Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Perodua Myvi 2011

Today I will discuss  slightly different topic. I want to talk about cars specifically about a new car that I just bought for my son who is still studying at IIUM. I'm referring to the Myvi 1.3 Mystique purple which was just recently launched. I bought it in Kajang for approximately Rm 50,000 The car itself  is quite nippy and very economical. It looks  small from the outside but once you are inside the car you will be surprised by how spacious the car is. You can really stretch your legs to the fullest.

One thing that I like about the car is how responsive the engine is. A slight tap on the accelerator will move the car instantly. This is unlike the car that I drive which is a Honda Accord 2000 CC. You really need to depress the accelerator to the floor to get enough power to motivate the car. Despite flooring to the floor it only lazily moves forward. .Despite being overly eager to rev the engine is slightly noisy. Of course I'm comparing it to the Honda Accord. The engine in the Myvi would growl when it is pushed but make a claty sound on the lower rev. Overall I I find the Myvi as reasonably refined for a small car

Another feature that is sorely lacking in the Myvi is the lack of he arm rest for the front passenger and the driver. It makes long journey very tiring to the driver. Your need to relax your arm after a long journey. Dont expect that the driver to put his arms on the wheel all the time. I suppose Perodua would listen to this and start to consider placing an armrest in the Myvi.

Although the Myv has many pluses, one negative feature that I notice is the sponginess of the brake. It is so spongy. You really need to press harder and deeper to get the car stopped. This kind of braking is unsatisfactory especially for male drivers. In a hard dive you really need a quite sensitive brake to stop the car. I believe many people who bought the latest Myvi would complain about the brake.

Overall I find the car reasonably good with good plastics used in the car. The colour scheme is also quite good a good departure from the grey anf dark dashboard in the earlier models. I think it is a reasonably good buy. However I'm not surprised of the good quality of the car because of the Toyota heritage in it. Anyway the Perodua is just an assembler not like the proton which is  a full fledged manufacturer

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