Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bandar Baru Bangi: A dirty and dangerous city / BBBangi kotor dan bahaya

Bandar Baru Bangi is now my hometown. This new city is getting more mature in development and in terms of age. The people too are getting older. I first came to the town when I was 23. Now I'm into the 5 series. 15-20 years ago the town would be deserted when the time came for Hari Raya celebrations because most of the inhabitants would rush back to their kampungs  like Sungai Petani, Kota Bahru or Sungkai. But not anymore, the children of the folks of Bangi would be coming back home instead  to visit their parents. Bangi is now a fast and stable town with all the essential  amenities available. It is the place where the majority of the population are from the middle class group of mainly Malay ethnicity. Despite being more mature and becoming a fast developing town, the place is unfortunately quite dirty (despite having several areas deemed "zon bersih") and dangerous

The town is clearly not up to the standard in terms of cleanliness. For one, if you go to the shop houses in front of the Billion shopping centre in section 8 ,you would notice that  rubbish has not been collected. The area in section 8 is littered with rubbish uncollected for days. I believe the contractor who is given the job to take care of the cleanliness of the area has not been doing a good job. When I had my evening roti canai at one of the restaurants at the area recently , I felt that I was somewhere in Vietnam or or Cambodia and not in the academic town of Bangi. Rubbish was everywhere in the area. I hope the relevant  people in charge of the monitoring the performance of the contractors really do their jobs instead of just collecting their fat salaries every month. There should be some form of actions and accountability. The Menteri Besar of Selangor, YAB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim,  should also monitor the situation and please don't consider this as a petty issue.
BBB kotor?

Another dirty area in Bangi is the area around McDonald's restaurant especially at the back of the fast food restaurant .The field around  the area is not well manicured. The grass there is long and the place is left unkempt. Could it be that the area too is under the charge of the contractor in Section 8 in which is known for being a really dirty place. If you jog around the Tasik chempaka you would see that the grass around the McDonald area is not trimmed and could be a potential spot where would be muggers or rapists would do their unlawful businesses. I hope the Majlis Daerah or the local council take this matter seriously and do something about the cleanliness and unkempt area  near the Billion shopping centre.
The trees in Bangi must be trimmed-A potential danger

The Bangi town is not only dirty but also dangerous to motorists. It is really dangerous. I'm talking about the very shady and mature trees planted along most roads in Bandar Baru Bangi. The Majis Daerah people do do some trimmings but of late I see that the branches of the trees have been protruding into the road ares. This could be a potential and hazardous thing to Bangians who drive frequently. The branches are getting bigger and covering more than half of the road. Driving in the midday is very nice but  I shudder to think what would happen if these thick branches were to break and fell onto the motorist. It happened to me once and a small branch or a large twig fell on my car and denting the body of the car. Luckily, it missed the windshield. I believe fatalities could happen if the tress by the road side are not trimmed to the desired length. Majilis Daerah Kajang please monitor the situation. We don't want anything bad to happen

Bandar Baru Bangi is fast developing and an important town after Shah Alam. The standard of cleanliness and safety should be the same as the state capital. I really hope that the Majlis Daerah Kajang really do the irwork by ensuring that our Bangi town is safe and clean. Please make sure that the appointed contractors do their work.We are very proud of our town, Bandar Baru Bangi a fast developing town.

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