Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lim Guan Eng

Apa lu gila ke?


Karpal Singh a few months back in a "slip of the tongue" mentioned that Lim Guan Eng would be the Prime Minister of Malaysia. He later  backtracked and claimed that Anwar Ibrahim was actually the person that he meant that was to be given the  Prime Minister's post. I honestly believe that given the choice the recalcitrant Karpal Singh would rather have Lim Guan Eng  hold the post and he would  be the first non Malay Prime Minister of Malaysia. I don't think the Punjabi guy  loves Anwar's butt so much.  It is pretty much like what happened in the United States where the voters especially the young ones chose Obama , a black, as their 44 th President of the United States. I personally believe that Lim Guan Eng can be the PM of Malaysia provided that he is truly a patriot and fully subscribe to the culture ,norms and mores of the Malay society, the largest ethnic group in the country.

LGE can be the PM if he actually  uses Bahasa Malaysia in his day to day communication .  But sadly, he always uses English to communicate with most  people and it is the language that he is very comfortable with . His Bahasa Malaysia is not very fluent but   very much  textbook  like. In most of the functions he attended he  would rather use English or  Chinese rather than Bahasa Malaysia. He would only use Bahasa Malaysia  when he is addressing the Malays at the masjid. He seems to be more comfortable  using English than Bahasa Malaysia. I believe the DAP party meetings use mostly English and Chinese. It seems that he does not accept the notion that Malaysia is a Malay state in the Malays archipelago and and that Malays are the majority of the population. His notion of Malaysia is more like Singapore where the Chinese will rule the country. To him Penang is a mirror reflection of Singapore. The Malays will always  be the coolies.

LGE can be the PM if he can prove that he is not  racist. The PM of Malaysia should be a neutral figure  that would fight for all the citizens of Malaysia. But it seems that LGE will only fight for the Chinese. He would only hilight the problems and the sufferings of the Chinese. He is very much unlikely to talk about the problems faced by the Malays. He does not care about the Malays in Penang nor in other parts of the country. I have not seen or heard  him actually talking like a statesman but has frequently displayed a character  of a narrow minded traditional Chinese politician just like his father. He probably got his ethnocentrism training from his Sr. Unlike LGE, Mr Obama is not  racist and his mentality and belief reflect that of the middle class white Americans depite being an  african American. Had he displayed his "niggerness" during the election days  he would have never been elected as the US president.

LGE can be the PM of Malaysia if he adopts the Malay culture or at least supports the  culture of the main ethnic group in the country. I would elect Mr LGE if he eats nasi lemak using his fingers. But alas he would always use fork and spoon or chopsticks. LGE has never shown any love for the Malay culture or traditions. I have not seen him officiating any Malay literary event. I have not heard of  him speaking anything good about the Malay culture and the Malay people. Do you think this kind or person should be the Prime Minister of Malaysia? To him, the Chinese is everything and the Malays nothing. 

I would rather vote for Dr Ridhuan Tee Abdullah he decides to run as the  PM. I would also vote  for  Prof Khoo Kay Kim if he wants to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia. But Lim Guan Eng is another species altogether. He is very much an alien species imposing on others. He does not fit in. "Mana ada tipu"

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