Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My 1 Malaysia

I don't really like to talk about race but it's something that you can't run away from it as it is part our life here in Malaysia. But after reading Chinese owned Malaysia kini, Malaysian Insider, Malaysian chronicles and other Chinese based opposition parties  linked blogs and websites you get very angry at the non Malays especially the Chinese talking about the Malays. The non Malays  like to say that the Malays are racist but looking at what they say in the blogs I believe that they are equally racist or more racist themselves. I was a neutral person and I believe in 1 Malaysia concept espoused by Najib ( I'm not a BN supporter)  but after reading the blogs run by these Chinese and Indians with their negative views of the Malays I just  can't just keep quiet. I have to see something about those damn  racist Chinese and some Indians.

Do you know why do I say that the Chinese are damn racist ? It is because of their could not  care less attitude towards nation building. They have their own Independent Chinese schools that get their fundings from the Malaysian government and run independently without any adherence to the 1 Malaysia concept and at the same time hitting at the Malays and wanting to get rid of the Malay privileges that are already enshrined in the Constitution.  The schools that they run  only require those with Chinese education would be able  to teach in those schools. The Malays can't teach in those school. The Indians too can't teach in the Chinese schools.  They even want only Chinese to teach Bahasa Malaysia subject if it's even thought. They don't want other races to teach their children.They don't want their children to mix around with other races. They only want  the Chinese children to mix with the own race. They are even worst then the Ku Klux Klan in the United States. Even  the KKK mix around with other races. Now who is more racist?

 If you go to these schools you will realize that everything is done in Chinese. They would display large Chinese characters in the school compounds. In their official functions they would only use Chinese. Bahasa Malaysia is nowhere to be seen. It is a taboo to use the national language. Pity those Chinese students. These are potential cultural criminals and language bastards who will not even able to speak and write Bahasa Malaysia. Remember the DAP Councillor fiasco in PJ where they nominated those Chinese local Councillors. These councillors are the products of these independent Chinese schools.

The Chinese say that the Malays are racist but do you realize that a Chinese will not buy a item or get a service if the shop is owned by a Malay. They only buy from the Chinese.I seldom see Chinese frequenting Malay owned shops. But a Chinese man would go to a Chinese shop without any hesitation. Have you read in the newspaper instances where Chinese companies would only employ  Chinese potential employees especially  those who can speak Mandarin. Now who is being racist? Moreover, if a Malay goes to a Chinese shop it is more likely that he will be over charged by at least 20-30 %.The Chinese shop owner will sell an item cheaper to a Chinese. This is through my own experience. In short, they sell cheaper to their own people. Now who is more racist?

It is a sad day for Malaysia. Najib has no balls. He's too coward and has succumbed to the Chinese pressures . The Chinese are now the King makers. I still have  hopes that  Malaysia will be peaceful and prosperous but I'm very pessimistic. I'm nor surprised if the May 13 incident will come to play out  again but I hope that it will  not . We need to come together and mold our country into becoming a melting pot but it has got to be done gradually  and peacefully and not play the racial cards. 

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