Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Najib or Ah Jib Gor

Najib Tun Razak  the current Prime Minister of Malaysia  has made lots of controversial decisions in view of the 13th general elections. His populist moves are to broaden his support base to ensure that the National Coalition or the Barisan Nasional would win at least the majority of the parliamentary seats. He ,however, has to thread his moves carefully because any wrong move could jeopardize his chances of becoming the next Prime Minister.

 One unpopular move that he has made  is that he is trying to pander too much to the Chinese community to the extent of overdoing it.He seems to entertain more to the Chinese than trying to project a more neutral image. For one he has even changed his name to Ah Jib Gor. No other prime ministers have done that. He thinks that by giving a Chinese name he is a good friend to the Chinese. This is a bad move and I believe this has caused some Malay votes. I don't understand why he has to change or assume his identity from Malay to Chinese . Off course the Chinese would be happy but this does not necessarily translate to votes for BN. The Chinese voters have already decided who to vote for. No matter what he does he will not  get the votes. The Chinese are into strategic voting patterns.

Secondly he has spent so much money (bilions of dollars) to too many people. Almost every  Malaysian rich and poor   have  tasted some form  the government's  so called generosity. I am  not an economist but by looking at the amount of money spent its just too much. Just yesterday,  he announced that the government is giving Felda settlers almost 1.7 billion ringgit. The money should have been spent on other more important things like hospitals, education and the welfare. Giving too much money is not good to the economy. It does not actually develop the country. The money could have been spent on good things such as fuel renewal projects, green technologies, infrastructures in less developed areas and other essential things.

Ah Jib Gor
Another wrong strategy is that he seems to do is to instruct the media  to write good things  about Rosmah. I know Najib loves Rosmah so much especially after Rosmah "forced" him to do medical check up at HUKM. But if you love Rosmah just ask her to keep quiet and do nothing until at least after the general election. Rosmah actually is a liability. Please don't instruct  Utusan Malaysia to give prominence to Rosmah's activities. The Malays don't like it. Just get Rosmah to be like Siti Hasmah. Hasmah has played a perfect role model as the Prime Minister's wife. Another thing, please get Rosmah to tone down a bit on her appearance , expenditure and political activities . 

Hope that Najib listens to this little voice. I still believe in UMMO and BN. The alternative is no alternative at all. Its' a group full of extremists and racists and also people who claimed to be really good Islamists. The country would go no where with them. Good luck Najib a.k.a AH Jib Gor

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