bumper crawl. Waze also provides report on accidents and other events which are really important especially when you need to go to the busy parts of KL and Shah Alam . With Waze you can also take the best routes to those places especially if you have all the traffic info with you. It's now becoming an indispensable application in my tablet. The display is also very entertaining  and  informative.

The second important application that I find is the Flashlight HD LED. This free application is actually a torchlight in your tablet  that you can use when there is a blackout. I find this useful when you want to go to the toilet at 3 am in the morning and you don't want to wake up your partner who is in deep sleep. It is most useful when you are experiencing a total  blackout which I did because of my short circuited auto gate  My house was in total darkness a few times because of the heavy rain and the problem with my electric gate ( My auto gate was subsequently repaired by a fantastic  guy name Lester (019 263 9968-He is a soft spoken guy who speaks good Bahasa Melayu). This application came in very handy and the light it emitted is better and brighter than my medium sized torch light. The application is also useful whenever you wake up early in the the morning  and could not sleep anymore and you could not find your astro remote control lying somewhere in your bed or on the floor. I think the flashlight can also serve as a romantic dim light if you need it to be.I have not tried it yet for that purpose but I think it works.

Flash light Hd LED
The third most important application for me is the music player. Just go to the market or the Playstore and type-MUSIC PLAYER- and you get dozens of applications. Just choose any one of them especially the ones with at least 4 star ratings. I find the music player important because it can store music and play songs of your choices.Nowadays except for Sinar FM,  other radio stations don't play your kind of songs. At this age you tend to get a bit lonely especially when children have just left the nest. You are just with your wife in a reasonably big house with nothing to do after 6 pm. The music player can actually entertain you with really nice songs especially the ones that you always remember. In my music player I have downloaded songs like "Bunga Tanjung" by Sharifah Aini, Uji Rashid's song -"Ku ingin selalu di samping mu", "Just the way you are" by Billy Joel, D llyod -"Oh di Mana?"; JJ's "Rindu Bayangan", Broery Marantika's "Widuri" and a collection of other beautiful renditions. Sometimes I would play the songs aloud when we had "Ikan Bakar" or  at an outing and my  23 year old son would remind me that I was playing it too loud when in fact he was a bit "malu" because I was playing my favorite "Bunga Tanjung". To him its not cool to listen to the oldies.

AES speed detector app.
Another important application that I have installed in my tablet is the AES speed detector. This application is also free and it tells you where the government has installed the AES systems. The system will warn you if it is within 1 kilometer of the speed trap. It is programmed to say" AES system detected". Sometimes it is too overly sensitive and will continue reminding you at every junction. However, I still find it useful and most the important thing is that its free and you wont get the summons for RM 300.

When you reached 50s life is a bit boring and you need some stimulus to prop you up. I feel  that those applications will come in handy and to some extent it will spice up a bit of your monotonous life. Who says technology cant be associated with old people?

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