Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Malays

The Malays are the main inhabitants of the Malay peninsula and virtually all Malays are Muslims. There are  a few Malays who  do not practise  Islam because of some tricky situations and as  a result of some of them renounce the  religion . Culturally, the Malays are gentle people who are very open into accepting people wholeheartedly from other races and ethnic groups. Earlier in history, the Malays accepted hundreds of thousands of Chinese and Indian immigrants to the Tanah Melayu. We accommodate them and consider them as " rakyat" Malaysia. Not many people in other countries  are willing to do what the Malays in Malaysia  have done. In Germany, the Turks are never given the rights to citizenships despite  living in that country from  time immemorial. The Israelis are now getting rid of the South Sudan Africans from their country after welcoming them temporarily. Even in the States the whites in America are insisting that the Chicanos not given citizenships even though they were born in that country. In Myanmar, the Rohingyas are killed and pushed into Bangladesh. In Malaysia, we take in all those "pendatangs" with  open arms. They are   are now " rakyat" Malaysia. 

The Malays are always the ones that are always asked to sacrifice  to accommodate the Chinese so that the country can prosper and develop. For the sake of getting the people to integrate we had  to forgo the identity our language  that is Bahasa Melayu to politically nice Bahasa Malaysia. With the change it is hoped that  the non Malays would be happy to adopt the new language but  it is not the case . Not only did they not use it, most of them just despise the language to the core. Some of them even go to the extent of sabotaging the language. Very few non Malays are adopting the language. They only adopt  either Mandarin or English. They can in fact survive economically in either of the language. It is now a rare sight to hear a non Malay speaking the Malay language like a Chinese Indonesian speaking Bahasa Indonesia. The change to Bahasa Melayu does not entice the Chinese to actually use the language. It was never appreciated. 

The Malays were also  told that we needed to change the name Tanah Melayu to Malaysia so that we can integrate with other ethnic groups. So  again we sacrificed our Malay nationhood so that Malaysia could come into existence. The only Tanah Melayu that still lingers on is Keretapi Tanah Melayu.  Even that is vaporizing to a another Malaysian entity. All other forms of Tanah Melayu have been erased completely. Despite the sacrifice made by the Malays, the unity that was expected and projected never did come into existence. It was a total waste of sacrifice. The raced based general election 13 will show the Malays the exit . The Malay race is loosing out to the no Malays. The Social contract is gone. The non Malays  still keep on to  their identities but the Malays and their  identities are gone . All the traces of the Malayness are gone or  are fast disappearing.

The Malays were moreover asked to accept a million "pendatangs" in  Tanah Melayu in the 60s and as a guarantee the Malays were given special privileges that are sacredly enshrined in the Constitution. But now those privileges are being questioned and challenged by the Chinese. They have by  all   intend and purposes to get rid of the special privileges in education and economy now temporarily enjoyed by the Malays. They are using the general elections to get rid of the privileges by using NGOs and raced based politics. 

The Malays are now becoming beggars in their own country. All the Malays' cultural,  political and economic aspirations are gone or dying out. We will become subservient people to the newcomers. we are ultimately doomed. Sad but true.

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