Friday, August 12, 2011

Anwar Ibrahim

Without a doubt Anwar Ibrahim is a very charismatic figure. He is good looking and could charm audiences with his words and philosophies be it Asian or Western . He  is a guy that can muster support and convince people of his visions and beliefs. I too was relatively influenced by Anwar Ibrahim when he was a youth leader imbued with Islamic credentials, He was my model politician. I remembered in the mid 80s when he was in the US I drove him from the airport to a home of a Malaysia student for a meeting with Malaysian students in a state in America. At that time he was  still an En and  Datukship was conferred much later.

When he was still a cabinet minister under administration of Dr. Mahathir I still supported him believing that he was actually a victim of conspiracies by Dr. Mahathir. I just could not believe that the DPM would be involved in homoexual activities. When I was doing part time law at ITM my police friends who were doing the Diploma in Law too told me of the truth and that the truth was that he was a gay minister. Unfortunately I just did not believe them. When the Police raided his home I was there  the night before the raid to give him the moral support.

But the Anwar Ibrahim video shot was the breaking off point. I now believe that he is not a straight person he claimed to be. The recent video shots involving the Chinese prostitute changed everything. The man in the picture shows uncanning resemblance to the person in question.How it could not be him. His physical features are that of the ex DPM. One thing about the video shot is that Anwar Ibrahim too is good in bed. For an old person he is not that bad in term of his sexual prowess. His dick is reasonably big but not of gargantuan size. I don't think Dr. Mahathir can be as good as Anwar sexually. The Chinese prostitutes= that Anwar was in bed with was scratching her body all over  for itchiness when Anwar was in the toilet to cleanse himself. It is so nauseating watching the prostitute scratching her body. I really respect Anwar's wife. She is truly "isteri mithali"- the devoted and her unconditional love for Anwar. No matter what Anwar does she would support him.

Despite the photo shots and the videos the sad thing is that his ardent supporters still support him. Pas members still maintain that he is innocent because they claim that for Zina cases you need to have four witnesses. They just would continually support this crooked man. I still think that he will still pose a threat to UMNO.I suppose he will still be an irritant to the government. I think politically he is half dead

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