Friday, January 29, 2010


Yesterday was the first time that I heard the name of this organization mentioned by Dr Mahathir Mohamed. According to our former Prime Minister Malays are joining new associations or ngos because they feel that they are not being represented by UMNO anymore. What is said by our Tun is absolutely true. Now I feel that our Malays rights are not being taken care of by UMNO. These people are always busy seeking contracts and trying to make as much money and are only putting up a charade when facing the ordinary Malays.They just use the Malays as a stepping stone or platform to enrich themselves. They are not real fighters.

Once they are rewarded ministers post, these Malay ministers become too Malaysians and are more concerned with the well being of the corporate world. They forget about the Malays they are supposed to represent. This is unlike the Chinese ministers. They always take good care of the group they represent. In most of the things that they do they would give utmost importance to matters realted to their own community. The Malays therefore become disillusion with their own representatitives. They have nowhere to go. it is sad to see some Malays had to approach non Malay NGO group to hilight their problem.

The establishment of PERKASA is timely. The Malays need an effective platform to voice out their grievances. Despite being the majority in Malaysia they feel that they are being cornered in all aspects of their lives. We are now at a crossroad. We need a better platform to fight for our eroding rights. The Malay miniters are now lameducks who are afraid of fighting for the Malay issues. Their main concerns are their well bings in politics.

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