Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

I'm one of those people who are generally computer illiterate and more specifically technology benign. People who are above 50 can actually survive nicely without their  mobile phones or  tablets most of the time. I remember then , I  was using the typewriter to type my 500 page dissertation. It was no easy work  as  there were no Microsoft words, no Power Points , no SPSS software and no Nvivo software to process the qualitative data. But still we were able to complete our theses despite the lack of enabling modern technology. Now everything  is so easy as long as you are willing to keep yourself abreast with the latest technology and software.

Samsung Tablet 7.0
Samsung Tablet 7.7

Since I don't want to kept behind from technology I decided to buy the latest Samsung Tablet 7.7 which I bought close to RM 2000 at the Mines Shopping Complex in Serdang. I decided this rather than the 10.1 version because I find the latter too big to fit into  my pocket. The 7.7 tablet too can be used as a phone but it's too cumbersome to use it as your personal phone. If you hold up the phone on your face it will cover half of your face and it looks so funny. As a result I decided to buy a phone accessory i.e the wireless  earphones via Bluetooth. That additional thing costs me nearly RM 200. Anyway I feel that the 7.7 should not be the only mobile device. Despite having the phone feature you still need to have another hand held small sized phone and for that I bought a Nokia NX 2  which costs me an additional RM 200. Technology actually costs lots of money.

Another nice thing about the tablet is that it is not too sensitive to touching compared to the first generation tablet 7.0 version. The old version would just move to a diffent page with the slightest touch and it is really an irritation. But one thing I find is that the speed of the first generation tablet is not that far behind compared to the latest version despite the latest equipped with a dual core processor. An unsophisticated user of a tablet like me  a 50 year old guy will not notice the difference in terms of the speed.

The trusted typewriter

In addition the 7.7 screen is 0.7 inch bigger but it feels very much bigger compared to the the first generation tablet. The screen is big enough for an old person like me to use and read. I think it is big enough as not to buy the 10.1 version although the latter is very much cheaper. I think this 7.7 tablet is better than the Galaxy note. The screen is very much bigger. My advice to you is to just forget about getting the note as it is just too small and not worth the money.

In short although the 7.7 tablet is a gadget with numerous applications, I still just use it to make a phone call and to text to my family members. The other sophisticated features are yet to be explored but I dont think I will. I just want to have the technology in my pocket to show to the world that Im also tech savvy but in reality Im still the same old traditional guy who will do just with the mechanical typewrter and a simple phone.

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