Monday, October 21, 2013

Islam under siege in Malaysia: Thanks to Saravanan and Tan Sri Murphy Pakiam of Herald

Muslims make up around 65% of the population of Malaysia. The rest consist of Buddhists, Hindus and Christians. Virtually all Malays in this country are Muslims. Only a handful of Malays or "OM" (Others Muslims) are apostates, atheists or  "terconvert"-( to use the  term by a quite famous lawyer blogger) to Christianity. Even  though Muslims make up more than 65% of the population of the country, Islam is actually under siege and under continual attack and pressure by the insensitive and insensitive Non Muslims and sometimes by what I call by the "Others Muslims" who claim to be liberal Muslims in order to test the Muslims'  resolve. The politically weak government of Ah Jib Gor takes no action to defend the official religion of the majority for fear of backlash from the Indian and chinese. Th.The  status and well being of Islam in this country is tied to politics and  the main party in the coalition does not want to be seen as being monotheistic in terms of religious rights. Lately, Muslims in Malaysia have seen a number of attacks on the religion.

The latest to question  and provoke the sanctity of Islam as the official religion of Malaysia is a person who claims to be Mr.Saravanan who (with very aggressive tone)  called the Headmaster of a school in Puchong (Sek Keb. Puchong) to ask why "Ibadah Qurban" (The slaughtering of cows) was done  in the school and whether there was a MOE circular that allows it. He then posed the hypothetical question of "whether pigs could also be slaughtered in the school". He maintains that "Slaughtering animals in (the)school is not hygienic. It is also not good for young kids to see the animals suffering. As an animal lover, all sort of killing should be done in slaughter houses or in private places, not in the public.". This practice of Qurban or religious sacrifice has been done for years in schools. Why raised the question now.? Is this rational? This  is really  a dirty action by an ignorant Hindu  extremist who claimed that he was calling from abroad. This is an example of an emboldened insensitive Non-Muslim questioning the sanctity  of Islam and the Muslims in the country. The sad thing is that the politicians just kept quiet doing nothing to protect the sanctity of Islam 

Thaipusam body mutilation?
If a Muslim wants to be a little naughty and mischievous, he could have asked why Indians  practise 'Thaipusam' with body mutilation and tongue piercing using non sterilized metal rods. The writer has even seen a youngster suspended from a Kavadi with dirty hooks pierced all over  his  body .This is not  hygienic at all. You can get all sort of diseases such as hepatitis and skin diseases from this 'uncivilized' action. What  if children see this?. Moreover, this procession is paraded along the main public road for hours that causes massive traffic jam. But Muslims in Malaysia never question that because we know that its their religious belief . So we expect the Non-Muslims also  to understand Muslim religious practices and rites that have been done for hundreds of years in the country. 

The Bible by Murphy Pakiam of Herald newspaper

Another provocative act committed by Non -Muslims particularly the radical and emboldened Christians in Malaysia is the use of the word Allah in their Bible.The idea was proposed Murphy Pakiam of the Catholic Herald newspaper who wanted to test the tolerance threshold of the Muslims . Why use the word Allah in the Bible?  Why not use word like Theos in Greek which means God?  Why not use Yhwh in Hebrew which also means God? Why not use an Indian word like "Siva" or Iban word or Chinese word to describe God. Allah in the context of Malaysia means Allah -God in Islam. 

The fact that Tan Sri Murphy Pakiam the titular head of the Catholic Church challenging the court to use the word Allah  is an insult to Muslims in Malaysia. Why not reach an understanding via compromises? Why bring it to the court? This court action is just to create anger among the Muslims who form the majority of the population . We in Malaysia have never questioned the use of the word Allah for the Ibans or kadazan-Dusuns all this while. Why provoke the Muslims now? Why use the legalistic channel to solve what is essentially a socio-religious and cultural issue? It is clear that in Malaysia, the Muslims are under siege as the direct result of the provocative acts of these DAP Christian extremists. They really want to teach the Muslims a lesson. They want to subjugate the Muslims with all their might.

We Muslims must stay united. We Muslims must be rational and argue intelligently to counter their arguments. We have to defend our rights. We have to protect our religion. We must not waver in our resolve in protecting our religion. More provocative acts will come and we have to defend ourselves and protect our religion. We must not let the politicians pawn our rights. 

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