Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dong Zong and Jiao Zong

To the Malays these are difficult words to pronounce and to remember. They could be associations from mainland China.But these are the names of  the two most vocal and rasist organizations in Malaysia. They are more racist than Perkasa led by Ibrahim Ali . They are the United Chinese School Committees Association (Dong Zong) and United Chinese Schools Teachers Association (Jiao Zong). Recently, they make demands that the Ministry of Education should not send teachers without Chinese language qualifications to  Chinese primary school.

What they want is that only Chinese or Chinese educated to teach in the schools. Mind you we are talking about schools in Malaysia and these racist Chinese educationsts are promoting Chinese only domain. A Malay or an Indian can't teach in the Chinese School in Tanah Melayu. That's why I said that they were more racist than the Malay Nationalist led by Perkasa.They are now making persistent demands and somesimes showing  threatening attitude towards the BN government especially in view of the coming general election. I hope Najib will not kow tow to them. Its a dangerous precedent.

UMNO must realize that its not worth pandering the Chinese for their votes. They have already decided who to vote fo. I'm very sure they will go to the extent of voting for PAS not that they love YB Nik Aziz but they hate the Malay dominated government of BN. I hope the BN government will stand firm and follow the model of Singapore. Singapore would not tolerate a Chinese school.This is Malaysia not a Chinese Utopia. Even the China mainland is opening up. They are learning English everywhere even in Malaysia.We must not be held ransom by these Chinese rducationist who are extreme, chauvinistic and completely racist.

Malaysia is for Malaysians for all races. There must be some form of tolerance and accomodation. We cannot live in a vaccuum. We need each other and understand other people's culture. Their  extreme demands should not be entertained. Reasonable demands could be tolerated but what they asking for is too much. They will not stop here as they will ask for more until a republic is established.

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