Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dr Cheah Wing Yin

Comrade Ronnie Liu

Dr Cheah Wing Yin is a DAP assemblyman for Damansara Utama. Some people say he is one brave man. A few days ago he wrote to the Chairman of the DAP party Karpal Singh arguing that  the  DAP appointed councillors  are very   young  ( 23 years old)  and  most important is that some of them cant even read or write in Bahasa Malaysia.  And thus, they could not take oath of office . Mind you these are leaders who are supposed to bring up people's problems but yet they have a bigger problem- they can't even read or write in Bahasa Malaysia!!!

This is really sad . I say sad because even the Bangladeshis and  Myanmar nationals could easily read and speak fluent Bahasa Melayu after only less than 6 months of stay  in Malaysia. The waiters from India (One of whom is Kannan,  a good friend of mine)  at a restaurant  near my house in Bandar Baru Bangi  could converse with me in good Malay. Even my car wash guy near Petronas Kajang  is an  Indian from India but he is  so fluent in Bahasa Malaysia that I thought he was from Penang. Here we have DAP leaders who cant even read and write  in Bahasa Malaysia. Are these DAP leaders from China or Malaysia? Probably Ronnie Liu could have picked these people up from somewhere in China after some so called business trips.

I really hope Karpal Singh or DAP advisor  Chen Ma Hin could check whether these DAP leaders have blue ICs. If it's true that they have blue I.Cs please make sure that the are truly Malaysians. If they are truly Malaysians its really a sad day for Malaysia. It's a sad day also for DAP because I thought DAP would protect the national language of the country. But judging by their actions I don't think they will   do that. Those idiots  are really clowns if they are really appointed as  councillors. The persons who appointed these idiots are even worst idiots. Don't blame the Malays if we have the perception that the  DAP party  is truly a  chauvinistic party  full of idiots.

The appointment of DAP councillors of who can't read or write in  Bahasa Melayu brings to light the importance of closing down all  independent Chinese  schools. These schools will be producing idiots or have produced lots of idiots  like those DAP leaders. Even the leader of the Dong Zong and New ERA College  is an idiot. I heard that he went shopping online for his PhD. The fact that he  has the cheek to show off  his so called intellectual power in leading DONG Zong makes him a "fugly" jackass. The so called good image of these Chinese schools is just created by the Chinese extremists .

I hope that the government will make it a point that anyone who wants to be appointed as an assemblyman or  a community leader, must be able to speak, read  and write in Bahasa Malaysia. I hope all the MPs in Malaysia are able to read in our national language. However, some people have alleged that assemblyman Loh Gow Bonn does not even  know how to read and write Bahasa Malaysia. Does anyone have any information? 

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