Thursday, October 17, 2013

Delicious Tandoori chicken , Lamb kebab , Beriani Gam Johor in Bandar Baru Bangi

Today is 17 of October 2013. The temperature  in Bangi is extremely hot at 12.30 pm .  I had my lunch of  the fantastic Kue Tiau  goreng and the sweet Cendol Bangi  by the shady  tree in front of the huge Hitachi electronics plant in Bandar Baru Bangi.. Right after a quick  lunch I headed straight to my  home and jumped onto  my cozy bed for a quick 30 min nap (such a unhealthy thing to do ) . The powerful 1.5  hp air cond in my room was on full blast but the heat was just too much to handle. I woke up rather lazily at 2.10 pm and drove  back to the office and now working on my desk top doing my usual work of writing and editing  papers. Nowadays, free time means writing up articles for ISI or Scopus journals. The maxim upheld  is " you publish or you parish". In my context is that I parish but I do it  the proper way. While writing the articles I was thinking of 3 nice dishes that I had recently in and  around Bandar Baru Bangi.
nice succulent Tandoori chicken

1.  The first dish is Tandori Chicken (RM 5-8) that I had at recently renovated Restoran Ameer Ali  in section 15 of Bandar Baru Bangi.. The chicken part that I chose was the thigh quarter because the meat is much more tender. The tandoori  was perfectly  done using the Tandoori oven. It was succulent and juicy and really melt in your mouth. OMG, I never had a tandoori this good before at a mamak restaurant. Normally, the tandoori chicken at a mamak restaurant is dry and overcook and at times burnt. At the restaurant it was really delicious. I had the Tandoori chicken with Bombay onions and some cucumbers which was dripped with slices of lemons and limes. That particular evening I ordered two sets of the same chicken parts. It must be the new cook as before this it was not as good as this. Anyway, the restaurant has been renovated to look more modern with nice vibrant colors. The restaurant now looks more like a nice diner rather than a mamak restaurant.
Photo: ‎غذای محبوب این روزها
چلوگوشت منوی ناهار
همرا با نوشیدنی و سالاد شیرازی RM 12.90‎
Lamb kebab at Taktaz

2. The second dish that I had was called the lamb kebab (kobbideh) (RM 12-18) depending on the size served) at an Iranian restaurant called Taktaz  in Serdang not far from BBB  . I heard that the restaurant was operated  an ex chef at the Iranian embassy. The restaurant is not that big but decorated very much like well an Iranian restaurant. At the entrance of the restaurant there is a small water fountain minus the water. It was not working. The lamb kebab (kobiddeh) was really succulent and juicy and missing was the smell of a lamb. My youngest son loves it so much. We have been to the restaurant almost half a dozen times. The fantastic lamb was served with long and fluffy Iranian rice. The Iranian rice is  a bit slim and long . I have to warn you that the rice is not as aromatic as the rice dish prepared at an Arab restaurant. My son says it was too simple but I nevertheless enjoy the rice very much. It is served with butter that is given separately. The rice was also coated with some saffron to make it more aromatic and colorful.The portion given was enough for a big man like me.
Beriani Gam Johor

The third dish that I had was Beriani Gam Johor (RM 8-10) at Anje restaurant in section 15 of  Bandar Baru Bangi.The place is quite famous to people staying in BBB. At the restaurant, I would normally order the beriani with ayam kampung. One thing nice about the beriani is that the chicken is served hot. The restaurateur would only fry the chicken when there are customers around and as such the chicken is always served hot off the oven. However, one thing not nice about the restaurant is that it is self served. So its difficult to bring in your foreign guests to have lunch at the place. Service ,however, was quite good considering the place is quite big with so many dining tables. Cleanliness is average.The biryani rice used is is the cheap Basmathi type but with enough flavor and condiments. Considering the price I believe the Beriani Gam Johor is quite good.

So there you these are some of the nice dishes in and around Bandar Baru Bangi. I hope you would go to these places to try out the dishes. Coming back to my work -publication is important but food is more important. These dishes are some of the beauties of life. One day you are going to die but you should not die hungry.  You need to taste some of the good things in life.Your life has to be immersed with some flavor but  try to eat in moderation. I do too.

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