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Honda Accord 2015 or Toyota Camry 2015: A review

This is a very difficult question for some people when it comes to buying a new car. After servicing your loan for 7 years you are now on the look out for another great car. Chances are you will be looking for something bigger or better. From a B class car like Myvi or Saga  I think you might want to change to a C class car like Honda Civic Toyota Altis, Mazda 323 and so forth. In my case it was from C a class car like Civic to a D segment cars  such as Honda Accord, Mazda 626, Nissan Teana, Ford Modeo or VW Passat.  I strike out Nissan Teana because I thought the car was too generic for me although the latest version looks more muscular. I decided not to take the Passat because I have reservation about the reliability of the car especially the DSG seven speed auto transmission. I like the Mondeo design but it's a bit too expensive for a D segment car at RM 200,000. So  finally I narrowed down to two  choices namely the Honda Accord and  Toyota Camry .

Design wise I like Honda Accord. I think it has a modern look and its quite contemporary. It exudes quality and you can see some sportiness in its looks. The  car looks so classy and would satisfy you = old and young buyers alike  with it beautiful looks. The rear end of the Honda Accord looks like a beautiful woman with a nicely carved buttock. Sexy but not too bottom heavy The New Camry looks dated and the rear end looks like a middle aged woman with a flat unattractive buttock. The front end of the Accord is a bit plain but still having some classy look. The new Camry looks a bit modern with its new nose and the gaping mouth. Overall,  I think in the design perspective  the Honda Accord  win sthe competition hands down. 
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Engine wise the one  found in the Accord is 2,4 Earth Dream technology which is very efficient and quite modern and pretty economical. The 2.0 liter engine will also pull the car adequately which is a surprise. There's not so much difference between the two engines in terms of  puling power although the extra horses make the big car drives more smoothly and having better refinement. The Camry on the other hand comes with China made  new engine and a new 6 speed auto transmission. The new 2.0 engine brings in additional horse power and reasonably good torque and as such the acceleration is much better compared to the old car  it replaces. The new Toyota however also comes with a new Hybrid engine with a a very powerful mid range pulling power. The engine is strong and quiet and would motivate the car to 0-100 km in less than 8 seconds. Driving the Camry Hybrid is like driving a car with 6 cylinder engine. In this department I believe the Camry has to win with it new Hybrid engine and the new 2.0 combustion engine. 

In terms of the price, there is not so much difference between the two. But I believe the lower version of the Accord can be gotten at less than RM 140,000. The top of the range or the 2.4 version can be had under RM 165,000. You will get a number of good options such as Lane watch and and a reverse camera if you opt for the 2.4 version. The cheapest Camry is at RM 150,000 with just two airbags and no other modern features. The top of the range Camry is priced at 175,000 with a number of features like lane watch , reverse camera and all the amenities of a modern car. The top of the line Camry only comes with a Hybrid model.I believe the Accord wins here because the car comes with better value if you opt for the two litre version. Value for money the Camry wins by a wide margin
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Both cars ride well but I believe if you want a comfortable ride you should get a Camry. The ride is so comfortable and refined but without the floating feeling that you get in some cars. The ride in the Accord is generally comfortable but on a less than smooth roads it can be a bit jiggly especially when you hit some uneven pavements. The handling in the Accord I think is a bit better compared to the Toyota but they have made some good improvements in the. face lifted version. I this department I think both are good cars and as such I think for this category it is a draw.

Resale value for both cars is also good for  Toyota and Honda. I believe after 7 years you can get slightly half of the value of the car if there are no drastic changes to the auto world by the government. Used car dealers are also very receptive to accepting  Honda or Toyota when it comes to trading in your car for a new one. They will find excuses to accept Korean or French cars and will only take  part trade of if  you are willing  to accept a very low trade in value of your car

I short, I think both are good cars. The Accord looks very classy inside out. The Toyota looks so dated even with the new face lift. But with its new engine, the car has been transformed. This is especially true with the Hybrid. I think it is the best value car on the market today. It is fast, quiet, refined and surprisingly economical. You get between 12-17 kilometers per litre and that is better than a Myvi. So guys,finally I decided on the Camry as my next car that would last for another years. Come 2022 I would again consider a new car but most probably it would be more of a A or B segment car.

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