Thursday, December 4, 2008


The national schools are not perfect but there are more problems that one can cast apersion with regard to the vernacular schools. One of them would be that there is a lack of multiracial concept. One can safely assume that the only multiracial about the school is that it mainly caters to the ethnic chinese agenda. The students in the schools are mainly of chinese origin. The subjects are taught mainly in chinese with the exception of bahasa Malaysia and English subjects.The students are not exposed to the multiracial concept of living that will eventually be the way of living and coexisting. It is not uncommon to see chinese students eventually becoming very ethnocentric in their approach to life. I beg Malaysians in general to consider supporting the existence of chinese schools because these schools are nothing but a place that would only propogate race based education. We need to live together in harmony. We want our beloved country to succced. We need to train our generation the life of beautifully living together

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