Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Independent Chinese Schools

It is  so sad that after decades of independence from the British we are still deliberating about the establishment of independent Chinese schools in the country . Recently, the Barisan Nasional government is succumbing to  another unwanted pressure from the Chinese community to establish another unwanted independent Chinese school this time in the state of Pahang. The Chinese community especially those in the BN would be celebrating. In fact, the Chinese outside and within the BN will be celebrating. The losers are the peoples of Malaysia.The reality is that  these schools are actually a hindrance to the 1 Malaysia concept and an obstacle to unity. These schools also run contrary to the national education philosophies.I believe that these schools should be abolished altogether for the sake of unity.All these 60 independent school in the country should be closed down.

It is clear for everyone to see that the independent school only caters for one ethnic group-the Chinese . Children in these schools will not have the opportunity to mix around  with children from other races. They will only use one language that is the Chinese language. What kind of children are we producing? These children will not be equipped with the social skills to mix around with other races. They will not be comfortable communicating  with  other races. They will only mix with their own race. This is what Chinese extremists such as Dong Zong want. One day I believe that  the independent Chinese schools will produce students who are going to have extreme views and will make China as their educational and theological  pillars.

Chinese gangsters

It is obvious that  students from  these schools will not be able to express themselves well in Bahasa Malaysia. They will not be able to communicate in the national language because it is going to be more of  a foreign language to these children. The children  will be indoctrinated with Chinese literature and Chinese race based values,nuances and norms. It looks like  these children will ultimately  be replacing the uneducated and racist councilors appointed by Ronnie Liew who are not able to read and write in Bahasa Malaysia. These children will  be DAP future cadres and future leaders. Lim Guan Eng must be really pleased.I'm not surprised that these children will also become the future  brothel owners . These are also the future street  pedlars along   the Pudu street selling contraband goods imported from China or Chinese Taipei.

 It is apparent that the children from these schools will be spending at least 10 year of their life being taught only by Chinese teachers. This is because only the Chinese race and those who have Chinese certificates would be allowed to teach in these schools including Bahasa Malaysia  and English teachers. They will now be taught that  Malaysia is only full  of one ethnic group-the Chinese. The exams that they take will only be UEC examinations conducted and prepared  by the  Chinese schools by Chinese teachers and assessed by Chinese examiners. The exams will be in what else but  the Chinese language. That saddest part is that the Malaysian government has recognized this UEC certificate and they would be able later to join the mainstream education. 

Dear Malaysians please wake up. We don't need this misplaced and racist cultural beliefs that are so ethnocentric. We are in the 21st century. We need to think glocal. We need unity . We need our children to mix around with other races. The world is just not about Mandarin, pork chop, shark fin soup, communist terrorists, dragon dances. Chinese opera and everything Chinese. The world now practices multiculturalism, democracy, gender equality and other universal values. Please we need to close down these schools.

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