Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rosmah Mansor

As the First Lady of Malaysia Rosmah Mansor should project the image of a very supportive wife to the husband, the Prime Minister of Malaysia. She should play the role of a good wife meaning someone who cares and loves her husband unconditionally. She should also project the image of a loving mother to her children.

 But alas, the image now that we have of Rosmah is unflattering. She is overshadowing her husband's image. She looks as if she the Commander in Chief or the Nakhoda of a ship. She looks very commanding to the extent that the husband looks so submissive.

The image that she is trying to project in  organizing the First Ladies summit is also confusing. What is the aim of the summit? Where does the money to organize the summit come from? What are the benefits of the summit to the country?

Besides wasting the rakyats' money organising a fruitless summit she is also involves heavily in the questionable   Permata Pintar project. She was given the budget that is worth millions of ringgit. Why is she given so much money.? And the sad thing is that the Permata Pintar is housed in UKM. The university which was previously known as UKM the research university is now known as UKM-Permata . But some UKM people are very happy with this  tag.

I believe the Prime Minister should reign in his wife. She must not be seen as someone who runs the country although in reality that is what she is doing. If Najib wants to last as long as Dr. Mahathir he would have to be a bit firmer in advising his is wife. Najib must also remind his wife to spend the rakyat's money with more responsibility. I hope the recent event in Tunisia would create some awareness in Rosmah to behave more responsibly

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