Friday, December 5, 2008

Malaysia our country

We have to accept the fact that Malaysia ia a multiracial country. Forever all the races will live and cohibit in this resource rich country. We have to work together to ensure that the country will continue to prosper and its people will converge and propel this great nation to a higher height. We need to be together and we need to get rid of the chauvinistic approach to life. One main obstacle that I see is the continued existence of the vernacular schools in Malaysia in particular the chinese schools.

The chinese people can speak/propogate/utilize/expand/control/ all the chinese language that they want but they should not be allowed to continue using the language to destroy the fragile cohesiveness of the various ethnic groups in our country. I see that the Malay politicians are working very hard to get the Malays to accept the multiracialness of the country and as I see it they have succeeded. Unfortunately, the politicians on the other side of the ethnic group are playing with fire. They purposely play the race card to fan the anger among the chinese community to to reject the status quo and to reject the dominance of the Mlaya. The problem with this agenda is that it will get out of hands and one dangerous consequence would be a disastrous effect to the country. I think Malaysia is the only country in the world in which the majority is beholden to the minority. Funny but that is the reality

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