Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Chinese school students and Dr Ridhuan Tee Abdullah

The Chinese community have always argued that Chinese schools in Malaysia produce good students. But the students that I have come across are those that are very chauvinistic. They normally would only mix among themselves. Very seldom that I see that they group together among other races.

I also notice that they are quite narrow minded. Chances are they would not accept the Malaysian way of life. To them their chineseness is superior. They are just focus on their ethnic group. This is really sad for the country. We need students who are willing to mix around with other races.

I have always come across Chinese educated students who are very robot like in their thinking. I suppose this has got to do with their learning in the school. This group of students lack general knowledge about Malaysia. I suspect very few know who Dr. Mahathir is. Few would know the name of our king. But I'm not surprised if they know quite a lot about actors in Hong Kong . What a sad future for Malaysia. I totally agree with what is espoused by Dr. Ridhuan Tee Abdullah that the Chinese are ultra kiasu lot.

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