Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pas and Pkr = Pakatan Rakyat

The Malaysian election heat is really unbearable. It is now so close and people are so eagerly awaiting for Ah Jib Gor aka Najib Razak to make the announcement to declare the date for the 13th  general election. The US elections have come and gone and Obama has managed to retain his presidency despite the overwhelming odds. The Neo conservatives and the Jews were actually plotting his downfall since he won the election four years ago. The AIPAC  and the Vegas billionaire, Adelson, were putting so much pressure on Obama but eventually democracy won. Netanyahu who  publicly reprimanded the President of the United States was  far from being flabbergasted. His blustering actions now proved to be his own making and meekingly he congratulated President Obama. Morning will never be the same again for the belligerent Netanyahu for the next four years.

The pot telling the kettle black

In Malaysia, I believe Barisan Nasional will also retain the 220 seat majority just like Obama's 323 electoral college. The party planned by Pakatan will be a sombre one. I think the Pakatan  will only retain just  Penang and Kelantan state seats. The noise that they make only come from a few disgruntled opposition members using their noisy Malaysia Kini, Malaysian Chronicle and FMT web pages. The majority of Malaysians will still vote for Barisan Nasional. The two party system although theoretically good is not sustainable in Malaysian context. Maybe in twenty years time it would be accepted but for now it is just an abstract concept full of incomprehensible plans.Moreover, they have no respected leaders to really pose a serious challenge to the  Barisan Nasional.
No  corrupt leaders please

As a Malaysian who is not an UMNO member and a fence sitter, I would only vote the party in which I have trusts in. The Pakatan is just a hollow entity that makes too many untenable promises sometimes to the extent of  being  nonsensical . Only the obvious moron and the congenitally twisted opposition members would vote for Pakatan. Theirs is a loose coalition with extreme multiple orientations with no affirmative and clear  objectives. What they really want to achieve is to wrest control of Putrjaya from UMNO. And that is it.They have no plans to really help Malaysians. What they manage to do is create the wedge between the Malays, the Chinese and the Indians. What Barisan has successfully done to promote unity is unraveled and destroyed by people like LGE, Karpal Singh and the so called Tuan Guru Nik Aziz, who would theologically rationalize every  distorted actions by  Pakatan associate members.

What the opposition politicians have  managed to do is highlight and label UMNO leaders as corrupt. They actually need to bring these accused UMNO members  to court and imprison them if they have enough proofs. They have to do what the PAP  ministers in Singapore have done to their opposition leaders. Sue them until they go bankrupt.But alas , these are merely baseless accusations. I too don't like a number of UMNO and Barisan Nasional members. They are no angels but neither do the opposition members. Anwar is tainted with his pornography videos. LGE is a "TOKONG" and a dictator who would ruthlessly run Pulau Pinang. He is even worst dictator than Mahathir Mohammad. Nik Aziz has been the Menteri Besar of Kelantan longer than Tun Mahathir holding the PM's post. To make matters worst, his son in law is running the commercial arm of the state investment fund.These  people are like the  pot  telling the kettle black who are similarly  guilty of the same ' crimes'.

What we want is stability and brighter future for all Malaysians. We want the Federal constitution to be defended at all costs. We want jobs for our children. We want reasonable food prices. We want affordable homes for all Malaysians, We don't want empty promises. We don't want pornography actors and we don't want corrupt politicians. We don't want politicians who play racial cards. We love Malaysia. We love our sacred Constitution. We look forward to a very prosperous Malaysia. 

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